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Hozzbox Reviews {August} Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

Hozzbox Reviews 2020

Hozzbox Reviews {August} Is It Legit Or Another Scam? >> Kindly read the review to know the legitimacy of a website selling dog collars.

Are you looking for fancy collars for your pet? Hozzbox, a newly established online store, has a variety of dog collars options for you to buy for your dog. Hozzbox Reviews and a thorough investigation from our end will help you decide on the legitimacy of this website.

Hozzbox is located in the United States and was set up only a few days ago. They sell only collars and do not have an extensive collection as such. There is not much web traffic to their website and no feedback on their products. They do not have any presence on social media platforms as well. 

Let’s dive into a detailed review, following which we will be able to establish – Is Hozzbox Legit?

What is Hozzbox?

A recently established store in the United States, Hozzbox sells collars for pets. They have well-designed collars but do not have a comprehensive collection to offer. 

The website was set up recently but seemed to have all the necessary crucial information – contact info, return, exchange, and refund policy. They are missing from all social media handles, which, along with a small collection, is a significant reason for lack of popularity. 

Hozzbox Reviews are missing altogether. There is no feedback on any of the product anywhere on the web. This is not a good sign for a website that has just come online. 

Hozzbox Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Products: Collars for pets
  • Processing duration: 1-2 days
  • Delivery: Not mentioned
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: (812)736-7226
  • Address: 10 Leside Ct, Manchester, MO 63011 US
  • Returns: Within seven days
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Refund Period: Upto ten days
  • Payment Method: Paypal

Hozzbox Pros

  • The website has the necessary information – Contact info, shipping, returns, and privacy policy.
  • No suspicious activity has been reported by any Antivirus online

Hozzbox Cons

  • The website is established recently and does not have much web traffic. 
  • No reviews of the products are present. 
  • Social media presence is missing altogether. 
  • Low trust score on the web. 

Is Hozzbox Legit? 

Hozzbox is a recently set up website in the United States. They sell dog collars only. It is very odd for a website to sell only 1 type of product and that too, without an exquisite wide collection. They do not have any social media presence whatsoever. These are all negative indicators. 

Hozzbox Reviews are nowhere to be found on the web or their website. This could also be because they are not so popular online and have been established recently. They have all the necessary details, including contact information, return and refund policies. This is a positive indicator. 

So, Is Hozzbox Legit? We cannot confirm with certainty if this is a legitimate website. One of the significant suspicions is because of the lack of products on its website. It would be better if you avoid making any purchase from this website.

Hozzbox Customer and User Reviews: 

Hozzbox Reviews are missing completely. There is no feedback on their products. We checked on the web as well as on their website, but there is nothing present. Customer feedback plays a vital role in newly set up sites. This makes the website seem suspicious. 

The website has detailed information, which is a plus point. But all other indicators are unfavorable. We suggest you to not purchase from this website. You will most probably end up in a scam. There are hundreds of sites online that offer extensive collection for your pets. Please shop from one of those legitimate ones than from Hozzbox.

Final Verdict

Hozzbox sells dog collars online and was launched, very recently. With no social media presence, missing Hozzbox Reviewsand no collection, it seems like a scam website.

They have details mentioned on the website, but that does not make it completely legit. If customers had reviewed their products, you would have known about product quality and shipping. They do not have much web traffic and is ranked with a very low trust score on the web.

Dear readers, this seems like a suspicious website, and we have listed several reasons for concluding so. We advise you not to buy anything from this website and double-check your sources if you make a purchase and go for a thorough research.

Please feel free to share any additional information about this website, which will add to the review. 

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  1. Apparently they also sell arcade controllers for a suspiciously cheap price. However, the only way to see them is to go on the Google shopping tab since, for some reason, searching for it on the actual site gives you no results

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