Is Cranehast Com Legit (March) Check The Review Here!

Is Cranehast Com Legit 2021

Is Cranehast Com Legit (March) Check The Review Here! >> Are you looking for disposable items for a party? This review will tell you about the platform’s reality.

Cranehast Website Reviews: Do you want to stay away from cavity and sensitivity in your teeth? Please try to use a straw for drinking hot and cold drinks that will help you to avoid tooth discolouration. There are readily available in the market different types of disposable straw.

Here we are connecting you with the best website of disposable items you can use in party functions, home etc. It is readily available online for the United States people.

If you are organizing the party at your home, this website will help you arrange your party’s best disposable items.

Is Cranehast com Legit or Scam?

Cranehast is the online shopping site for disposable items which can enhance the look of any party.

  • As we check all the point on the internet, then it is tough to write about its legitimacy because it is selling only a single item in a different colour in the high range.
  • It has created a few days back.
  • It has a very minimal trust score index. 
  • It seems a Scam website by the user’s mindset.
  • It has no rush on the website.

Please do research well and then start to arrange your party with its products.

What is Cranehast Website?

Considering, Is Cranehast com Legit? post, we found that Cranehast is the website of drinking straws which are available in a wide range of colour choices. It is known worldwide, including in the United States.

As we know, drinking straw can stay away from tooth problems. So it is a handy item for home and party that can save you from the cavity. You can take advantage of the different colour of the drinking straw according to your party theme pattern and colour choice.

Please stay connected to check its specifications, merits and demerits for your convenience.

Particulars of Cranehast Website

  • The URL for the website visit is
  • You can go through the given location to visit the office, i.e., 604 Yarmouth Lane, Baltimore, Maryland 21228, US.
  • If you have any question in your mind, mail them on the given email id, i.e.,
  • To check reality that, Is Cranehast com Legit? We got few Shopper’s Reviews on the ecommerce stage.
  • If you have any query urgent, you can connect the call on the given phone number, i.e., (478) 501-2476.
  • It is selling disposable items that are having a five-star rating on the website.
  • You can pay the amount for your products online by PayPal.
  • This website has fully secured by HTTPS and SSl protocols.
  • It has no social media podium existence.
  • It has taken three to five days to shipment the packet, and after receiving the item, if you have any doubt, you can return it within 14 days.

What are the Merits of Buying the Products from Cranehast Website?

  • It is providing the contact details for any inquiry.
  • Client’s Cranehast Website Reviews found as that will guide to new customers.
  • Protocols cover it means no security issue.

What are the Demerits of Buying the Products from Cranehast Website?

  • The website provides only a single payment mode.
  • It has created ten days back, i.e. on 04/03/2021.
  • The website has a poor trust index graph, i.e. only 1%.
  • It has less popularity and no traffic on the internet due to the absence of social connectivity.
  • The website is having only a single product.
  • It has no discount coupons as prices are too high.
  • No feedback wrote by any user on the trust pilot.
  • It has provided the wrong office address as not exist on google map.

Please make sure before ordering that Is Cranehast com Legit or scam?

Client’s Cranehast Reviews

Cranehast is serving the facility with a single product that is drinking straw in many colour options with patterns. 

Shoppers want to move to add cart by items, but they want to take a review by user’s mindset before this process. So we explore the internet and get a few points. All users are saying it is a scammer.

You have to evaluate it properly before paying any amount by PayPal.

Final Verdict

We check a few features for its final thoughts, too new in the online market, less trustworthy, less traffic, no publicity, fewer products, high in range, absence of social connectivity, single payment option, and many more.

But for its authenticity that, Is Cranehast com Legit or not? It is too early to write about it.

Do you add any item from Cranehast Website to your party? What you feel after using it? Please share your views and doubts in the below section. We will be lucky to respond to you soon.

7 thoughts on “Is Cranehast Com Legit (March) Check The Review Here!

  1. I searched for a mountain bike in Google and says that I can purchase a 2019 diamondback overdrive 29″ mountain from this site very doubtful obviously as they sell straws… very concerned and will not purchase of course.. I had to question authenticity because the price is 99.00$ which is very low even for a child’s bikep

  2. Apparently these people have expanded to product offerings. I tried to order a Craftsman tire inflator 3 days ago through PayPal, received absolutely nothing back, no confirmation of order, zip. Have sent messages and emails with zero response. Either this is a scammer, they are totally inept, unprepared to do business or are simply trying to commit online transactional suicide before their business is totally launched. Not a great way to start a business.

  3. I have just ordered a product from the website. I will let you know how it goes. I am hoping it is legitamate.

  4. i placed an order with cranehast for a stove last week, i have been trying to reach out with no response. it says ships within 3-5 business days and you will receive a shipping number to track your items. I have not received any shipping number, i have not had any contact. I sent an email just to receive a message that says it’s currently unavailable, i have tried to call just to be told the person that this number belongs to has temporaritly blocked all incoming calls.
    they don’t do refunds so i am out 100$ with no way to get that back, and have a stove i am unable to used do to it being broken with a family of 6 to feed. NOT A SATICFIED CUSTOMER! TELLS ME THIS SIGHT IS A SCAM!

  5. I placed an order on Cranehast only to have the charge come across as ELITE TENNIS LIMITED. Super sketchy already, but the customer service number does not receive incoming calls, and the email address bounces back as undeliverable. This is totally not legit!

  6. The email address and phone do not work. There is no response from the contact form on the site. Doesn’t PayPal check the credentials before collecting money for a site?

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