Iamsecond Com Mikeand Carrie [May] A heaven-made match?

Iamsecond Com Mikeand Carrie

Iamsecond Com Mikeand Carrie [May] A heaven-made match? -> This article brings you the real-life story of Mike and Carrie and showcases how these ordinary citizens became well-known personalities.

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood disclosed about their marriage, their parenthood journey, heartbreaks, and purpose in this four-part short film series. All the videos shared by the couple address the question- How the couple managed to make their relationship stronger in good and bad times.

Mike Fisher, who lived in Peterborough, Ontario, in the United State, always dreamed of playing hockey in the NHL. He was able to fulfill his dream at the age of nineteen when he was selected at the Ottawa Senators selected second round of the 1998 draft. 

All of the series of Iamsecond Com Mikeand Carrie: God and Country, offer the detail of who they were, talk about two different personalities and careers, stay grounded amid many peaks and downfalls of their lives.

Who are Mike and Carrie?

Michael Andrew Fisher is a well-known former professional ice hockey player while Carrie Underwood is a famous American singer. With the assistance of one of their friends, Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood got closer to each other in 2008 and later got married. Presently they are proud parents of two young sons, maintaining a perfect balance between their professional and family lives. 

Key Points to note about Mike and Carrie:

  • The hometown of Mike Fisher was Peterborough, Ontario. 
  • Mike wants to play hockey in the NHL.
  • Carrie Underwood came into limelight as a contestant on season four of American Idol.
  • She won American Idol and became the most commercially famous artist.
  • She won many renowned awards, including seven Grammy Awards as well.
  • Both Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood met and started dating in 2008.
  • Both of them got married in 2010.
  • Another critical point of the episodes talk about their most significant conflicts- Mike Fisher was an avid hunter while Carrie Underwood was a passionate animal lover.  

Why this story matters to the U.S.A.?

Mike Fisher and his wife, Marrie Underwood, are a famous couple with a huge fan following. Both of them are inspirational for the fans that want to see them together. They also launched a small series of their episodes recently on 27th May 2020.

In their episodes, they have talked about their married life, differences, difficulties, and consecutive miscarriages that Carrie Underwood experienced in her life. All their emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. are discussed in their latest show that went viral a few days back.

Together they discuss their marriage, the three miscarriages, and the differences, American Idol winner experienced in their personal show Mike & Carrier: God and Country on this site.

As per, both of them talk about their married life and discuss their differences in their marriage. 

They also discussed how they met in 2010 and later welcome their sons Isaiah and Jacob in 2015 and 2019, respectively.

Personal Life of Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood::

Mike Fisher lived in Peterborough, Ontario. He always wanted to be a part of NHL and play hockey. With this hard work and dedication, he achieved his dream when he was just nineteen. He got selected by the Ottawa Senators, and a few years back, he shared his story in a renowned film. The film talks about how he discovered real purpose in life after paying attention to God’s relationship.

Carrie Underwood became a famous identity when she participated as a contestant in American Idol, season four. With her skills, she was able to win the show and slowly became one of the most renowned artists. After that, she sold more significant than 60 million records globally and received many prestigious awards as well. 

Public views on the incident:

The people across the nation liked country dating couple, Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood.

Their YouTube video on tells us how three miscarriages forced Carrie Underwood to ‘get real with God’

Despite the differences and three miscarriages in their married life, they still were able to develop a healthy relationship. They are professionally successful and able to manage their married life accurately by devoting enough time for family and friends.


After cross-checking the public opinions and statements of officials, we can conclude that both of them soon become famous personalities.

All of the four episodes of Iamsecond Com Mikeand Carrie: God and Country disclose them as two different personalities. Also, the episodes talk about their careers and how they managed their personal and professional lives.


This article brings you the real-life story of Mike and Carrie and showcases how these ordinary citizens became well-known personalities.

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