Hokage Spec Shinobi Life 2 {Oct} Gamers-Enjoy Hokage!

Hokage Spec Shinobi Life 2 2020

Hokage Spec Shinobi Life 2 {Oct} Gamers-Enjoy Hokage! >> This article is on Hokage game based on anime & Naruto’s who is famous for series & game character.

Here is good news for all the anime gamers. Hokage Spec Shinobi Life 2 is launched and doing wonders in the gaming field. Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character formed by Masashi Kishimoto in the manga and anime franchise known as Naruto. 

Naruto Uzumaki is a popular character in series, films, and other franchises such as video games and animations. In the sequel Boruto: Naruto next generation by Ukyo Kodachi, Boruto, son of naruto, is the protagonist. 

Animes originated from Japan which is hand-drawn and computer made characters. Word derived from the English word animation in Japanese to describe all the feelings regardless of style and origin. It later became famous worldwide, including countries like the Philippines, Brazil, United States, where people follow anime web series and games very fondly.

What is Hokage Spec Shinobi Life 2?

Hokage Spec Shinobi Life 2 is an anime game based on the Japanese TV Series Naruto: The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line. The game streams on YouTube, as well as can be downloaded from other platforms to own system

Voice of characters

Though the Naruto is a male character, the voice is given by female voice over actress Junko Takeuchi over many male applicants. The producers of the English version stated that Naruto was one of the hardest actors to cast for. After thousands of audition, Maile Flanagan was the perfect fit as the voice of Naruto Uzumaki.

To all those who have entered newly in the world of anime, read the full news article to know everything about the Hokage Spec Shinobi Life 2.

Character description

Naruto Uzumaki is introduced as a young orphan boy with blond and spiky hairs, blue eyes and goggles, and frequently wearing orange tracksuits. He also wears a headband that denotes his position as a ninja from Konohagakure, following his tradition. Later as he upgraded in other parts, his appearance changed according to the time.

Some possible spawning location

Lets us know some possible Hokage Spec Spawn Location that can be helpful in-game.

  • The first possible spawn location is at the Raijin kunai spawn or mountains.
  • The second possible location can be in or on the top of the Hokage mansion.
  • Another spawn can be inside the ramen shop as it is a rare spot for spawning there, so you can quickly generate inside. 
  • The next area can be behind the Hokage mansion.  


Naruto’s character has received many positive responses from countries like the Philippines, Brazil, United States, and other countries. Joseph Szatkowski from the Washington times stated Naruto as a pop-culture sensation. Joe Dodson of Game Spot’s analyzed Naruto’s character as a fighter and survivor, and Carl Kiplinger also appreciates his optimistic personality from an anime news network.

Overall, the character was praised worldwide, making producers launch him in many forms, such as TV series and game character. He also appeared in an epilogue of the series of “light novels” and made a brief appearance in Sakura Hiden. 

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