How to Update Among Us on Computer {Nov 2020} Update Now

How to Update Among Us on Computer 2020

How to Update Among Us on Computer {Nov 2020} Update Now >> Are you not aware of this update process? – Check the article to know the process with steps.

How to Update Among Us on Computer? Don’t know the process? – No worries, with this article, you will gain knowledge about it.

Before starting the discussion, those unfamiliar with Among Us- A United States based gaming studio- InnerSloth created this anticipating game. It was first released on 15th July 2018, and gamers can enjoy this game with friends and family. Thus multiplayer game has a simple space theme and cute animated characters. 

How is it About?

The gameplay is a bit tricky and challenging; a player can join the game as an innocent crewmate or the imposter. If you are chosen as a crewmate, your primary mission is to complete all the tasks and determine who the imposter is. Suppose you are selected as an imposter then, your main motto will be killing innocent crewmates without being caught and sabotage the spaceship.

Are you wondering How to Update Among Us on Computer? – Before that, let’s check a brief description of this game:


  • Programmer’s Name: The name of the programmer is Forest Willard.
  • Release date: The launching date for Android is 15th July 2018 & for Microsoft Windows is 16th November 2018.
  • Publisher: The publisher is InnerSloth.
  • Genre: The game is under social deduction, party genre.
  • Developer: The developer’s name is InnerSloth.
  • Platforms: The game can be enjoyed on Windows, Android, Ios.
  • Mode: The mode is multiplayer.

The latest update for Computer devices:

The latest update has come recently, and in this update, they claim that few bugs would be eliminated or repaired and one or two new features would be added. If you are getting issues while playing this game on PC, then it will be solved with this update. How to Update Among Us on Computer, below you will get knowledge all about it.

Update procedure on PC: The download measure of this game is straight and simple; below, the update process id mentioned step by step-

Step 1: On your PC, launch the steam and go to the library.

Step 2: After that, you will get Among Us icon on the left-hand side; you right-click it.

Step 3: A list will appear; from that, select the properties option.

Step 4: After selecting properties, now tab on the beta option.

Step 5: In that option, chooses the ‘Public Beta’ option, then press the close button. The game will be updated automatically.

Update procedure on Laptop: How to Update Among Us on Computer – For updating on a laptop, the process is a little bit different. Updating strategy are mentioned below-

Step 1: On your laptop, open the steam and go to the library section.

Step 2: Tab on the Among Us, which is in the left-hand sidebar.

Step 3: Instead of the play option, you will get a blue colored update option.

Step 4: Go ahead and click the ‘Update’ option, and it will be started.


Among Us has made a craze among the people; from kids to adults, everyone loves this game in the United States & worldwide. Earlier gaming characters are often seen in memes in leading social media, though, in 2020, the game itself gained extensive response and ranked in the list of top games. An update has come, and the procedure is simple.

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