Irrperb com Reviews [July] – Is This An Online Scam Site?

Irrperb com Reviews 2020

Irrperb com Reviews [July] – Is This An Online Scam Site? >> In this article, you will read about the necessary details of the website selling multiple products.  

Shopping the stuff online is the primary concern we go through. But sometimes buying things online helps in many ways such as we can get something in less price, or some stuff are not available in the market, but online everything is readily available.

Irrperb com Reviews state about the online website dealing with some fantastic stuff. It has been noticed that the server of the company is found in the United States.

In this article, you will also read about some critical points that we should consider before using any online company. The question like – Is Irrperb com Legit or scam will be answered here.

What is

It is the online platform selling product that could be your helping hand in many places. The product ranges from the tools used in camps to handmade multicolor blocks used to decorate the house. The product list also includes the customized name bracelet for your loved ones. 

Each product quality details are available on the official website and tell about the product and its manufacturing details. They assure the customers with perfect service by the customer services team.


  • Website –
  • Processing time – 1-3 business days
  • Delivery time – 11-18 business days
  • Return – within 14 days
  • Refund – once the product is inspected.
  • Payment – online mode of payment

Is worth money or not?

Before spending out the money on online shopping companies, we need to look for all the details about the company and its features. The online scam by the shopping application is way too common to make people fool and earn money

Irrperb com Reviews have done a full survey about the company to provide details to the people who are looking to buy the stuff from this website. It has been noticed that the site is newly registered and do not have more customers; it makes things tough to decide and declare the legitimacy of the website. No, the site does not worth money as we cannot trust the site at such an early stage.

Pros of the website

  • Attracting product available
  • Assures about the premium quality of product
  • The affordable price of products

Cons of the website

  • New domain name
  • No contact details available
  • No tracking details available
  • Only online payments available

What customers have to say about it?

Customer review plays a vital role for any company that deals with an online business. Irrperb com Reviews state that the site is too new and do not have any customer reviews available online. The website does not share any feedback from the previous customers to make the people more comfortable to buy the stuff. 

If you ever purchase the thing from such a website, you many confront the loss or the fraud. Always make sure to check the feedback given by the early purchasers and try to think it worth your money or not. 

Is Irrperb com Legit?

Trusting the site is easily is not good. Before making any payment, we should have proper information about it. If we go through the official website of the company, there are no contact details given. The site does not share any address or the phone number through which we can connect to them. Is Irrperb com Legit or scam asked by many users and the answer will be 100% the company is a scam. 

Many small things which people do not notice about the scam sites are they always have a new domain name as they register with new domains after every fixed period. We can also see the price as they offer low price at which the product is impossible to get. 

Final Verdict

Online frauds are something from which no one can save us except our knowledge collected. We have to stop trusting the online sites by the price and the attractive stuff selling, but we also have to go through the small details about it. Irrperb com Reviews say that the people should stay away from such websites that have registered recently and have not mentioned their contact details.

The site with new domain name never share the address of the company and also by ordering from such places you won’t receive any product, or you get something irrelevant. Therefore be safe from such fraud sites. Is Irrperb com Legit? The answer is sure, No.

0 thoughts on “Irrperb com Reviews [July] – Is This An Online Scam Site?

    1. I ordered two of these chairs, today I received two small carry bags!! I hope you get what you think you’ve ordered.

    2. I ordered mine on July 29th and finally received it yesterday but it was No Canopy chairs but two chair cover. I am sending this back for a refund and I feel its a scammed. I paid $40 for two chair cover is stupid.

      1. I was a victim of this scam as well. I didn’t pay via PayPal I paid with my debit card. My question is, can you please tell me the name in which this company is under so I can get a copy of my bank statement to get a refund? Thanks

    3. So did we had 2 chair folding chair covers arrive from IRRPERB.
      Think this is a scam site.
      Sent email to firm no reply.
      At least I paid with Paypal who will track and get money back where possible.
      Learn’t me lesson price to good to be true it is too good to be true.
      Annoying though.
      Have noticed via face book other sites set up selling similiar at same price on the FB page for a two max then they disappear.

    4. We ordered two chairs £52 and got two tiny foot rests !!!!! We have tried and tried to contact by email and had no reply !!!!
      This site needs a warning !!

    5. I ordered 2 chairs and received 2 chair covers that wouldn’t even cover a child’s chair. It has been almost 2 months.

      1. Same happened to me … ordered two chairs, received two small chair covers in the mail today. Geeezzz!

    6. Just got my 2 covers instead of chairs. If you read very closely it says covers in the wording. This is a scam!

    1. Definately scammers ordered two chairs not delivered contacted them told by e mail on their way !!!! Tried tracking order number not recognised SCAMMERS-STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!!

