If I Ran the Zoo Barnes and Noble (March) Some Facts!

If I Ran the Zoo Barnes and Noble 2021

If I Ran the Zoo Barnes and Noble (March) Some Facts! >> Please read this article that shares the details about the zoo book published for children but recently blacklisted because of its language and idea.

Are you one of the book lovers? Do you wish to know more about the new upcoming books? If yes, then this article is about If I Ran the Zoo Barnes and Noble.

The author of the United States wrote the book, and people over there have purchased it. Let us go through all the facts and history of this book and the author. This article will also help you to acknowledge the reader’s comments.

About the Book and the Author

The book was written by the author Dr. Seuss; the book was first published in 1950 and renewed in 1977. It is about the theme park where many exotic animals are present, but no visits to that amazing place.

Many words in If I Ran the Zoo Barnes and Noble explain the imaginary lion and other powerful animals. Firstly the book was printed in modern English that includes the various vocabulary words like a nerd, which were later excluded.

Some details about the book are as follows

  • It is a children’s book, of which the original title was IF I Got THE ZOO page count for this book is 40 pages. 
  • Editor Name – Dr. Seuss
  • Sales rank – more than 10 million copy

More Books by This Author

  • Scrambled Eggs Super!
  • On beyond Zebra
  • If I ran the circus

Why was the announcement that the book will not publish anymore done?

On March 2, 2021, Dr. Seuss enterprises announced that the If I Ran the Zoo Barnes and Noble and five other books will not be published. The cancellation of publication was the author’s language, which is not suitable for children.

The author claimed that this book’s language used is racist, and the people are ported in the wrong way. Looking forward to this problem, the publication decided to stop further printing.

Readers Reviews

Reader’s review ratings are 3.8 stars out of 5, and 80% of people like the book, yet some people didn’t. The racial content within the book seems to be interesting for some people to read. But there are also tons of negative comments on If I Ran the Zoo Barnes and Noble that say the author is racist and target the lifestyle of a person living in Africa.

Some readers review says that this book teaches wrong about children who are reading this. 

Final Verdict 

This article shared all the facts and problems that the author and the book faced. Although the author is no more, still his company is trying to publish his work among the people. 

The idea of republishing fails as people found it useless. No one could imagine the empty zoo and the picture are showing the harmful effect to the new generation. Have you ever read If I Ran the Zoo Barnes and Noble? Do you have any knowledge about the history and another book of the same author?

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