Is Effuel A Scam (March 2021) Check The Review Here!

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Is Effuel A Scam (March 2021) Check The Review Here! >> The write-up shares details about the fuel consumption saver that claims to make your car fuel-efficient, and we will judge its authenticity.

Is Effuel a Scam: Who doesn’t want to make savings on their car fuel? Do you want to make your car fuel-efficient? Install the advanced and innovative car fuel saver, Effuel. The chip is designed to save gasoline in vehicles, and qualified engineers created it.

It is the innovative technology designed to revolutionize the auto industry. The OBD2 chip is created in the United States to make your car fuel-efficient by enhancing the mileage and torque without contributing to the air pollution in the environs. 

As per the official website, the chip is designed to maximize the vehicle’s efficiency while reducing fuel consumption by 25%.   

Is Effuel a Scam or Legit?

We have evaluated the product online and enlisted some of the points for its legitimacy check. Some of the pointers are mentioned below.

  • The seller’s domain registration is more than six months as it was registered on 19th June 2020.
  • Many review portals have evaluated the product.
  • We have found reviews from customers online.
  • The product has been in existence since June 2020.
  • The product is available with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The Trust Index of the seller’s website is 33% and Trust Rank is 35.9/100.

Is Effuel a Scam? All these factors make the product seems legit. But, the results vary from car to car, and hence research is necessary before buying. We can’t consider Effuel a scam as it is in existence for more than nine months, but it has got mixed reviews. What works for others may not work for you, and hence you have to research individually to learn it is scam or legit for your specific case.

What is Effuel?

Effuel is the newly launched OBD2 chip claiming to help car owners to make their car fuel-efficient. It claims to reduce fuel consumption by 25% and increase mileage and torque. The chip is easy to install in the Electronic Control Unit of the car to reduce fuel consumption without reducing performance. Please stay connected to know more about Is Effuel a Scam

The chip claims to make modern cars fuel-efficient by revamping the car’s ECU unit, customizing fuel efficiency, and enhancing its performance on the road. It enhances the fuel system of the vehicle and minimizes consumption while increasing the torque and mileage.

After installing the device, the car’s road performance will enhance as it increases the car’s torque by 30% and power by 35%. The chip will never impact the car performance, make the rides smoother on-road, and heighten the mileage. But, still the users in the United States want to know Is Effuel a Scam or legit.  

Specifications of the Product

  • Product Type – OBD2 Fuel Saver
  • Installation – Plug and Play System
  • Warranty – Two Years on Product and 30-Day money-back guarantee 
  • Suitability – Petrol and Diesel
  • Compatibility – Compatible with all ECU socket
  • Price – $39.98
  • Efficiency – Work after driven around 150 miles  

Pros of Effuel

  • It helps in saving fuel
  • It makes the car fuel-efficient 
  • Reduces fuel consumption up to 25%
  • Eco-friendly chip and has no impact on environs
  • Improvises torque by 25% and power by 35%
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Revamps the ECU unit of the car to heighten fuel efficiency 

Cons of Effuel

  • The question Is Effuel a Scam or Legit is still unsolved  
  • Not suitable for all car models
  • Works only on fuel injected engines
  • Reviews available online are not from verified buyers 
  • It is only available for purchase online   

What are the Customer Reviews?

We have found that all the positive reviews are given on the official website. But when we have evaluated the product online and found many reviews from customers, both positive and negative. However, the reviews are not from the verified users, and it isn’t easy to trust such reviews.

We have also found a video review of the product where primarily the comments are mixed for the fuel saver, and people are discussing about its legitimacy, and this raises a question in the buyer’s mind, Is Effuel a Scam or legit.  

It is the genuine question that may arise after seeing such mixed reviews from customers. The product is not compatible with car models made before 1996, and it works only on fuel-inject engines. So, it works for modern cars only and not for the older version vehicles. 

It would be best to review the product carefully before investing your money in it.

Final Thought 

Effuel is the groundbreaking and revolutionary fuel consumption saver that understands the car’s behavior and adjusts the fuel consumption accordingly. It minimizes the consumption of gasoline and heightens the torque, mileage, and power of the vehicle.

However, the product has received mixed reviews, but none are from verified buyers. So, buyers still want to know Is Effuel a Scam or Legit before investing their money in it.      

Do you have anything to contribute to the fuel saver review? Please share it in the comments section.

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  1. So you have no clue if it is legit? You write this without purchasing the product to give a real evaluation? So this article is useless!
    If it was legit, fleet companies would be all over it. Fedex, UPS would have them in all their vehicles.

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