Is Frankarm.Com Legit (March) Review Below For Clarity!

Is Frankarm.Com Legit

Is Frankarm.Com Legit (March) Review Below For Clarity! >>Find this article informative, then stick with us to get more information related to such a website.

Curious! To know is it a reliable website or a scam one. If you are desperately looking for this, then you have landed at the right spot. Reviews the website and will inform about the factualness of this United States website. 

Generally, we focus on presenting unbiased reviews to keep our users updated about those websites specially designed to fool people. Before online shopping, always check the website thoroughly, and if you find the website suspicious and deceptive, we suggest not moving ahead with the website.

As we all know, online fraud is rising day by day because nowadays, people prefer online shopping more rather than offline as it makes shopping easier and smoother and saves time. In this blog today, we review, a website that sells women hats to checks its authenticity.

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Is Legit?

To know whether the site is real or not, we have garnered some crucial details that will provide a transparent vision about the site.

  • Short Domain Age: The website’s domain age is just two months old, too new to trust.
  •  Popularity: Less popular, or we can say zero popularity
  • Domain registration name: Not available
  • Trust Index: 1%, Terrible trust score 
  • About Us: Copied content and lack of Information
  • Zero Customer Reviews
  • Social Media Appearance: Profile made but low online visibility

These were some of the legitimacy factors of the website. Let’s explore what the store is about.

To know more details about the site, move further and discover Is Legit?

What is

An e-commerce platform sells women hats, and summer women hat is the new arrival of this online store. This e-commerce platform’s owner claimed that they deliver fine and quality products to the customer, and all their products will deliver within 3-4 business days. 

If we talked about the hats’ appearance, then all the caps are available in various colours with an elegant look.

Specifications of 

  • The URL of the website is and created on 2020-12-29. The expiration date of the domain is 2021-12-29.
  • The website sells women hats.
  • Reviews that the website holds proper return policy, shipping policy and refund policy 
  • The customer care number of the website is (551) 273-1659
  • The email address of the site is
  • The website has an HTTPS security certificate.

Pros of

  • The website is well-designed and easy to navigate.
  • It is a user-friendly website.
  • The product delivers within 3- 4 business days.
  • The website holds a return policy and refund policy. If a person wanted o to raise a return request, submit it within 30 days once the product is delivered.
  • The website holds social media profile on Face book, Twitter and Instagram. 

Cons of

  • The website holds a terrible trust score.
  • An HTTPS secure website, but the domain age is too young.
  • The website has copied content
  • There are zero customer reviews

If you want to know the answer to this question of its legitimacyyou will soon discover it. Reviews:

We have discovered a lot but find nothing. The website did not have a single customer review. Moreover, we hardly find information about the website because no other platforms are aware of this website. 

All we get to know that the website holds zero customer reviews and limited information that seems suspicious.

Final Verdict 

As an unbiased reviewer, we have reviewed this website and find some deceptive and suspicious aspects of the website that proved that this could be a fraud website. Likewise, if we talked about the domain age, then the website is too recent and launched 2 Months back. 

Apart from this, we learnt that website has a terrible trust score and low popularity. The website has a social media profile but low popularity. It has copied about us page, Privacy policy, Shipping policy and Return& Refund. 

Now, wait for Is Legit ends here as below we have mentioned that let you know about its authenticity.

After reviewing and researching all the aspects of the website, from the domain age to the website’s content, we find it suspicious and suggest our users not to go with this website as it is not a legit website.

Tell your views and opinion about the site and share them in the comment box.

3 thoughts on “Is Frankarm.Com Legit (March) Review Below For Clarity!

  1. Looks like is a scam, they are selling welding machines for a ridiculously low price which is impossible. Please beware!!!

  2. They are scam. I bough a item from them using paypal. I did not get confirmation and could not get hold of them. Since I did not receive an item i filed a claim with paypal. frankarm send them bogus tracking number that was delivered somewhere in the city I live.
    I am glad paypal is good. They cotacted UPS and confirmed that shipment was not addressed to me and refund me the money. is a scam – do not use them!

  3. I purchased a dresser with PayPal for $113 but never received confirmation. I attempted several times via email & phone calls with negative results. My emails were sent back undeliverable. I am disputing this transaction right now. This is a SCAM website. Stay away!!!

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