Hazelboots com Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?

Hazelboots com Reviews 2020

Hazelboots com Reviews (Oct 2020) Is this a Reliable Site?  >> This article will put a limelight on a website that sells boots and talks about its legitimacy.

Are your feet ready for winters? If not, then get ready with the fantastic boots from Hazelboots.com.

All the people who are crazy shoe lovers, here is a website for you all. It is a newly launched website launched in the United Kingdom stocked up with some good-looking boots. However, to check whether it is legitimate, let us take you further in this article and show you what this website genuinely possesses.

We have mentioned all the points in this Hazelboots com Reviews.

What is Hazelboots.com?

Hazelboots.com is a newly launched website that has a few boots listed on their page. The website has landed in the United Kingdom with very few numbers of boots. They have just one product with a variety of colors in it for their customers. These boots are available in different sizes as well. 

Furthermore, we took out some information for you about the boots. One such information is that these boots are made from suede leather and have a cushioned sole. The shoes have a fur lining on them and have an outsole of a mounded rubber

The website mentions all the necessary details about the boots and how one can return an unused product with tags within fifteen days from the date of purchase. These boots have a 6 cm heel height too. They have mentioned their phone number and an email address on their page for anyone to contact them. 

Besides this, they also offer free shipping for orders over 50 pounds. However, they have also mentioned that orders might get delayed due to the current pandemic situation, although the customers may track their orders through the website. 

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  • Website URL: https://hazelboots.com/
  • Website Type: An online website that sells a great variety of boots.
  • Company’s Address: Missing from the website.
  • Email Id: hello@hazelboots.com
  • Available on other social media platforms: Yes 
  • Phone Number: +13026017172
  • Payment Modes: Mastercard, Visa, Amex, PayPal, etc.

Pros of Hazel boots:

  • They have a variety of colours in one product.
  • The website seems user friendly.
  • Various sizes are available.
  • Modes of payment are many.

Cons of Hazel boots:

  • There are no variety of products.
  • The owner’s information is missing.
  • The address of the company is missing as well.

Is Hazelboots Legit?

Hazelboots.com has been recently launched in the online market of the United Kingdom. Hence, it cannot be relied on as of now. However, there are several Hazelboots com Reviews of happy and satisfied customers on their page. 

Apart from this, the website has been missing out on its address and owner’s information, which becomes very crucial when it is about trust. The website is undoubtedly SSL certified, but this gives no surety that the site is legit.

The website is not using any free email, but their actual domain name and they do not offer a vast collection of products. They have only a single item with a variety of colors. Nevertheless, they have no sign of authenticity for now. 

Moreover, we would like to tell you that this site is only three months old. In addition to it, they have social media pages that are not well maintained. The website gives mixed feelings about their legitimacy as there is not much information, which might help us figure out their credibility.

What are Customer Reviews?

For Hazelboots com Reviews, there were no genuine reviews as such on the website. Their page does have 102 reviews, and they all show that the customers are happy with what they’ve got. Also, the reviews on their social media pages are quite disappointing. Yet, it wouldn’t be right to judge it as authentic or unauthentic based on the information stated above. 


As per Hazelboots com Reviewsgives a dicey impression. The website is exceptionally new to rely on and have some necessary information missing as well. Hence, it isn’t easy to ascertain its legitimacy. 

Therefore, we would advise our readers to go through the website and the information they have provided sincerely to figure out if it is reliable or not. It will ultimately help you save your money and your personal information from being misused because there have been people out there who have reported various sites who forge and are untrustworthy.

Have you purchased boots from them yet? Kindly share your views in the comments section below. 

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  1. I have ordered boots and payed for them off Hazel Boots on October 19th and have still not seen them, payed for tracking but all it says that shop not found. Think that something is very wrong with this site, it did say it could take between 1-4 weeks, but I should be able to track them now, not sure what to do.

  2. I ordered from them several weeks ago and have still not received the goods. I have emailed them several times but i am not getting a satisfactory reply. The link also says the site is not available!!

    1. I placed and payed on October 19th for some HazelBoots but still have not received anything. Sent a few emails but no response. Sounds very dodge to me, but if anyone can help I would be great full. a.westerman

  3. I ordered my boots on 28th October and haven’t received them. The link on my confirmation email says shop not found. 🙁

  4. I also ordered something from them in October and still haven’t received anything. When I click on my order confirmation email I’m told the site is not available.

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