India Bans Pfizer Vaccine (Feb) Know More About This

India Bans Pfizer Vaccine

India Bans Pfizer Vaccine (Feb) Know More About This -> Have you heard about any similar news which states that the Pfizer vaccine is banned in India? Then this article is a must-read.

Are you aware that India Bans Pfizer Vaccine or this news just a rumour is the question that might have been in the minds of many? This news article comes with information that supports few valid data that would help understand whether the news is genuine.

Various vaccine brands are now available in different parts of the world, like the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom. As you scroll down the page, you would be acquainted with information about this vaccine in detail.

Is the news legit?

There were claims that India has banned the Pfizer vaccine on the 14th of February 2021 due to specific safety reasons. There was numerous research based on this information done by the visitors, and also several tweets were claiming this information.

There were also some press releases which claimed this information to be true. However, let us look at whether this is legit information or circulation of misinformation.

What are the facts regarding India Bans Pfizer Vaccine?

The Subject Expert Committee (SEC) of India, on the 3rd of February 2021, stated that the vaccine is not recommended at this particular stage as emergency use. Also, before making the decision, the vaccines’ proposal was presented to the Health Committee.

What would be the ruling behind this fact?

The fact is that India Bans Pfizer Vaccine is not correct; it’s just said that the emergency usage rejects the vaccine. Also, the vaccine company would soon be approaching India after further launch.

So far, there are two vaccines approved in India so far. The Health Ministry of India has highlighted that the vaccine needs not to be suited best for the country due to its need for extremely low-temperature freezers and its spiked cost.

Is the ban because of its side effects?

As per the WHO, the vaccine should be avoided by individuals who are allergic or undergo massive reactionary post-vaccine usage. Also, individuals before the age of 16 and who are pregnant must avoid the injection.

Someone who has pre-existing allergic diseases or has a history of any severe allergic reaction must avoid such vaccines’ consumption. 

Final Verdict

By going through the complete information so far, we might have understood that India Bans Pfizer Vaccine’s statement is not legit. It seems that the news is misinterpreted by many news releases and is mostly false. 

India has not banned the vaccine, but it has turned away the permission at this particular point of time for the emergency use authorization. As per the Internet’s information, the company might reapply later once the availability is confirmed. 

What do you think about this information? Let us know what are your thoughts about the outspread of information in the comment section.

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