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Insorpro Shoes Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Insorpro Shoes Reviews 2020

Insorpro Shoes Reviews [June] Is it a Scam or Legit?  -> In this article, you get to know about an online footwear store that sells a variety of shoes for women.

Do you buy women’s footwear from e-commerce stores? Now it’s time to check out Insorpro. 

We stumbled upon numerous Insorpro Shoes reviews online. As our primary aim is to inform our readers about e-shops that are worth the attention, we thought of sharing a few essential details about this site. 

There are plenty of e-commerce stores that sell women’s footwear. Women are always checking out new sites, not just to discover new styles but also exclusive offers. They scour the internet to find out about e-shops that sell trendy footwear collection. 

At present, this online footwear store is top-rated in the United States. It has grabbed the buyer’s attention. 

In case you want to discover new shoe styles for women and avail of amazing offers, then this e-shop is worth the time. Let us share more information about it here. 

What is Insorpro Shoes?

Insorpro Shoes is an e-commerce store that offers an astounding collection of women’s footwear. There are plenty of footwear options on the site that are worth exploring from the trendiest sandals to comfortable toe slippers. 

On the about us page, the site has laid out information about its history and its aim to create the ultimate fashion platform for designers and customers. The e-shop has a massive collection of sandals, slippers, canvas shoes, denim shoes, and flat shoes. 

But, is it safe for you to buy products from this site? Is Insorpro Shoes trustworthy or a scam site? Here we try to answer this critical question. 

Specifications of Insorpro Shoes:

  • Website type – online women’s footwear store
  • Shipping fee – decided at the time of checkout
  • Delivery time – 7-10 working days
  • Return/exchange – within 30 days 
  • Refund – full refund
  • Cancellation of order – contact immediately 
  • Company address – not shared 
  • Company email id – 
  • Company phone number – not provided
  • Mode of payment – PayPal, Amex, MasterCard, Visa 

Pros of buying products from Insorpro Shoes: 

  • The site boasts a fantastic collection of women’s footwear. 
  • The footwears feature trendy and comfortable design. 
  • You can return or exchange an item. 
  • The store ships items internationally. 
  • The e-shop runs huge discounts on its products. 

Cons of buying products from Insorpro Shoes:

  • The site does not refund the shipping cost accrued while returning an item. 
  • The website does not offer cash on delivery option as a mode of payment. 
  • The website does not share a specific shipping cost as it varies from country to country. 

Is Insorpro Shoes legit or not?

The site has shared its history with the visitors. This indicates the store’s willingness to maintain transparency with the buyers. The entire site is easy to navigate, and essential information can be easily found. 

The website is SSL certified and maintained well. All the products are listed under their respective categories, and the site has laid out a full description of them. Visitors looking for information about the site’s shipping or return policy can locate it without any hassle. 

Though the site has not provided its address or contact number, the above signs indicate that it can be trusted for buying footwear online. 

What are people saying about Insorpro Shoes?

Insorpro Shoes com has managed to gather the attention of many online shoppers. Therefore, we found countless reviews posted by customers on the site. Most of the buyers appear happy with the product’s quality, design, and price. 

The customers share that the design of the shoes is chic and trendy. They share their satisfaction with the fit and price. We scoured the internet and social media websites to check customer reviews. The site has over 5000 followers on Facebook, and most of the reviews we came across are positive. 

Final Verdict 

The site has made quite a name among online buyers looking to score amazing deals on trendy shoes for women. The website has SSL protection and thus ensures the data you share with the site is well protected. 

The site provides essential information about its policies. The content shared on the e-shop helps customers understand the mission of the store. After evaluating various factors, we think that this site is trustworthy. 

We think online buyers who want to buy amazing women’s footwear at discounted prices will enjoy shopping from this site. We suggest our readers indulge in shopping from this site and share their experiences with us. 

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  1. I don’t understand why you’ll don’t have a number you can call.Plus you’ll are send me the wrong color. I didn’t ask for black,I ask for pink.


      1. I will never buy a shoes again, big mistake, is so different in the picture, and the size is smaller, please don’t bye anything!!

