Instafeet Reviews (August 2020) Let Us Understand More!

Instafeet Reviews

Instafeet Reviews (August 2020) Let Us Understand More! >> This article will tell you about a website where you can buy and sell pictures of feet. Please go through the details now.

Human body parts like hands, feet, and eyes are often a subject of interest to photographers. If you take pictures of human feet and are looking to sell them, or you’re looking to buy such photographs, then there’s a platform that you’ll find very useful. It’s called Instafeet. Some Instafeet Reviews give us the information that buying and selling pictures of feet is very simple on this website.

They’re a relatively new platform and don’t enjoy enormous popularity. Anyone can buy and sell pictures on this platform. Its popularity is highest in the United States and the United Kingdom where they have a considerably large user base.

 It’s effortless to buy and sell images of feet on this platform. If you have pictures of feet to sell, or if you want to buy them, then this platform will prove to be very helpful.

What is Instafeet?

As we mentioned earlier, Instafeet is a platform where anyone can sell pictures of feet to interested buyers. It’s a perfect place for people who find the images of human feet to be a subject of interest. The popularity of this website is not massive, but it is somewhat known in the United States and the United Kingdom among photographers. 

Despite it being relatively new, this website is considered to be safe, as there are several Instafeet Reviews which tell us that this platform is genuine.

Is Instafeet Safe? 

Several Instafeet Reviews hint that this website despite not having a lot of popularity is safe to use. We’ll mention the reasons for the same.

  • The customer responses serve as an evidence of the legitimacy of this platform.
  • Several users claim to have earned thousands of dollars from this platform.
  • The social media presence of this platform is considerable.

How to use Instafeet?

Instafeet is incredibly simple to use. Follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of this platform.
  • On the website, sign up to use this platform.
  • After signing up, you can list your picture for sale or buy a photo from another user.
  • You can contact the seller via other social media platforms like Facebook.
  • Generally, each picture is sold for nearly $5-$100, but a professional can get even more.

Final Verdict

Photography is one of the most common hobbies that a lot of people have. Some photographers tend to be very artistic with their photography; they have an interest in specific things that they like to capture with their camera. Human feet are also a subject of interest to some photographers. 

The website also has some negative responses where users claimed that the website was slow and several accounts on the platform are fake. 

If you want to sell some pictures of feet that you have or want to purchase some, then you can do it from Instafeet. They’re simple to use, and Instafeet Reviews tell us that they’re safe to use. 

Although they’re not the most popular platform for selling photographs, you can still consider it, but after doing in-depth research on your own, after considering some negative reviews also. 

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