Hihiver com Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Safe Site To Visit?


Hihiver com Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Safe Site To Visit?  >> A website that offers fashionable and trendy clothes read the whole article to find out more.

Are you always looking for new fashionable clothes? Do you still want to be updated with recent trends? But finding it hard and lose count with this fast-moving world? 

There is a particular website full of trendy and fashionable clothes for everyone, which is based in Gujarat, India.

Hihiver com Reviews will give you answers and find out whether the website is legit and trustable. 

So continue reading till the end if you want to know more about the website. So let’s learn more.

What is hihiver.com?

Hihiver is an exclusive online e-commerce web-store that is based in India. The website offers to clothe every gender from men, women, kids, and maternity clothes.  The site describes itself as the future of fashion, and its motto is to sell affordable garments. They offer winter collection, stoles, and tees, and so on.As per Hihiver com Reviews, the website provides products worldwide and boosted their design and quality.

The website has many things said but is it correct? Don’t worry; continue reading to find out, and move ahead with the website’s specifications.

Speciation of the website

  • The website is accessed via https://hihiver.com/.
  • The website is an online clothing and shopping hub.
  • Hihiver was launched on 30th October 2020.
  • The email address to contact is HIhiver.help@gmail.com.
  • No physical address is not provided.
  • The contact number is also not displayed on the website.
  • There is no space for Hihiver com Reviews for reviews.
  • Payment modes are not mentioned either.
  • International shipping is available and free shipping for all over India.
  • The return policy is also available; within 30 days of order purchased.

Pros of the website

  • A discount is available if two products are purchased.
  • International shipping is available.
  • Attractive designs and clothes.
  • Clothes are available in various sizes.
  • The support form is also available.

Cons of the website

  • No payment modes are specified hence it lacks transparency.
  • No social media presence found.
  • Have mentioned downloading their app, but no links are provided, and also, the app is not available on the play store.
  • No space is available for Hihiver com Reviews or any other buyer to write reviews.
  • The web-store has mentioned clothing available for men and kids, but nothing related is displayed on the website besides women’s clothing.Let’s find out whether this website is legit or not.

Is the website legit or not?

Here comes the big question, is this site legit?. This website, which is said to offer clothes for all gender, has been displaying only clothes for women. The website is launched just two days ago on 30th October 2020 has lots of work to do when it comes to transparency as it displays nothing about payment modes.  

Having so many potholes, Hihiver com Reviews describes the website as suspicious. Having no links to their social media on their website makes it sound more skeptical. Hence, making it official that the website doesn’t have any social media presence. So far, there are so many things lacking about the website, but it is only two days old, so maybe they are still working on it.   

But at this point, it’s too early to establish any legitimacy.

What are people saying about the website?

There is nothing said about the website over the internet. This exclusive web-store has no reviews or any hype over the internet. Hihiver com Reviews discloses that there are no reviews available on any platform regarding the website. Lacking social media presence makes the website more dubious. As we have mentioned above, they said they have an app, but no links are provided and the same is not available on the play store.  

Either the app is underdeveloped, or they need some time as the website is recently launched.


So with this, we conclude, the website has its privacy policy up to mark, but it lacks in so many aspects that it’s hard to display any trust. Maybe waiting for some time will be useful, but at this point, we cannot guaranty or prove any permissibility of this website.

It’s too early to judge legitimacy but still, if there are buyers who are yet interested in purchasing anything from this web-store, then proper research before planning to buy.Kindlys hare your opinion on Hihiver com Reviews.

0 thoughts on “Hihiver com Reviews {Nov 2020} Is It Safe Site To Visit?

  1. I ordered on 5th November.I just ordered one product that is of worth 600 to check its legitimacy. Now see how it comes.

  2. I’m scammed by this site!! I ordered a chunky cable knit sweater and instead they sent me a cheap and used t-shirt for 600 rupees!!! I need a refund and I want to return this!!

  3. it is a scam. For refunds they are asking you to share your cvv number from your debut card and not replying to mails either. Customer care is not well informed and they do not pick up calls.

  4. It’s a scam. We ordered 2 sweaters from the website, instead received a scarf. There has been no response from the customer care team to my emails and website has no other way to contact them.

  5. Today I received the product and was nothing more than a trash?. Totally different from what I ordered . It is the worst purchase I have ever made .

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