Is Dailysteals Legit (Oct 2020) Reviews for Clarity.

Is Dailysteals Legit 2020
Is Dailysteals Legit (Oct 2020) Reviews for Clarity. . >>This article is on an online site that claims to offer daily discounts and deals for a host of products.

Isn’t it a natural human tendency to be attracted to deals and discounts?

What if you receive your daily share of amazing discounts through an online company? No one would shy away from such an offer. Daily Steals, an online portal, claims to offer this service on an everyday basis.The company claims to have a rock-solid customer base in the United States and offers its services globally.

In the light of such a grand proclamation, we thought it was best to seek an answer to

Is Dailysteals Legit or not? 

Read the following piece of information to find out.

Is Dailysteals Legit?

Daily Steals owes its origin to 2009; it is one of the first online shopping portals hugely successful. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the website went offline in 2015.

It revived back with a bounce and has been serving online shoppers since then.

Today, it prides itself on serving 20,000 customers per month.

Let us know more about this company through our comprehensive study.

What is Dailysteals?

Daily Steals is a discount shopping site that brings new and unique deals every day. 

There are some unbelievable deals available on a variety of merchandise. You can buy electronics, apparel, accessories, bags, home supplies, decorative items, toys, health, and beauty products. Can you imagine the website also sells thermometers, face masks, toothbrushes, glasses, and hordes of other items? It seems to be dealing with practically everything under the sky. 

The company claims to provide a value for money service to its customers.

Their website is well-designed and very elaborate. It has detailed categories that are easy to navigate. The company provides wholesome information to customers through Frequently Asked Questions. The website also has some videos that educate customers about using the discount code and adding an extended warranty.

The following information will provide a detailed analysis to find an answer to the question Is Dailysteals Legit?

Specifications of Dailysteals:

  • Service- Great deals and discounts on a lot of merchandise
  • Website-
  • Address- Not given
  • Contact number- Not given
  • Email-
  • Website link for global stores (is staying out of the United States)-
  • Shipping time- 7 to 10 business days
  • Shipping fee- Free shipping through UPS, USPS, UPS-MI, and FeDex 
  • Order Cancellation- Within 1 hour of placing the order
  • Returns- Within 30 days of purchase, not all items are refundable.
  • Refund- Within 5 to 7 business days if the returns are approved
  • Mode of payment- Through popular online methods like credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal

Pros of Dailysteals: 

  • A whole variety of merchandise is available at irresistible discounts. 
  • Claims to have an excellent staff and customer communication.
  • Very user-friendly interface and an impeccable website

Cons of Dailysteals:

  • Delayed shipping
  • They do not have a mobile app.
  • The website has an abysmal trust score on the Internet
  • Customer reviews available online are more negative than positive.

Customer reviews on Dailysteals: 

Going ahead with our search for Is Dailysteals Legit, we thought it was best to find what people say for Daily Steals.

Strangely, despite such tall claims on the website, the customer reviews available on the Internet are very critical.

It has a customer rating of 2.03 stars and enjoys a ranking of 132 among its counterparts.

We were sorry to read that most customers are very dissatisfied with the company, mainly with its customer service.

Some people claim that they have even received broken or refurbished products from Daily Steals.

So much that some customers have gone to the extent of saying that the company is true to its name Daily Steals. They say that it daily steals your trust and money.

Final verdict:

In conclusion to, Is Dailysteals Legit or not, our answer is, No. It is nowhere near to being that.

The company is a total scam. It is out there to dupe you of your hard-earned money.

Also, do not get swayed by the reviews available on their website. All the reviews on their websites are fabricated to trap customers.

Keep away from Daily Steals. You’ll end up losing your money or leaking out your precious information to this group of fraudsters.

Do share your viewpoint of Daily Steals. It will help other customers know it better.

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