Heppie Telescope Review (Jan) Read Before You Buy!

Heppie Telescope Review 2021

Heppie Telescope Review (Jan) Read Before You Buy! >> The guide shares details of the new monocular that allow viewing long-distance objects with clarity, and we will judge its legitimacy.

Heppie Telescope Review: Do you want to make your Smartphone a mini binocular? Do you want to see long-distance objects clearly on your Smartphone screen? Heppie Telescope is a portable and compact monocular telescope designed to offer clear object viewing at long distances. 

Students of John Hopkinson University invent the product. The monocular purpose is to achieve the highest magnification at the smallest efficient aperture with optimal resolution angle and luminous flux of the telescope.

The monocular is designed at a certified facility and shipped across the United States, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Let us know Is Heppie Telescope Legit or a scam. 

What is Heppie Telescope?

Heppie Telescope is the super telephoto-zoom monocular designed to work with digital cameras and a Smartphone camera. The telescope is invented by a team of scientists at John Hopkinson University. The monocular was invented to increase magnification at a very small aperture and ensure the telescope’s best resolution angle and luminous flux. 

It is the first monocular that uses nano-technology, thin-film mosaic technology, mesoporous assembly technology, nano-array technology, and nano-optical materials. The combination of technologies ensures to make the errors of the lens to reach 10nm. 

The monocular is designed using advanced technology that allows the luminous flux to reach 30-times than the ordinary telescope with a similar diameter. The monocular comes with 47 times more resolution angles than ordinary telescopes, and its highest magnification reaches 300 times. 

Heppie Telescope is the first monocular to achieve the highest magnification and clarity on a small scale or aperture. The product even comes with a night vision function for a clear view at night. Let us learn more about it through this Heppie Telescope Review     


  • Prism Type – BAK-S1
  • Prism System – BAK-S1 Prism
  • Magnification – 10-300X
  • Weight – 0.66 pounds
  • Field of View – 360ft/1000yards
  • Objective Lens Coating – FMC
  • Compatibility – iOS devices, Android Smartphone and Windows Phone
  • Waterproof – IPX7 Waterproofing up to 59 inches depth
  • Material – Shell is made of Titanium Alloy with higher strength 
  • Lens – 40mm objective lens and 20mm large eyepiece HD film coated 

Pros of Heppie Telescope

  • First monocular to achieve higher clarity and magnification with small scale
  • Advanced Nano-technology 
  • Night vision function for viewing at night
  • Auto-focus and blur mode available 
  • Special tripod 3D gyroscope and anti-shake system keeps it stable
  • Titanium alloy material dust-proof, waterproof and shockproof design  

Cons of Heppie Telescope

  • No reviews available online 
  • The monocular is only available on the seller’s website
  • Product descriptions and images seem copied
  • A similar product with a different name is available on other websites
  • Not a suitable choice for all Smartphone models 

Is Heppie Telescope Legit?

After evaluating, we have noticed that the product is not legit because no reviews are available. Besides, a similar product with different names is available on other websites online, and it can probably be a scam. So, the product’s legitimacy is still questionable and more research is needed to confirm the monocular authenticity.

Since no reviews available online, people must not completely rely on this monocular. Instead, they must research online to gather more information and learn about the legitimacy of the product. 

It is important because the website is only two months old, and its quality is questionable. So, prefer researching the product before putting your hard-earned money on it. 

Heppie Telescope Review from Customers

As mentioned already, we have not found any reviews from customers. After evaluating, we have only found a video clip related to the product, and it is not in favor of the product. The video review claims the product to be a scam because it is only two months old; product quality is below average and annoyed customers and their reviews. 

Considering all these factors, we must say the product is possibly a scam and not legit. After analyzing, we have not found any related reviews from customers, which create suspicion in the buyers’ minds. 

Without researching the product, it won’t be possible for them to make a wise purchasing decision. When researching, you must prefer reading the unbiased Heppie Telescope Review as it helps you learn about its legitimacy and keep you protected from getting duped.     


Heppie Telescope is an innovative product that offers long-distance viewing with higher magnification and clarity. After analyzing the product, we noticed that the same product is available on different websites with different names. So, research is necessary before buying it, as it might be possible scam. 

We suggest all buyers thoroughly research the product and compare it properly before investing their money. Avoid getting tricked as it is available on different websites. Based on the video clips and Heppie Telescope Review, the quality is below average, and customers are annoyed with the product.  

So, research and make a wise buying decision. If you have anything to add about the product, please write it down in the comment section.

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