Hes Gaziulaş com {Oct 2020} Great Move-Serve Disabled!


Hes Gaziulaş Com {Oct 2020} Great Move-Serve Disabled! >> Read about a significant step taken by metropolitan municipality for disabled people, read here.

Travelling on buses and availing public transport is a widespread daily routine in many people’s lives. You want this as a smooth part of your daily routine, where you can talk freely and get guidance from officials if you face any issue. But this is not the case for many people; people having a disability cannot communicate freely. And therefore, the Gaziulaş, the metropolitan municipality, has decided to train its staff in sign language.

This move was appreciated worldwide and set to the popularity of Hes Gaziulaş com on various social media platforms. 

Let us read more about this news, which is gaining a lot of attention in Turkey.

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What is Hes Gaziulaş com?

The Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziulaş, has decided to train its employees and the transport department’s staff members about sign language. This event came in effect to improve the overall travel experience of deaf people and people who have hearing problems. The transport department, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Gaziantep Ulasim AS (GAZIULAS), decided to implement this when they found that various people with such disabilities were finding it hard to travel.

Since this announcement, Hes Gaziulaş com has become a topic discussed very frequently in Turkey.

What will happen at this event?

As this event started gaining popularity on various social media platforms, the department revealed many other things. Let’s take a look at the highlights mentioned by Hes Gaziulaş com

  • This training will be provided in-house, keeping the safety regulations in mind
  • The employees and the staff will be given detailed sign language classes
  • It will be a five-month course, and daily classes will be provided to the employees
  • The employees and staff members will be able to communicate smoothly after mastering this language
  • Due to this training, the travel experience of the disabled people will improve significantly

What are the people’s reactions to this event?

Everyone has celebrated this step taken by the metropolitan municipality. People took over to social media to express themselves, and soon Hes Gaziulaş com started trending.

The Health Department of the disabled also appreciated this move. Even employees expressed their experiences, stating that they did face problems communicating with people with hearing and listening disabilities. And they are thankful to the department that after this announcement, they will be able to serve everyone better.

All over Turkey and around the world, people are in favour of this step. Therefore overall, this event has received a positive response from people worldwide. The reaction of the public to this announcement is favourable, and it has been positive. 


Without a doubt, people who are disabled or impaired face a lot of problems to do their everyday tasks because the system has no measures in place, which accommodates them. And therefore, this move by Hes Gaziulaş com is worth appreciating.

We hope that this will help people with disabilities feel more welcomed and ease their travel experience. We would love to know your views about this move, so please comment below and let us know!

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