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Iceythrone Com Reviews [June] Is This Authentic or a Scam?


Iceythrone Com Reviews [June] Is This Authentic or a Scam? >> In this review, we will give you a detailed analysis of an ecommerce site that deals in luxurious jewellery items and accessories.

Are you searching out for luxurious and stylish jewellery to put on for any party or function? Are you looking out to gift something special to your loved ones on the special occasion? Just check the unique shelf of Iceythrone.Com.

According to the Iceythrone Com Reviews, it sells fashionable luxury items across the United States market.

Due to a steep rise in online frauds, it is advised to be careful before making any transaction from your wallet or card. There is a possibility you may end up with a counterfeit product or item or even nothing as it online scams are being seen everywhere.

Through our unbiased Ice Throne Com Reviews of the site, you can decide whether it is legit or a scam as will give you the insights about the site’s specification, advantages, and disadvantages, what exactly the customers have to say.

What is Iceythrone.Com?

Iceythrone.Com is an ecommerce site that sells magnificent jewellery items like bracelets, chains, pendants, and necklaces. These elegant items will give you confidence and change your whole personality.

The online shop has an extensive collection of – Luxury bracelets, tennis bracelets, luxurious bracelets set, tennis chain link, Iced out savage chain, lion pendant chain, tennis chain cross pendant, silver chain, Cuban link chains and many more.

There will always be doubts in mind while buying any product online, especially if the is too young to trust a newbie site is not easy as it will still raise questions related to safety and privacy. Moreover, you don’t know whether you will receive the actual product or end up empty-handed.

Specifications of Iceythrone.Com:      

  • Products: Jewelry items (Men and Women)
  • Website:
  • Established In: 2020
  • Email ID: (You will receive a response in 24 to 48 hours)
  • Contact Number: Not Available
  • Contact Address: Not Available
  • Currency Accepting: US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Indian Rupee, and Australian Dollar
  • Business Hours: Monday to Friday
  • Contact Person: Not Given
  • Returns and Exchange: Within 24 hours
  • Refunds- Not cleared (Within a certain amount of days)
  • Return shipping fee: To be borne by the customer
  • Mode of payment: Online (Amex, Apple pay, Google pay, Diners Club, Discover, UCB, Master Card, Shop Pay, and Visa)

Pros of buying products from Iceythrone.Com

  • A Mega sale is there (Some items are free of cost)
  • A valid HTTPS (SSL connection)
  • Caters to both males and females
  • Attractive images are used
  • Accepting currency of five countries
  • You can subscribe just by entering your email id to get information on new arrival and sale 

Cons of buying products from Iceythrone.Com

  • Sale items can’t be refunded
  • Return shipping cost has to be borne by the customer
  • No Social Media Presence
  • Terrible trust score of 2%
  • Short Life expectancy of the domain name
  • Lacks “About Us” page
  • Lacks “Privacy Policy” page
  • No clear return, exchange, and shipping policy
  • Online mode of payment only is available
  • No Iceythrone Com Reviews or ratings available
  • Grammatical Error can be seen in the content
  • Non- Availability of Primary information (address and contact number)

Is Iceythrone.Com Legit?

Why do you think Iceythrone.Com is a scam? Why you have certain doubts regarding the site

At our first glimpse, the site seems legit as it has many eye-catchy images with wonderful deals; even some items are being sold free due to the first anniversary of the site. But after digging for a while, we came to know that actually, the domain is registered just a few days ago. How can it be possible to sell any luxury item without any charge? It makes us think that something is not right.

The site does not have any contact number or contact address that gains the confidence of the buyer easily. The email id mentioned too is of a free service provider. Moreover, we did not find any Iceythrone Com Reviews online. The domain name also has a short life expectancy, and it has a terrible trust score of 2% only, which doubt the legitimacy of the site and makes us clear that it is a complete scam.

Final Verdict 

To encapsulate, we would say as per our research, the site is too-new and not popular that anyone has purchased any jewellery from it, and no Ice Throne Com Reviews are available.