      2. I ordered my shoes in May, its July. Can’t reach them at all. Its all a scam. Im going to tear their rep down. How can u run a business without a contact number, because its a scam. Why are they allowed to post their shoes and the web site know they are a fraud.

    2. I think this site is a scam. I ordered in May and still as of July 13th have not received my shoes. Also they stopped emailing me back when I asked for a refund. The tracking # doesn’t work. Warning don’t buy from this web site.

      1. Horrible fraudulent company. Absolutely unwilling to work with the customer when things go wrong. All they offer is $3 towards their crappy merchandise in their crappy fraudulent store.

  2. I have just received my shoes but they are the wrong size and not the ones I ordered Just waiting for a reply from Insorpro as I need a refund

  3. I just recieved 2 pair of shoes and am so disappointed.They just cheap knock off of the pictures they advertise.You wouldn’t get 4 wears out of one of the pairs before it would come unglued and falls apart.Im am giving up buying items online they just sell crap that’s made in China and add a big profit cause these shoes didn’t cost more than 4 dollars to make.They are advertised on sale thank God I didn’t pay full price.There was a breat video with them saying how they can rebalance your feet what crap.Saty away and save your money.

    1. I ordered a pair of shoes late may..I haven’t recive yet.they say on the site they are based in the states,the shoes I ordered are made in Mexico.
      I got a track umber what says China.I think I lost my money and I Will never buy anything from them. They don’t answer for my refund apply.I think I will report them for fraud in my bank.
      I don’t recommend this website to anyone!!

  4. Are you insane? I’ve requested 21 times for the money to be refunded and they dont even take the time to read my emails just immediately say we are busy how can we help and then completely IGNORE me.
    Absolute scam website!!!

    1. I ordered June 3,23020 I have not recieved my shoes yet. The 1st pair camein 5 months late, but 2nd order? Who knows. N one to really contact and

  5. I have seen Plenty of negative response on these shoes.
    If my shoes do not come within the 10 day process.
    I will go straight to the B.B.B. And report this company!

  6. I ordered over a month ago! What troubles me about this site is you CAN NOT FIND A PHONE NUMBER ANYWHERE and the supposed USPS tracking number they provided is not legit according to the actual USPS. Does anyone know of a customer service number for Insorpro? STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOE SITE…PRETTY SURE IT IS A SCAM!

  7. I order my shoes on June 7 still have not received them. Last weekend I inquire where my shoes were and received an email they were processing them . Then I receive a shipping tracking number . I thought that meant they were shipped so I hit track package received the message the number does not exist in shipping . I received a message if it was just shipped may take a day or two to record number. HMMM This weekend just wnet to check where the shoes are received the message the tracking number does not exist. but it posted USPS as the carrier I went to UPSP to check same thing the tracking number does not exist. HMMM thinking it is a scam and I got ripped off as there nothing showing the shoes were shipped out its been 3 weeks.

    1. I know tracking number from China and no way to really track it down. My tracking number says still in China from 6 months ago.

  8. I ordered a pair of shoes from their website sometime ago. They arrived this morning , I live in UK. Absolute cheap rubbish. If you study the picture on their website , the shoes appear to have stitching and proper solid soles. – just a cheap plastic mould stuck onto some rubbish material. Also the studs on the top of the shoe aren’t studs but cheap little bits of sequins. Purely and simply false advertising and fraud.! Have put a review on their website – doubt very much it will be published- all their reviews are so positive!!! Oh really ??

  9. I am furious I have not received my shoes i will report this company…with everything going on why would they do this ???? Uh

  10. My order of 2 pair of shoes was confirmed on May 31, 2020. I received them on July 1, 2020 ! I am furious about what was sent. NOT AT ALL the shoes the pictured ! CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. They are not even close to what I thought I was ordering in style and one pair is not a color I ordered. The quality is trash. Unfortunately, after reading the above comments I will not be getting my money back. There was nothing in the bag – just two pair of really crappy shoes. DO NOT BUY from this company. Lesson learned…. moving on.

