How To Get Proximity Chat In Among Us (Nov) An Update!

How To Get Proximity Chat In Among Us 2020

How To Get Proximity Chat In Among Us (Nov) An Update! >> The information is to share details about the new chat mod in the popular online game. Please go through the details now.

How to Get Proximity Chat in Among Us: If you are a game lover, then you must be aware of what Among Us game is? The gameplay builds up unique and exciting features often to make the game more exciting. Among Us is a multiplayer mystery game played in groups.

Recently the new feature that allows you to chat or communicate with the player near you. That helps you to discuss your information secretly without sharing it with imposters. The game is more prevalent in the United States and worldwide.

What is Among Us?

The most popular game in the game trade is Among Us, developed and published in the United States, worldwide online. The game is played between two groups, imposters and crewmates, where crewmates have to complete the assigned task with so many hurdles that imposters stop crewmates from completing their task.

This way, the play becomes more interesting and exciting. Let’s know How to Get Proximity Chat in Among Us explained in brief below.

What is Proximity Chat in Among Us?

The new proximity chat mod among us became the newsflash in the game world in the past few couples of days over the internet. So, many of the Among Us players eagerly want to know about it.

The game came up with a new trait in which one can talk to the nearest player. So the crew can talk to other members of the group secretly without sharing information with imposters.

However, this allows imposters to communicate, as well. If imposters get a secure path to discuss and plan the event, they move accordingly. But this is more beneficial to crewmates than imposters.

How to Get Proximity Chat in Among Us?

After hearing about the new chat mod, undoubtedly many of us want to learn about getting Proximity Chat in Among Us; unfortunately, Proximity chat mod is not available to everyone unless you are a YouTube or a content creator.

Proximity chat is part of a NodePolus and developed and created by subTr4cer and Sombrio. If anyone wants to know more about the mod, please check the information and videos available online.

How can this change the game?

  • The Proximity chat allows both imposters and crewmates to discuss and plan the event accordingly.
  • The ability to discuss the plan in-map allows the players to react to events in a few button press.

Final Verdict

Even though the proximity chat mod is not available to the public unless you’re a streamer or content creator, this mod will make the gameplay more enjoyable. The crewmates and imposters can discuss secretly without sharing information with the opposite group.

With this chat mode, you can spend only a little time at the meeting, or you can skip and discuss afterward. Overall the feature brings a dynamic change in the Among Us gameplay.

Do we hope after reading this article you will know How to Get Proximity Chat in Among Us? If you know or want to share anything about the chat mod, please message us in the comments section below.

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