International Parcel Service Scam [Dec] All About It!

International Parcel Service Scam 2020
International Parcel Service Scam [Dec] All About It! >> This post tells you about an internal package scam and how you can avoid it.

International Parcel Service Scam refers to the scams that are going on worldwide and have scammed thousands of users. In this scam, users are told that they have an undelivered item and ask for personal information to get the item delivered. Many scammers use this scheme not to be tied to a singular person or organization. This scamming technique has claimed several victims globally.

Please keep reading this article if you’re interested in finding how it works and how you can save yourself from it. This scam has become especially active in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

What is the International Parcel Service Scam?

It’s a scam scheme that has become common in many countries and has claimed several victims. Please take a look at the information below to know more.

How does this scam work? 

  • Users receive a call or text from a person claiming to be from a courier or parcel service.
  • The person will inform you that you have an undelivered parcel.
  • If you say that you haven’t ordered an item, they’ll try to convince you that a relative or a friend has sent it.
  • On the other end, the person will most likely be polite to make it difficult to tell if it’s an International Parcel Service Scam.
  • If the scammer is a professional, the emails and texts may contain the concerned company’s official logos.
  • The person will then ask you for credit card info and other details where the scam becomes apparent.
  • The mails may look authentic, but the mail websites’ links will be unauthentic, which can be easily found out.
  • It’s best not to click on the link or enter any information on the website as it may lead to the loss of personal information.
  • Clicking on the link may install malware on your device as per International Parcel Service Scam techniques, which will lead to the loss of sensitive information.

Precautionary measures against these scams

  • If you receive such messages, confirm if they were sent from the courier or parcel company itself.
  • In the majority of the cases, an email is also sent along with the text message. Check whether you have received any emails.
  • Double-check on the shopping website before believing any text message.
  • If you don’t have an order about to be delivered, ignore these messages.
  • In the International Parcel Service Scam, if you receive a call or a text message and the person from the other end asks for your personal information, please don’t give it.
  • If any of your order is stuck somewhere and you need assistance, call the official customer service of the parcel service.
  • If you receive links from any untrustworthy source, don’t click on it.
  • If you have accidentally clicked on the link, don’t enter personal information on the website.

Final Verdict

Follow the steps mentioned above to avoid falling prey to this scam. Several cases have been reported in Australia and New Zealand. Let us know if it has scammed anyone you know in the comments.

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