  1. My order for a canopy chair has just arrived, it is just a blue canvas bag for carrying it – no actual chair

    1. That’s all we received Jayne. Great isn’t it!! The canvas bag isn’t large enough to hold one of the chairs we all ordered . In fact the canopy is the cover!

    2. I also ordered a canopy chair and just got a bag. How do I get a refund. I am disappointed that Facebook would allow these scammers on without checking them first.

    3. This is what I got too!! Except I ordered 2 chairs, so they were nice enough to send me 2 empty blue canvas bags.

    4. Ordered 2 canopy chairs June 5th 2020 and haven’t received them yet. Sent multiple emails and contacted them through the contact text on their site. Says through tracking number they were delivered 8/10. All I received through the mail that day was 2 chair covers that look like they fit a child’s chair. Haven’t heard anything !!!
      Not Happy !!

  2. I also ordered canopy chairs on july 6th. no word yet other than the order was received. says 11-18 days for shipping. no shipping confirmation yet & i added my phone number for text order updates. nothing yet.

    1. iTS A SCAM SITE.
      Please report and I got mine through FB report to them.
      Lot of fake sites on here at present even in bad times some low lifes milking it.

    2. I ordered the canopy chairs back in July. Got the blue sleeves only today in August. No chairs. This site is not to be trusted!

    1. Me too I am going report them to Trading Standards and to claim my money back misleading customers is against this law

    2. Total scam !!! Don’t buy anything … I have contacted my bank for a return of funds and they are investigating them !!

  3. I ordered a lit American Flag over a mont ago-NOTHING!!!!
    I have emailed the company numerous times-NOTHING

  4. I ordered 2 chairs on July 6th and have received any notifications. I’ve emailed the company regarding my purchase and still no response. I paid through PayPal so I am going to contact them and cancel the sale. This is too bad because I really liked the chairs.

  5. I ordered two camp chairs with canopies on July 6th. Although the order was processed immediately and they said I should receive them in 18 business days, I have still not received them. Nor have I received any response from emailing them or the company that processed my PayPal payment, Zhixin.

  6. I ordered the canopy chairs and only received the covers. Can’t get a response from the company by email!

  7. Ive ordered a canopy chair recieved just a bag been in touch numerous times via email heard nothing yet

  8. We ordered 2canopy chairs on July 4th. We received 2 carry cases for the chairs. That’s all. Have emailed but have not received any response. looking at the previous comments – wished we’d read them before ordering!- were not alone.

  9. I ordered two chairs on July 3rd. Supposedly they shipped from China to Chicago, then to Los Angeles, then to Compton, CA 3 days ago (July 28), and no movement since. Must be China’s way of further providing problems to the U.S. besides the Virus. Have sent emails with no response. No phone number to call. No info on who the carrier is for follow-up. I’m guessing they are fraudulent. Thankfully I didn’t provide credit card information and instead used PayPal. Seems to be a rip-off.

  10. I ordered from this side over two months ago have not received my merchandise yet this site is a scam !


  11. I ordered canopy chairs and have not received them although the tracking says that it’s delivered. I have sent several messages to them and they so not reply. This is a scam company as far as I can see. Plus they have gone well over their delivery time. I’m going to contact my bank to get help.

  12. I haven’t received my 2 chairs either I’ve emailed them about 5 times now no reply. I too have received 2 crap bags but no chairs. I’ve read it’s a scam and the company is fake. I paid through PayPal so I’m hoping to get my money back.

  13. A total scam. I ordered 2 chairs on 7/4/2020. On 7/19/2020 I received an email stating they were shipped. To date 8/4/2020 no chairs. Sent several emails no response. Yesterday I received 2 doll size canvas tube line holders.
    Tried to track the shipping it is in Chinese.
    Total scam.

  14. I ordered 2 chairs as per their video ad and received 2 canvas bags.When I looked them up it says the chairs are over £100 . Anyone any clue what we can do. Have emailed them but am awaiting a reply. I have a return address on the parcel.

  15. I ordered two canopy chairs I never received the chairs just the canvas bags that they would be put in. $40 down the tubes. If I knew how to sue them I would.

  16. Ordered chairs, only received bags for them. Site is clearly a scam. Going through PayPal to get money back hopefully.
    Can’t find any info to return items either.
    Avoid at all costs

  17. I also ordered 2 canopy chair , just bags turn up 6 weeks. Looks like a big con. Contact paypal they are looking to it.

  18. I ordered chairs July 3 . They said they delivered them and it was 2 canvas carrying bags. Numerous email have not been answered. The BBB will not take a complaint without company info. Scam!!!!!!