  11. Ordered shoes May 28th, it’s now July 3…… I have emailed them constantly and keep getting the same response from Lucky ( isn’t that ironic) …. courier has not updated their tracking. I too was given a bogus USPS tracking number but digging deeply found the number given is the tracking number for their courier Pitney Bowes not the USPS as indicated by them. I also found another tracking number attached to my order that was bogus. Of course, Pitney Bowes has many complaints of not fulfilling deliveries. Everything about both companies is shady. In social media ads, Insorpro states their products are made and shipped from Mexico…. fact : China. They claim 7-10 days delivery …. fact: not located or delivered 30+ days. All reviews on social media were positive and glowing … fact: I left a negative review and it was 1st removed , then I was blocked from being able to comment, then ads disappeared completely. The tracking number was given as belonging to the USPS … fact: it was an international private courier with many complaints . I’ve asked for a refund 3 different times… fact: keep being strung along with emails asking me to please be patient. After all the investigation I have done….fact : the above signs indicate that it can NOT be trusted for buying footwear online AND CAN BE CONSIDERED UNTRUSTWORTHY.

  12. Unfortunatelly I wrotte my house number incorrect…. I have been trying to reach them so I can correct my mistake, but there is no way. I have been sending email and they just sent me back an automattic response email. No phones to call. I think I made a huge mistake paying for two pair of shoes that I dont know If I will get delivered.

  13. I ordered on June 15th, still waiting, the tracking doesn’t work, their email responses are robotic, can’t call
    Customer service! Please don’t make my mistake! I don’t know if a I will receive the two pair I ordered or a refund!

  14. I think there should be a MAJOR investigation into this website/company. I ordered a pair of shoes back on June 6, and I haven’t received ANYTHING other than some BS email saying that they have been working to get things shipped but due to Coronavirus things have been slow, please allow 6-12 more day….IN broken English, mind u! 😡 BULLS***!!!!! THIS IS A MAJOR SCAM and unfortunately since they ARE in China, we may have no recourse in getting a refund or the (correct) merchandise we ordered.

    It seems EVERY review I have read, is negative. And I wish I had seen them BEFORE I placed an order with these clowns! If anyone knows anything about this site, Gasemin, (they got me, too) please let the Federal Gov’t know. I think they are a scam company/site as well and they seem to be working out of China, too. I have completely given up ordering ANYTHING from a site on FB. They will take ur money (these Chinese sites) and screw u with NO grease if u want ur products or a refund of money! DAMN!!!!

  15. Everything you read about this company is true. The shoes are not as pictured, they are cheap, no cushion as advertised. Ad reads 7-1 shipping, I ordered in May and just received them. No paperwork, tried online searches, nothing, I emailed 2 different addresses and no response. It’s bull shit we are pretty much forced to shop online and everything they say as in the companies is a lie and we get ripped off! The terms aren’t written clearly and they if you read them it’s hard to understand and there is about 14 pages in print the size of an ant. They have the right to change polices at any time without notice to us and I even take pictures of the ad, the order placed etc. and I still get ripped off. You don’t get an option of any insurance when ordered and they say they can’t guarantee they will get them back so pay extra to insure on the return that they minus the shipping you paid in the first place!

  16. Yes, I ordered a pair as well. They arrived after a month or so. I was shocked at the horrible quality. They are way too small. I have emailed back and forth to support@insorpro and am just getting the run around. No return instructions, just asking me for something new every time. I’ve given them a copy of the invoice etc now they’re asking for a picture and some sheet (?)……. I’m almost positive I’ll never get my money back. SCAM!!!!!!

  17. I also wished I should have read online reviews for this website/company. I usually do and should have suspected since they don’t have reviews on their site. I bought a pair of shoes and got something totally different and when requesting for my refund they offered me a $3 gift card!!! I wish I could include the pictures of the shoes they show on their website and the piece of dump they sent me.

  18. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!!! One June 6, 2020 I ordered 7 pairs of the shoes that claim they are embellished with rhinestones. I finally received my shoes on July 6, 2020 and they are nothing at all like the pictures on the website look like. They are made of glitter canvas on the upper portion and the bottom is rubber. Not actual binding, just simply a row of sequins overlapped for the detail around the bottom of the shoe, and they smell like plastic.

