Is Basholo Legit (Feb 2021) Read the Reviews for Clarity


Is Basholo Legit (Feb 2021) Read the Reviews for Clarity >> Are you a shopaholic who loves to buy merchandise online? Read this article that gives detailed information about an attractive online shop with a random range of merchandise.

Who doesn’t love to shop for attractive merchandise from the comforts of their homes? And what if an online shop offers fantastic products at pocket-friendly prices? All this sounds just too tempting and irresistible? Here is an online factory outlet shop that sells electronics, auto accessories, and men’s fashion products, among many other items.

It aims at providing a stress-free and simple shopping process to shopping enthusiasts all over the world. This includes countries like Canada, United States, and European countries.Through this article, Is Basholo Legit, we will look at some reviews by its customers. 

It is essential to know this because, in the wake of the world’s current situation, people are visiting many online sites. In addition to providing a safe shopping experience, online shopping also helps them kill their monotony.Let us unravel Basholo together in a stepwise and comprehensive manner through the following sections. We will also discover if Basholo is a real name or a fraudulent one?

Is Basholo Legit?

The best way to check the authenticity of an online portal is through customer reviews. Basholo displays 60 reviews from customers on its website. However, to better assess its legitimacy, we looked up reviews available on the internet for Basholo.

Unfortunately, one click on the internet and you see many low reviews of this ePortal. The website is relatively recent, only 202 days old. The domain owners’ name is hidden, and the domain also has a short life expectancy.Even though the website is HTTPS protected, it has a lousy trust score of 5%.

The site does not list any address, phone number, or contact page.

Its homepage is also very arbitrary; it does not give any specific information. It is also replete with misspelled words. This does not paint a very rosy picture of Basholo.Therefore, we thought of exploring this eShop comprehensively through Is Basholo Legit’s coming sections before ordering with them.

What is Basholo?

It is an online portal that sells products at low prices and offers quality assurance.The website has products under categories such as Electronics, Men’s Fashion, Houseware, Car Accessory, and Gifts.Basholo claims to work with manufacturers directly to cut down on overhead expenses. This explains the reasonable pricing of their products.

It is offering an off-season discount on real shearling sheepskin leather jackets.However, it is strange that if you click on tabs such as Gifts, the website does not display any product under this category.Under the category Men’s Fashion, the website has only three jackets. Same for Car Accessory and Electronics. The variety available is minimal. Any well-known and image-conscious brand will never have such ambiguity on its website.Read below the article about Basholo Reviews to know more.

Specifications of Basholo:

  • Products- Items such as electronics, fashion, houseware, gifts, and car accessory
  • Website-
  • Address- Not given
  • Email-
  • Contact number- Not given
  • Shipping time- 7-15 days 
  • Shipping fee- Free shipping over order value $50
  • Exchanges and returns- 14-day after receiving the product
  • Refunds- Applicable only after returns are approved
  • Mode of payment- Online only

Pros of Basholo:

  • It claims to sell high-quality products.
  • The prices are budget-friendly

Cons of Basholo:

  • Free delivery is available only for order value more than $50
  • Poor trust score
  • Poor customer service score 

Basholo Reviews by customers: 

The customers on the internet are not happy with Basholo. They say that the website claims to have 24/7 support but has not provided a phone number or other means to contact support. It also doesn’t offer any chat option and does not reply to emails.It does not feature on any social media platform. 

Final verdict:

There will be no brownie points if you guess what our final verdict is. By going through Basholo Reviews so far, it is crystal clear that Basholo is not a genuine player in the market.

In conclusion to our article, we say no, it is not legit. It is one of those scam sites that aim to either steal your information or rob you of your hard-earned money.We strongly warn you to steer clear of this online shop. Do post your comments if you have anything more to add to this article.

