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Is Established Titles Legit {Oct} Read The Review Today

Is Established Titles Legit 2020

Is Established Titles Legit {Oct} Read The Review Today -> In this article, we would be reviewing a website that is selling the plots owned by it in Scotland.

Are you getting short of the gifts? Are you searching for a unique product to gift to your special ones? If yes, so you should definitely visit the Established Titles website for sure.

In today’s era, your love for your loved ones is shown by the gifts you give to them as everyone is interested in increasing their wealth so you can surprise them with the perfect titles bought from this website. As investing in the property is considered the wisest decision. This website provides you with pieces of plots in Scotland.

Now let us go further to see “Is Established Titles Legit”. 

Is Established Titles Legit

Established Titles is a website which trades with no official company name. There is no company address provided where a customer can visit in case of any discrepancies. There is no proof that the company actually holds any kind of property in real in Scotland or not. Only a name is provided on the website, i.e. Ms Katerina Yip, no details are mentioned regarding the company she owns or works for. No one knows whether a lady with this name does exist or not.

They only provide the free downloading of ownership certificate. If you want to get print something you have to pay a hefty amount for that. So if you are asking Is Established Titles Legit, we would say we are still not sure about its legitimacy. 

What is Established Titles

Established titles is a website which was incorporated on 9 December 2019. This website deals in the sale of the property. It sells the property owned by it in Scotland. It provides you with the ownership certificate in no time in a beautifully framed holder. It is also available on social networking sites like Facebook and instagram to find out more about it Is Established Titles Legit or not.

It offers various packs to the public include lordship pack, ladyship pack, couple title pack. These packs are named after a historic custom where landowners are termed as lords, and female owners are termed as a lady. The motive of this website is to provide a refreshing, fun and worthy product for those who want to purchase something exciting and unique for themselves and their acquaintances and also take the initiatives in preserving the nature by awaring the buyers not to harm the nature and requesting them to use the land for nature best use. 

Specifications of Established Titles

  • The website offers pieces of plots.
  • Plots belong to Scotland.
  • Ownership certificate is provided
  • URL: 
  • Available on facebook, and instagram

Pros of Established Titles

  • It provides you with the perfect gifting material
  • It provides you with the ownership certificate
  • Order once placed can be refunded 
  • It contributes to the protection of nature by asking customers to use the land at its best for the environment.

Cons of Established Titles

  • It is a website which trades its product with no name of the company.
  • The physical address of the company to visit is not given on the website.
  • There is no proof whether it owns any property in Scotland or not.
  • It charges a relatively high amount for other than downloading the certificate.

What are customer reviews?

We have searched for some Established Titles reviews and got a variety of mixed reviews about the website. 

The website reviews suggest that people are happy with their purchase, and find it worth value. In any case, if the website show some negative reviews about the site that brings us into the confusing situation.

That’s why we cannot comment “Is Established Titles Legit” or scam and we suggest our customers to research on their levels before moving forward.

Final verdict

This site offers a good gifting material to go with including an exciting range of packs.  

As there are two sides of the coin so it has both positive and negative reviews. Few customers are not happy as they didn’t get their certificates for months which are a thing to worry for. Even a few customers are not happy with their customer care services, for which the website has to work hard. 

So we are not able to find “Is Established Titles Legit” or a scam and would ask our readers to research on their end as well. 

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