  19. I ordered 4 folding chairs and only received 4 blue bags. The tracking number indicated the order was delivered. Yjis company is a scam.

  20. Update- I also received canvas bags and no chairs. Site is a scam. Do not purchase anything from these assholes. Will promptly be putting a stop on payment.

  21. It’s a scam. You just receive 2 useless bags. However I opened a resolution with PayPal based on the fact that the description of the bags are wrong because they dont have canopies attached to them. Haven’t received a reply yet, but might be worth everyone doing it to stop PayPal trading with them.

  22. All fucken lies I paid for two chairs and they finally sent me two sleeves to put the chairs in but no chairs…..I ordered the chairs for my sister that has Cancer….so sad how people can be so hateful….?????????????????????????????????????

    1. Think we’ve been scammed Tania !! I’m not happy
      I’m recovering from breast cancer these were to help on our camping holiday !!!

    2. Total scam !!! Don’t buy anything … I have contacted my bank for a return of funds and they are investigating them !!

    3. I ordered (2) canopy chairs on 7/6. On 8/11 i received (2) chair covers but no chairs . Looks like I’m not the only one to have this experience. Looks like this site is a scam.

  23. Wish I had seen theses comments before I ordered 4 camping chairs through a facebook ad.
    I have received the bags and now the order status is saying complete.
    Ive sent emails and even replied to the address on the bottom of the email I received, Nothing.
    Guess I’m not getting the chairs.

  24. I ordered four canopy chairs total in four separate orders. So far I received three carrying bags for my first order of two chairs. Another package arrived in from them today in my mailbox. I feel so stupid for falling for this. I guess I need to remember the saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  25. Annoying is it not!!
    Please report.
    Believe this lot have set up another couple of sites on FB selling the same under different names.
    Hope you ordered through Paypal who can try to get your money back.

  26. ordered chair and only received a blue sleeve. Sent email’s requesting delivery date but no response.
    This seems to be a scam based upon what responses I’ve read

  27. I also ordered the advertised canopy lawn chairs and just received two blue small canvass type bags that would never be big enough to hold the chairs. What a rip. They do not answer Emails either.
    Not much we can do when they are located in China.

  28. I ordered two chairs back on Sunday July 5,2020. Here it is now Thursday August 13,2020 still no chairs. My charge card was charged for two chairs nothing yet has arrived. This is a rip off they take your money and run. From now on I will never use online to purchase anything. Not trust worthy at all.
    Barbara Cooper

  29. Got the same crap as the rest instead of chairs. Opened a duspute with PayPal as soon as the bags arrived. Contacted them knowing I won’t hear back but PayPal likes for you to try. Just waiting on my refund now. Also reported them to multiple agencies withdocumentation.


  31. Ordered 2 chairs July 2 and only received the sleeves for the chairs and Not the chairs!!! I have had problems with other places from China. I won’t buy anything that will be coming from China. I’ve been burnt enough!!!

  32. ordered july 25th still waiting but was 11-18 days maybe 11-18 business days could be longer than normal 11-18.

  33. I ordered two chairs too and after a month just received two bags/sleeves that I assume the chairs are supposed to go into!? But they don’t look like they are even big enough to fit the chair! I’ve emailed them 3 times and have heard nothing! Makes me so mad!!

  34. I too ordered chairs and received 2 bags to put them in but no chairs… do NOT buy from this company, they are scammers ???

  35. Same thing happen to me. Ordered two blue chairs and received just two blue canvas bags. Wrote to them and never got a response.

  36. I also ordered two of those chairs on July 5th 2020 and have not received either to date (16th August). On 27th July they emailed me to say my order was on it’s way but, on 5th August, I received only just two small light blue drawstring bags. I immediately emailed them using their contact link on their emails but I have had no response to it nor another I sent on 12th August.
    The video on their online advert which I saw belongs to a company called “Keysers” and Irrperb appear to have just lifted it to use themselves!
    Btw, Irrperb is a front name for the Zhixin Trading Co. Ltd I have discovered, and there are several unhappy customers reports online if you search under either of those names.
    I have now raised a dispute with PayPal about them.

  37. As above, we ordered 2 chairs in early July for use away on holiday at end July. More recently, 2 random blue bags have arrived, we presumed to take the chairs but the video advert did not show cases. Since then nothing and an email to their order confirmation email address, last week, has received no reply.

  38. I also ordered 2 chairs from this company… 2 child size sleeves for a chair. We all work hard for our money….I hope they get caught soon and face time in prison. I have never ordered anything off line before and never will again!! Big Big lesson learned!!!

  39. I’m like the rest of you. This site is a scam. I ordered two foldingchairs. Last Friday, I received two bags that hold chairs for basically people who are the size of Barbie dolls. And they smelled HORRIBLE! No chairs. Stay as far away from this company as possible!