    I have had email correspondence with them everyday since the 6th where I have shown pictures if the product I received next to the product displayed in their website and their only response was that the color was true to their description so there would be no refund. They also stated that “shipping costs would be expensive and so maybe I should just keep them and give them to family members” and offered a $3 gift certificate for my trouble. They claimed they have had “no other customer complaints” when I told them I would post pictures of their product on social media. I wish I could post a picture of what ai actually received so that anyone doing a google search would actually see what their product looks like. Horrible!

  19. I ordered 2 pair shoes in April just received them early July. The quality of the shoe is horrible they are glued together! I requested a refund back in June, emails never respond to your request I’n going to the BBB and file a claim agains this company! I wish everybody would do the same!!!

  20. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! This site is a complete scam. Save your money. The shoes that they post are not the ones you will receive. They send you some cheap version made out of foam and smell awuful from chemicals and mind you they don’t remotely look like the one that you had orderd. These shoes are not wearable on the concrete outside. I think their whole objective is for the people who only buy one pair is to scam them out of their money by requiring them to return the shoes on their own dime. It will be like $13.00 to return them and might have only paid $25.00 and in your mind it is not worth you sending back so they just get to keep your money. They will drag out getting your money back on paypal and will require you to return the crap they send to you andyou will have to pay for the return shipping.

  21. I waited for 50 days and finally got two pairs of shoes that I couldn’t wear at all. I gave up to refund because this company does not have a customer service phone, and the email is an automatic reply. I am tired and I want to remind everyone to be careful of being deceived.

  22. I ordered shoes june 2,2020.. recieved them July 24… they were 2 sizes too big, not what the picture looked like. They were 2 sizes too big. They were shoes that you would buy from the $1.00 store. Fake cheap disgusting garbage. I’m reading Reviews that are saying you only get a three dollar credit and it’s over $75 to ship back. This is A disgrace. I am going to continue to fight them….

  23. This company is a scam. Why wouldn’t they show a contact address. I placed an order on May 30, 2020 and I still have not received it. I tried emailing and all I get is an auto response to wait 6 to 10 more days. This is rediculas.!!!! Yes, they are getting away with robbing their customers. Since you can’t even get a refund…….or even to talk to customer services for a proper arrangement.

  24. Do not trust this site. I ordered on June 27th and it is August 3rd and I still have not shoes. Each time I email them they send me a tracking report that says they are on the way but they have not arrived.

  25. ****DO NOT ORDER ANY SHOES FROM THIS CO.PANY***I have sent several emails and was offered only a $3 credit for an order that cost me $97. This is ridiculous. The shoes on the website are not the shoes you are selling. You are using photos on your website that are photos that belong to another company. The company’s products being advertised are NOT your products and look nothing like the shoes that are ordered and shipped to me…that is FRAUD!!!

    This is considered fraud and you are ILLEGALLY scaming people out of money because you are not a US owned company and lie on your website and say you are. How much are the charges to return this entire order? Tell me the amount. You can give them all 6 pairs of shoes to your family members. I am reporting you to the authorities. You are violating the trade laws in the US. You will be PROSECUTED IF YOU DONT REVERSE THESE CHARGES!!!!!

    You will NOT make another dime on American citizens. I am reporting this purchase to not only the authorities, but also my credit card company to have the charges investigated for fraud. It is illegal to take money from people. This is stealing from the public.. Your company has horrible service and products and EVERYONE will know about what you are doing to innocent people.

    I WOULD LIKE TO RETURN ALL OF THESE ITEMS,, ALL $97 WORTH Send me the mailing address and the return information I need so I can send you back your items PLEASE! I will pay for the shipping to send the shoes back to you, I don’t care what the cost is. I just want to send the ENTIRE order back to you! You can do whatever you want when you get them.

    HORRIBLE PRODUCTS, HORRIBLE SERVICE, SCAMMERS, THIEF AND FRAUD!!!! I am furious that I trusted this company.

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