15 thoughts on “Is Basholo Legit (Feb 2021) Read the Reviews for Clarity

  1. Looks very fake. Spelling errors everywhere. No phone number or contact email. NO FAQ tab. Lots of convincing pictures and prices, but definitely a scam in my opinion. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

  2. I ordered a Off-season discount]: Aviator Bomber Jacket B3 Real Shearling Sheepskin Leather × 1
    Brown / L $89.99two weeks ago, received a email back confirming my order and said will notify me when shipped. A week later I have received no email with shipping info, I have emailed them 2 times with no reply and I have tried to contact them no phone no messages only by email and they do not respond. I have cancelled my order in a 3rd email and contacted PayPal and my Credit Card company informing them of this transaction and asking them to investigate it and charge back to give me a refund.

  3. Ordered a bomber jacket from Basholo last January. No communication and no bomber jacket as of 2/14/2021. Went to find them on the interwebs and, oh lookie there, their website has been taken down. That was a $90.00 lesson learned the hard way……

  4. I placed my order for white sheepskin balmer jacket on 1/25/2021, I received a brown fake ass jankie kid sewn cheap ass plastic wind breaker on 2/17/2021. I want a refund and want this so called business to face criminal charges, false advertising, etc. etc.

  5. Bought a B3 Real Shearling Sheepskin Bomber jacket Medium size and received, a month and a half later, a very low quality fake leather (vinyl) jacket with the plush coming off when touching it. Also, the crappy jacket receivved was XL size. I contacted their customer service by email about the quality and size problem and got a reply that sometimes the item received is diferent from the one ordered. I had asked for a return address and for refund but my request did not get any consideration. STAY AWAY FROM BASHOLO.

  6. They got my money! for aviator bomber jacket B3 real shealing sheepskins leather showed order brown XL $89.99 no jacket still! web site down order BASHOLO 4746 this is bull crap they need to honor my order or close them down and get my money back! rather have jacket

    1. I also got the jacket. After many emails and threats, I contacted paypal. They got in contact with Day Day Fun trading limited llc in Hong Kong! First offer was $55. Refused. Second offer was full refund, return jacket at my expense!.
      The add for the product states made in usa. The address on the post label shows
      Po box 6368
      Rosemead Ca, 91770.
      I’m in the process of getting the return to that address.

  7. I also ordered a B3 Bomber jacket for $89.99 and after waiting almost two months and several emails with no reply , i received a cheap ass vinyl jacket which is not even worth $10 , i sent an email for refund and will notify the Paypal for recourse and refund . Stay away from this scam company , Chinese companies are usually trustworthy but not this one .

  8. Same exact deal as above. But have received nothing. Tracking shows it’s holed up in Greenwwod, IN with Pitney Bowes for the past two months.
    Haven’t pressed for refund yet but am now making inquiries. Should have known better than to trust some bogus FB vendor.

  9. I ordered two bomber jackets, waited for two months, and received two pos jackets that are maybe worth $10 at Walmart. They smell like they have been dipped in diesel oil. I wrote customer service and guess what?…no website.

  10. Same issue. I received the absolute crappiest knock off I have ever seen. I wouldn’t wear this for a joke! Luckily after I didn’t receive the jacket after a week I contact AMEX to dispute the charge and they took care of it. So I ended up (after a month and a half) with a free jacket that I wouldn’t be caught dead in! I will use the address above to return the jacket, thanks Bruce

  11. Finally got mine. Yes it is vinyl. And yes it is more like costume clothing than anything real. But it is lined and it is warm. Has deep lined pockets. The XL size I ordered does fit even though I’m normally a medium. I will wear it on occasion on cooler days out when I’m flying my radio control warbirds. It is what it is but definitely not worth $89. I’d say less than $20 on the street in Korea. And then we could bargain for less.

  12. Ordered their ‘Aviator Bomber Jacket ‘. I did receive it (in three months) and it is a piece of CRAP!! Not leather, not fleece, smaller than XL. Stay away from this company! It even makes terrible Made In China products look good!!

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