Is Blendjet 2 Legit {Nov} – Get a Fair Review Here

Is Blendjet 2 Legit 2020

Is Blendjet 2 Legit {Nov} – Get a Fair Review Here -> Blendjet 2 is a superb product to prep smoothies and juice quickly. But there are many factors you should know before buying it. Read here.

Are you looking for the portable battery operated blender for your home? If yes, so read this post that shared detailed information about is Blendjet 2 legit or a scam. 

Blendjet 2 is a superb kitchen appliance introduced for the United States people who have less time to prepare healthy drinks, smoothies, etc. It is a portable blender used by charging it with a USB. 

However, many alternatives are out there. But does Blendjet 2 work efficiently is essential to find out before making the final buying decisions. 

So, here we have come with truthful reviews that help you better know about this product. 

What is Blendjet 2?

Blendjet 2 is a portable wireless blender based on modern technology that can be used to prepare shakes, smoothies, and other recipes in minutes. It is available online to buy from its official website, i.e., There you will find Blendjet 2 is offered in many different colors such as red, green, purple, black, blue, pink, etc. 

Further in our research is Blendjet 2 legit; we found it has 6 stainless steel blades and uses safety features to prevent overheating. This portable blender is super fast to blend leaves, fruits without chunks. However, we cannot say about its motor life, but it is best when you’re in a hurry and need to drink a healthy drink. The best of this product is you can take it anywhere and charge it with any USB port. 

However, Lots of customers from AustraliaCanada, United Kingdom, and United states are satisfied with their services related to customer support, product delivery, and quality. However, they are not seeking Blendjet 2 as powerful as other alternatives in the market.  

Blendjet 2 specifications:

  • Product-wireless and portable Blendjet 2    
  • Design- portable and colorful
  • Performance- Crush in 20 seconds
  • Technology- Turbo jet™
  • USB- Rechargeable
  • Weight- 1.19lbs
  • Price- $40 (now at a sale of 15% discount at 1)
  • Payment- PayPal & Amazon pay
  • Shipping- Free Worldwide
  • Warranty- 30 days money-back guarantee

Pros of buying Blendjet 2 

  • Available at fantastic deals such as buy 1 at 15% discount and 2 at 20% discount.
  • Portable and easy to charge with USB
  • Blend in just 20 seconds
  • Use patented Turbojet technology
  • Opt from 16 colors

Cons of buying Blendjet 2

  • Does not crush leafy leaves quickly
  • Few negative Blendjet 2 reviews found
  • Not as powerful as another alternative present in the market

Is Blendjet 2 legit or a scam?

Blendjet 2 is a compact, colorful, and wireless blender that can be used anywhere. The official website of this product, i.e.,, has been in the market for 3 years and received positive feedback about the technology and product they have introduced. It takes only 15-20 seconds to cut almonds, egg, spinach, blueberries, etc., to prep shake- that’s really impressive!

In terms of its features, we found Blendjet 2 is superb to save time while going to the office as you can use it in your car to prep your protein shake. 

But its jar capacity is not enough to prep one big glass of shake. Also, motor backup is too short. It takes a little more time while cutting hard leaves and items like ice. In our opinion- is Blendjet 2 legit? We say it is legit. 

What are people saying about Blendjet 2?

In our research, we found mixed Blendjet 2 reviews on the web. The people are satisfied with its super-fast technology, color options, easy to use, portable, and wireless features. Therefore, they rated it 4.3 out of 5. However, we also found a complaint against its small capacity and motor backup. 

Blendjet 2 is best for those who are busy in their lives and have no time to prep healthy drinks. It is a portable and wireless blender that you can take anywhere you need. Due to the black Friday sale, it is now at a 15% discount. 


Just imagine you are free to drink healthy drinks whenever you want. Isn’t it interesting? This is why Blendjet 2 blender was introduced. The Blendjet 2 use patented Turbojet technology with super sharp 6 stainless blades that quickly blend hard items like almonds, fruits, and more in just 20 seconds. 

By evaluating is Blendjet 2 legit online, we have found people are satisfied with its portable and wireless feature. However, they are finding issues in motor and capacity; still, they are finding this product legit and rated it 4.3 out of 5. 

If you have any past experience with blendjet2, please share with us. This would help our readers. 

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