High Rise Invasion Rika {Feb 2021} Excited-Anime Artist!

High Rise Invasion Rika 2021

High Rise Invasion Rika {Feb 2021} Excited-Anime Artist! >> How excited are you for the latest anime series on the leading streaming platform? Read to know.

Then you must read our article on High Rise Invasion Rika character.

Across the world, including the United States and various other country people are getting charmed for the Manga series and the characters. The teenagers are the youngest fan base in every country for this series.

Let’s find out what the series has unfolded for the audience, how the series and the characters have performed to bind the audience.

What is the High Rise Invasion anime? 

Japan is the origin of these Manga cartoons and the series, and it is very much popular among teenagers around the world. Even from the United States, all teenagers are fond of it. Many are fans of the High Rise Invasion Rika character.

The series has a variety of tastes, including Mystery, Action, and Horror.

This new series comprised twelve episodes, and it was released on February 25th, 2021, on the Netflix platform for the worldwide audience.

What is the story and the characters?

The story belongs to a 16-year-old girl Yuri Honjou, who finds herself in an uninhabited building. She has a sister who is Rika Honjo.

The story has a twist where the brother and sister have lost the connection. So this builds curiosity and excitement in the audience.

How Does Rika Look in High Rise Invasion Rika character?

The Rika looks and appearance with long and messy black hair and he is wearing a school uniform. Occasionally we can see him with a long-handled mallet also. In few parts of Manga, he also wore ski-formed goggles as a protection device.

How is the Rika’s personality? 

In the battle, he has appeared in the Manga series’ as a stable character, where he has been found with keen eyes and naturally experienced movements. He is on the way to find his sister, and otherwise, he is a timid, nervous guy.

What are the abilities of Rika?

He is quite smart and experience in reading opponents’ movements, and he has the skills to fight with the mallet. Rika has exceptional power as well.

Statistics of High Rise Invasion Rika character:

  • Full name is on Rika Honjo.
  • He is male as gender. 
  • His age is 18 years and his birthday comes on July 3rd 
  • The hair color is black, and the eyes also color black. 
  • From the occupation, he is a student. 
  • Relative are Sniper Mask (his brother), Uri Honjo (his step-sister)
  • He debuts in the Manga in chapter 39
  • Junya Enoki does a voice-over for the Rika character.

Final verdict:

Rika’s first appearance in the series happened when he was first called by his sister asking for help. The Manga series has engagement and the round fun and enjoyment for the readers and viewers. The series is getting popular worldwide.

Are you going to watch and admire the High Rise Invasion Rika character? How would you find Rika’s character?

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