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Is Combsdrum Top Scam or Legit {April} Read Reviews

Combsdrum Top Website Reviews

Is Combsdrum Top Scam or Legit {April} Read Reviews -> In this article you will read if this online store is scam or legit.

How to know if a website is legit or scam before you shop online? Read below to know if scam or not.

Online shopping makes one’s life easier. But it is sometimes unreliable. Instead of becoming a victim of such scam sites, it is better to read about them first. is a new website. Therefore, it was a necessity to share its reviews with you all who are planning to shop on this website.

This United State based has not attracted many customers yet. Hence, the reviews are desperately required to be shared with the online shoppers for their safety. is the link which takes to their website. However, it creates confusion when you click on any tabs to go on further because the link displays another name of the company. Therefore, it is advisable to be sure about it first and then move forward with your shopping.

To know more about it, read further.

What is

To be very honest, there is no company with such name. Only the ‘Home’ page displays the name, that too in the link. Apart from that, when the tabs are clicked, the name of the company displayed in the link changes to

In their ‘About Us’ page they have mentioned about who they are which does mention the name Cabfashion. Does that mean that this United State based company is scam?

Cabfashion declares to sell innovative and modern-designed toys, electronics, phone accessories, glass, materials and batteries. Their mission is to provide the best quality and services to the customers. Their goal is to be termed as the online service leader.

Although their page says that their values are as important as a Fair Business. Even though their page does not have any categories for the products, they have a variety of products available on the website for sale.


  • Website type: Toys, Accessories, Electronics, etc.
  • Shipping time: 3-5 business days
  • Delivery time: 10-20 business days
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Return: Within 14 days
  • Shipping cost: Chargeable, including returns
  • Cancellation: Applicable
  • Company address: United States
  • Email address:
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, PayPal






Who is it suitable for?

This website is best for kids who are fond of modern and innovative toys. It is also suitable for people who wish to purchase cutting edge electronics or electronics.

Certain positives and negatives are possessed by everything in this world. Following are few about



  • Good collection of products
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Best priced
  • Payment is secured.
  • Innovative products







  • The trust rate of the site is not yet declared.
  • Technical data of the website shows no country name.
  • The traffic volume is low. The website in not yet popular.
  • Domain name was created in the recent months lately.
  • The home page and the other pages of the website do not display the same company names in their links.
  • The security measures are not reliable.
  • The website is not protected by SSL.
  • It is using woocommerce platform but states that they believe in ecommerce.
  • There are no reviews on the websites from the customers.
  • There is no legit information on the website.




What are the reviews?

Unlike the other well-known sites, has no reference of any social media handles which makes it unreliable in the first place. And whatever they have as links to the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; they lead to the pages of WordPress.

There is no information about the owner of the organization on the site which again holds a question mark over the company’s legitimacy.

The WHOIS maintains a record of all the sites which are operated unlawfully. Hence, WHOIS require some necessary information. The organization does not have any information stored with them regarding Therefore it is highly recommended to check all the information related to the company beforehand while transacting with the company in matters concerned with money.

You being the client have every single right to know every inch of detail of the company you are working with.


The website has been established recently with no customer reviews so far which makes it doubtful to comment on its legitimacy.

It is advisable that all the online users must stay away from the untrustworthy websites. Shopping with such sites include risks related to non-receipt of counterfeit goods or even the risk to gain nothing at all.

Please share in the comments section below if there’s any further information about the site.

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  1. Purchased dumbells from this scabfashion technologyimited for $99 and have yet to recieve an email or note on products. Emailed their “customer service” of and got an immediate bounceback message. I WOULD STAY AWAY AND CHECK YOUR DEBIT CARD FOR CHARGES. I am going to have my bank refund that immediately!

  2. Its a scam. I had the same experience. Ordered the same dumbbells. “” doesn’t exist.

  3. Was about to purchase dumbbells for $99.00 but when proceeded to checkout wouldnt allow me to purchase with pay pal a big red flag also would only allow me to purchase with credit card or Apple Pay

    If you pay with pay pal and you don’t review your item you lodge a complaint and get your money back that you out laid for the product you didn’t recieve but paying wit Apple Pay or just using your credit/debit card might prove a whole lot different

    I think the site is a scam

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