Healing-Rock.com Reviews {Dec} Safe Deal Or Scam!

Healing-Rock.com Reviews 2020

Healing-Rock.com Reviews {Dec} Safe Deal Or Scam! >> In this article, we review an online store where you can purchase handmade crystal jewelry and accessories.

Are you thinking of buying some jewelry or other similar accessories made from stones and other crystals? There’s a certain charm that only stone and crystal jewelry posses which is quite hard to describe. They give a sense of sophistication and are very attractive and appealing. 

But these days, it’s become a little hard to find them; most of the crystal-made jewelry made from machines and lack the authenticity that comes from being handmade. What if we told you there’s an online store where you can purchase handmade stone and crystal jewelry? Yes, it’s a website based in the United Kingdom called Healing Rock. 

They offer all varieties of jewelry made from several types of stones and crystals. All of their products are handmade, and the store claims that they’ve all been made by women. Some Healing-Rock.com Reviews tell us that the prices of their product are also reasonable considering the quality of the products. 

But before you decide to purchase from this website, there’s some essential information about this site that you must be aware of. Keep reading our review as we’re going to reveal these details shortly, and also discuss- Is Healing-Rock.com Legit?

What is Healing-Rock.com?

Healing-Rock.com is an online store operating out of the United Kingdom that offers all kinds of handmade jewelry and other accessories made of different types of stones and crystals. They provide various types of jewelry, like Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, etc. 

They also use all the significant crystals that are used to make jewelry like Amazonite, Rhodonite, etc. They claim that their inventory is filled by several designers from all over the world. Their products are cheap and are affordable. The website, however, lacks popularity as it’s a new website and remains relatively unknown among the thousands of online stores.

Healing-Rock.com Specifications:

  • Website: https://healing-rock.com/
  • Products: Handmade crystal jewelry
  • Processing Duration: 1-2 days.
  • Delivery: 10-20 business days (UK)

               15-25 days (US/Canada)

                           14-29 days (worldwide)

  • Email: support@healing-rock.com
  • Phone Number: unknown.
  • Address: unknown.
  • Returns: within two weeks of purchase.
  • Exchange: unclear.
  • Refund Period: within seven days of receiving the return.
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Maestro.

Healing-Rock.com Pros:

  • Their jewelry is handmade and has excellent craftsmanship.
  • Their jewelry products are relatively affordable.
  • They offer free worldwide shipping on all products.

Healing-Rock.com Cons: 

  • Contact information about this store is missing.
  • Their popularity is very tiny.
  • There’s a finite chance that Healing-Rock is a fraudulent store.

Is Healing-Rock.com Legit?

After looking at every aspect of this site, we think it’s very likely to be a scam. Let us tell you why. The contact information like address and phone number is not available; this is the most crucial information that every site must-have. Its popularity is negligible compared to the online stores that get a reasonable amount of traffic regularly. 

Also, customer Healing-Rock.com Reviews aren’t available anywhere either. Not a single piece of relevant information is present about this online store anywhere on any platform. They don’t have any social media presence. They also offer free worldwide shipping, which is unusual among online stores, no matter how successful they are.

This website could be legit, but due to the severe lack of information and the reasons mentioned above, it’s likely not a safe website. Is Healing-Rock.com Legit? We think it’s most likely a fraudulent store.

Healing-Rock.com: Customer and User Reviews

No customer Healing-Rock.com Reviews are present either on the store itself or any other platform. So any information about the customer response to this site is not available. Reports of any kind were also nowhere to be found, which is highly unusual. It further deepens our suspicions of the store being a fraud. So, we don’t recommend it and advise that you stay away from this store.

Final Verdict

Healing-Rock.com offer several handmade crystal jewelries at reasonable prices. Their products are of superior quality, and they provide worldwide shipping at no shipping charge. They’re located in the United Kingdom. Their popularity is tiny, and customer reviews are nowhere to be found. Is Healing-Rock.com Legit? It’s not likely.

Our readers, we suggest you stay away from this online store as nothing is known about this site, and hence it could be a scam. If you have some information about this online store, please write to us.

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  1. Received my beautiful bracelet today. It took about 2 weeks to be delivered and I am very happy with it. I was kept up to date via email re delivery. It is not a fraudulent site

  2. I have ordered from Healing rock 2 months ago and I haven’t received my products and they are avoiding to give me a refund. I think it is a scam website.

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