It raises certain red flags while digging deep that we have already discussed earlier. If you still want to buy from the site, do thorough research and then take a chance.

Kindly share your experience with us, your feedback actually matters!

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      1. I have been waiting on my delivery for almost 3 months now. No contact number! Just a random email and no email back.. im not happy at all!.

    1. We ordered from here thru advertisement on face book and never recieved item nor correspondence. Lost 69.99 total bogus site. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!!!!!

  1. I purchased two chairs from this place a month ago. I have emailed twice. No response. Pretty certain I have been scammed. Don’t bother.

  2. J’ ai commander le troll boat! Cela à pris 8 jour avant d’avoir mon numéro de tracking, mais il es maintenant actif!!!! Alors j’ai peut-être la chance de le recevoir .Je vous tiens informé.

  3. Yes my husband bought 2 of the troll boats on June 13. We have emailed them multiple times and have got no response as to what our tracking number is or if the order has even been shipped. 119.00 down the drain!! I figured it was a scam… Don’t Buy from!!

    1. Same for me(June 15/2020). They promised it was in the USA. That is why I bought two. Many unanswered emails and no refund. Jerks!

  4. I also bought a trolling boat but the phone number provided is a fake number the emails don’t get answered. I just use the dispute charge function on my card. Simple way to stop them

      1. Abigail the website has been pulled. I ordered a family grill table 2 months ago and have still not received it.

      2. Abigail, if there was a grievance box to use I really think we would use it. I am still trying to get my money back. I ordered the family table 6/22/20 and to this date I am still disputing the purchase. I never got my table but my CC company says “we talked to the merchant personally and they told us it was shipped and received”. Yet I sure as hell don’t have it. So what do you suggest be done being you seem to know about this fake business!

  5. I purchased the trolling boats as well.. and have yet to receive a tracking confirmation.. I emailed them with no response back.. I have disputed the charge with my CC.. I really wanted these dang boats..

  6. I’ve been robbed by this company supposed to be a company email several times asking for their phone number and everything I will contact my bank and get the phone number that way

  7. Bought two troll boats on June 25, 2020 and never received them and no tracking. They also never respond to the four emails I’ve sent them. Contacting my bank to get my money back.

  8. I wish I seen everyone’s comments before purchasing. I feel like a complete idiot! If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I too have been scammed for two troll boats. I contacted the federal trade commission and reported the Icy Throne site. I will also report to my Attorney General in State and the BBB. I have made several attempts to contact to no avail. Icy Throne is a SCAM!

  9. I bought 4 troll boats. Order sits unfulfilled. No response. Nothing. Do not buy. For shits and giggles I try to get a couple of their free items. Unfortunately their online payment system is down and order cant be processed. The government should shut them down and fb should too

  10. I bought 2 from them just emailed them but after all I read now I know it’s a scam, will notify the bank to get refunded back!

  11. How can we shut down this website or the people who made this? Or can i make same website too n make fake advertising and get a lot of money? 😂

  12. Ordered 2 troll boats on June 14 2020 Emailed several times no response I have contacted my bank to see about a refund

  13. Definitely a scam. I also stupidly bought 2 troll boats and tried contacting them and now their website is down. Wish i could get that money back.

  14. I order two troll boats and have not received them thought I paid for them. I just emailed them to find out the status of these boats. I told them that if I am not getting these boats to refund my account. If they don’t I will reach out to the attorney generals office seeking help.

  15. I bought 2 boats and email after email, nothing back. Those boats were cool. Facebook should help those when it’s being advertised on Facebook, it should be legit, just saying Mark,

  16. Still waiting on my troll boats contacted them many times will not answer my emails contacted bank bank informed me I’m out my money since icy throne said this is a legal transaction even though they still have not provided me a tracking number and never shipped my boats!! COMPLETE SCAM!!!! When will you answer ALL our emails and give us our money back???

  17. is a scam they got their money and I never received my two troll boats and I see all these other comments looks like I wasn’t the only one to get scammed there’s got to be something we can do to get either our product or our money back.How do they get away from this faking product and scamming people.

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