  40. This is a scam. I ordered the camp chair and for. 26.98 was sent something that looks like an umbrella sleeve. Certainly not worth 50 cents

  41. I am very furious to know that I ordered the same 2 chairs and I only received 2 blue sleeves. The sleeves came in a month after I made the purchase, by then you cannot stop payment. However, I am not done with these criminals, there are ways to procecute these criminals, and shut them down permanently! I did not go directly on their site to make a purchase. I was on Publishers Clearing House when I saw the ad and made the purchase. Please beware and know that Irrperb are criminals!

  42. My order was on a slow boat from China and has been sitting at “JFK” since 7/28 and it is now 8/18. I emailed the company 4 days ago requesting further information but no response yet. I sure made a mistake!

  43. I also ordered 2 canopy chairs and only received the bag and slip covers for the chairs.. I have left 2 emails with no answer back.. it’s been over a month since I placed my order..

  44. We have order two of Your canopy chairs and have not received Them yet we received an email July 26th. that says it is on his way I think this is it a fraud and a scam please do not use this site

  45. My order for two canopy chair has just arrived, 1.5 month later and it is just two blue canvas bags for carrying it – no actual chair

  46. I, too, paid for two chairs and only sent me two sleeves to put the chairs in. I did not receive any chairs! I am totally ticked off! First of all, had I known that these chairs were coming from CHINA, I never would have ordered them. What recourse do we have? Who do we contact?

  47. I ordered “Recliner Luxury Camping Chair” I received THE smallest folding stool I ever saw, that has a seat dimension of 6 inches by 6 inches. Looks like it is worth 2 dollars. Ripoff. And now the site is no longer working.

  48. I fell for this scam also…read the reviews on the chairs and did not check out the company! No chairs, just two sleeves, which is ironic because the glory of the chairs is that the canopy becomes the carry case and does not require a sleeve! Luckily my credit card company has taken care of this! Make sure you contact your credit card company and get the charges disputed! BTW…Amazon has these chairs so you can order them there and be assured of receiving your product!

  49. I order 2 luxury chairs foe 60 bucks. They sent me 2 tiny things…not even sure what thwy are but I can hold them in my hand! Then when I went to view my order, it said oops something went wrong. Can’t get on the website either!

  50. So I ordered 2 reclining rocker camp chairs for the discounted price of 29.95 each. Today I received 2 tiny camp stools that are so small and flimsy they wouldn’t support a toddler. Steer clear of these guys and any other site connected with Zhixin Trading Co., Ltd.

  51. I also ordered chairs from this website back on July 4th. All i received were 2 chair holders. Dont order from this company, its a scam.

  52. Similar experience. I ordered two canopy swing chairs. Got something totally different. Their website is down, with no ability to respond; money lost. Do not trust this site.

  53. SCAM ARTIST. Bogus company. I ordered the portable folding lawn chair w/canopy on 7/21/20
    On 8/17/20 I received a 23” blue canvas bag…
    Afterwards…I read ALL their reviews !!! NO ONE who has ordered from this company have received their items. Contacting the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU to notify them of this company. How could they do this in ALL OF OUR TIME OF DESPAIR ?

  54. Irrperb is a SCAM COMPANY!!! I purchased the canopy chair “Last Day 50% off” for $19.99…BOGUS, SCAMMER COMPANY!!!

  55. I ordered the chairs around the end of Jume, beginning of July. In July 29th I received an email telling me it was shipped. The tracking said my order arrived in Avenel, NJ on August 8th about 20 minutes from my house. Tracking said it was delivered on August 19th. On August 19th I did receive the bags into which the chairs go. Tomorrow is the 18th business from when it was shipped. If I don’t receive it by tomorrow I’ll dispute the charge with my credit card company.

  56. S O S!! Purchased Canopy Lawn chair July 6/2020 ?received a “blue “ sleeve…??!! NO CHAIR! Highway robbery no one to complain to. Sent various texts to no avail! DO NOT USE OR BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE OR BUSINESS.

  57. I ordered 2 folding canopy chairs on July 4 2020 all I received on August 23 2020 was 2 tiny sleeves that would not even hold a child’s chair I paid with PayPal they contacted irrperb who provides a tracking number saying it was delivered therefore PayPal Denied my claim to be reimbursed. I’m not happy with PayPal either. I will be closing my account with them as well.

  58. I ordered two camping chairs in June and finally received the carrying cases in July. I tried to reach them via email, with no response. Currently disputing purchase through PayPal. The whole thing is a pain and apparently a scam. Wish I had researched instead of impulsively purchasing.

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