Is Legit [Jan 2021] Safe Deal Or Scam!

Is Legit 2020

Is Legit [Jan 2021] Safe Deal Or Scam! >> The article is on a website, to buy gaming switch, game lovers read here on

The website is catering to many countries like the United States and many more. It is registered recently in the month March of 2020; the website is user friendly with almost no advertisements, has an excellent user interface, with incredible price range one could only imagine is it legit to buy one. Is Legit, we will verify here.

What is

Fungaming is an ecommerce website for customers to buy video games online. One can buy mainly Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. For any video game enthusiast, this would be great news, not just enthusiasts. Due to the pandemic, people shifting to home-based entertainment will be surprised by this news, how much offer one could expect from any company, this site is giving you more than anyone could think of  Is Legit.

What are the different Pros and Cons of


The pricing offered by fungaming is almost not comparable to any other ecommerce site, with the right user interface. One can enjoy browsing through the reviews found on the website  are mostly in favor of the seller, the display of different products and their classification with every existing model can be seen beautifully with clear images.


The pricing is so low one could only dream of, which is the first red flag. The web site is so typically designed even the reviews warn the buyer about the second red flag. There is no proper method for return policy in case of damages, but not just this, there is no cash on delivery option; being a new website with no branding, it would be difficult for anyone to trust this site.

With some of my primary research to check Is Legit of the cite, I found out that,

  • No presence of social media, complete absence in some cases.
  • The website is new, started recently in March 2020.
  • The Facebook page shows a link for a blank page (
  • Social media posts are kind of rare.
  • The address shows California; the phone code shows Pennsylvania (570).
  • The reviews found outside their website mostly indicate this site as a scam.

When we look for reviews to check Is Legit of fungaming in general, like YouTube, etc., the buyers have not received the products they have ordered. On the other hand, some have received dummy products or not the one they had booked; some comments say the mentioned address is of a house and not an office.

In general, with our little research and analysis, we could only say it’s too good to be accurate; the good reviews on the company site and the bad reviews on social media sites indicate even the reviews look fake enough. We had seen many United States websites which are fake.

Final verdict:

Looking at the Is Legit website gives me an unsafe feeling to buy; I would like to suggest you all not to purchase any products from this site, not sure what to offer for the one who has just bought. Still, I suggest you lookup for a more trustworthy and well-existing brand or any legitimate site with a good history for one who is planning to buy.

0 thoughts on “Is Legit [Jan 2021] Safe Deal Or Scam!

  1. Fuck this stupid site. I wanna find whoever runs this site and beat there ass. I bought a “ps4” off there site 4 weeks ago. I got scammed. I knew only a $100 ps4 was to good to be true, plus I never got my money back. This site needs to be taken down immediately

  2. I purchased a Playstation 4 Pro from this website and just received a cell phone case valued at $10. Of course I disputed this transaction and made an complaint on this. PayPal insists I pay for the shipping of the cell phone case to be returned to China (which takes 2-4 months to ship) before I am awarded my full refund. Clearly this scammer knows the loopholes of PayPal. Do NOT buy from

  3. I bought two xbox controllers for 27 each and they sent me a cheap phone cover… I used PayPal as payment. Let see what I can do to collect my money.

  4. I don’t know why they never found this person that scam people and me since September eBay should take them off there site

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