High-Rise Invasion Characters {Feb 2021} Read & Watch!

High-Rise Invasion Characters 2021

High-Rise Invasion Characters {Feb 2021} Read & Watch! >> If you are a Japanese anime lover, read this article to know about a newly released horror fun.

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to find a die-hard fan of Japanese anime and its characters. You must have heard or read about High-Rise Invasion Characters, a manga series, a comic or graphic novel from Japan. 

On 25th February 2021, an anime with the same name and plot got released on Netflix, an OTT platform from the United States

Only season 1 of the series has been launched, and it has received a favorable response from critics. Here we are going to spill some facts and reviews about this popular series. 

What is the High-Rise Invasion? 

The Japanese author Tsuina Miura wrote this anime, and Takahiro Oba illustrated it. The Manga Box app released this novel online from 13th December 2013 to March 2019.

Its popularity leads to a Netflix anime directed by Masahiro Takata and animated by Zero-G. 

High-Rise Invasion Characters and Its Plot

This suspense manga is a story of a young girl Yuri Honjo, a high school student, on rooftop witnesses in horror that a man with a mask slaughter another man’s head with an axe. 

Soon, a realization dawned upon her that she is stuck in a world of skyscrapers with only two options left: either getting killed by those strange creatures or fighting to kill them. To destroy this irrational universe, she needs to survive using her abilities. 

The fantastic characters are: 

  • Yuri Honjo
  • Sniper Mask
  • Rika Honjō
  • Kuon Shinzaki 
  • Mayuko Nise 
  • Mamoru Aikawa
  • Dealer Mask 

The fate of High-Rise Invasion Characters and The Dilemma

The anime is knitted in such a way that it keeps the audience at the edge and whirlwind of complicated emotions. The masked villains are themselves a victim of situations who are willing to kill the protagonist Yuri. 

When Yuri struggled throughout the season to survive, it shows how humans do the same every day to protect themselves. 

Critics Response

After the comic’s acceptance, it turned to a Netflix anime which critics again praised. IMDb has given a 7.5 out of 10 ratings. Few users from the United States reviewed the anime. 

According to them, it kept them stuck to their place, and there’s enough violence mixed with comedy and drama among High-Rise Invasion Characters.

They liked it from the very first episode till the end. Hence, overall, the first season seems successful. 

Final Verdict 

Observing the response from various sources, it is crystal clear that High-Rise Invasion is a blockbuster. The amount of appreciation manga received; the film is definitely going to be the same. 

It is a complete comic. So, people can expect its upcoming seasons in the future. This adrenaline rush anime will keep you biting your nails for what’s coming next. 

It is a must-watch Netflix animation movie if you are a fan of anime and the dark horror genre. 

What’s your opinion about High-Rise Invasion Characters? Please share with us by writing it down in the comment section. 

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