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Is Family Watchdog Legit Reddit (August) Explore More.

Is Family Watchdog Legit Reddit

Is Family Watchdog Legit Reddit (August) Explore More. >> This description is about a site that helps users know about registered rapists and pedophiles living in a specific area.

There have been growing rates of crimes against women and children every day. It becomes increasingly scary to lead a healthy life in such circumstances. Are you based in the United States? Are you looking for a site that will help you know about registered rapists and pedophiles nearby? Family Watchdog is one such site. But, Is Family Watchdog Legit Reddit?

What is Family Watchdog?

Family watchdog is a service that people can avail of free of cost. This site helps people know about registered sex offenders such as rapists and pedophiles living near them. They need to type in their location, such as their street, name of the school, or daycare.

Sites like these add up another layer of caution to your personal safety. Apart from the offender’s name, one can also view the photo and the address of the offender. Also, the users have an additional option of getting email alerts of safety if they want.

This site, which was started in 2005, helps the users get updates that can play an essential role in their safety. Also, one can know about the nature of the crime that the offender has committed. But, Is Family Watchdog Legit Reddit?

Specifications of family watchdog:

  • Website: It helps the users know about sexual predators living nearby.
  • It started in: 2005.

What are the advantages of Family Watchdog?

The site helps a user get information about a sexual offender living nearby. It helps a user get more aware. 

How does Family Watchdog function? 

This site is straightforward to use. Is Family Watchdog Legit Reddit? All that one would need to do is to open the website. Then the user will have to manually enter their location, which is mentioned on the left. Then the user has to click on the button ‘Enter.’ Post this; the user will find some search results on the Google maps.

User’s Feedbacks:

Various users have claimed that they have checked a few places on the site, and they were shocked to find so many pedophiles and rapists living nearby. It adds up to an extra layer of caution in personal safety. Also, users find this website easy to use and claim that it is easy to search for locations on the site. People also search for their kid’s schools as well as daycare. But, Is Family Watchdog Legit Reddit?

Though, various users find it impractical to avoid crimes with such a site. They claim that most potential sexual offenders will remain untraced by the website. They also claim that most child sexual abusers are family friends and relatives who get access to the child. 

Our Final Take:

Thus, we would recommend our users to try Family Watchdog as it will help them take an extra step towards their safety. Though, we are sure that there must be many people with the minds of rapists or pedophiles. Yet adding an extra step to your security will be worth it. Is Family Watchdog Legit Reddit?

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