Guyick Com Reviews (March) Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

Guyick Com Reviews 2021

Guyick Com Reviews (March) Is It Legit Or Another Scam? >> Please read this review, the article presents a detailed overview of e-commerce retailers with a range of products available which seems to be a scam.

Do you enjoy scrolling through the e-commerce website to get your favourite products? Nowadays, there’s a thing with online e-commerce stores. The covid increased the trend of shopping online, which also lead to an acceleration of fraud companies.

Today the article on – Guyick com Reviews will give the company’s informational specifications and show its legitimacy. The company is based up in The United Kingdom.

The accelerating trend of scammers can’t harm you if you read the article with all the concentration to get the security before shopping. Keep reading the article to know more about- Guyick com.

What is Guyick? 

Guyick is a United Kingdom located company. They provide a great variety in their products to give the customer convenience of buying a variety from one place. Does the comfort make you question their motives? 

Like if – Is Guyick com Legit or not? You need not worry about it, the article has a separate section to conclude about that, but you need to stick to the report as every minute details are shared about guyick.

Guyick also claims to give you the best deals possible and find the custom products of your choice. That seems a good deal, right? Keep reading!

Specifications of The Website

  • Website Link-
  • Products Offered – leather bags, toys, furniture products, braiding machines, bait for fishes, and so much more.
  • Date of website creation– While surveying for writing – Guyick com Reviews, the date found of design is 1st of June, 2020.
  • Email address –
  • Contact Details – contact details are missing from the company portal.
  • Shipping – the shipping varies between 3-20 days, according to the country of living.
  •  Return/Exchanges – you can change it within 14 days after buying.
  • Refund – no specific date is visible.
  • Cancellation – the policy is only available before shipping of the product.
  • Address- 6-9 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England, UB11
  • Payment Method – Visa cards, Paypal, and more payment gateways are accepted.


  • The site has various products available on one single portal.
  • The reviews of customers are available.
  • The have quirky products available.


  • According to Guyick com Reviews – the company is just nine months old, not so much time to conclude.
  • The company has so much hassle in refunding; they ask you to check the refunds with your credit card company, the bank, and after that, you can contact them by their mail.
  • The have not provided calling details in case of any emergencies or issues faced by customers.
  • They charge a huge amount for shipping your delivery.
  • More than ten days for delivery seems so strange.
  • The trust rate of the company is abysmal, making it dubious about shopping.

 Is Guyick com Legit or Scam                                            

  • Age of Domain – The domain is created just in June 2020, which is not too much time to trust an online-based company.
  • Confidence index- The company’s trust score is 8%, which is highly suspicious in matters of buying.
  • Plagiarized Content – the company’s portal has nothing unique in its content. 100% of their content is plagiarized.
  • Payment Method- The trustworthy companies allow cash on delivery, but the company has no policies.
  • Images represented – Images shown seems fake or copied.
  • Contact details- The phone number is missing on the page of the company.
  • Customer – Customer reviews are found, though most of them seem fake.
  • According to these points, the company mentioned above seems suspicious.

Customer Guyick com Reviews 

Customer reviews play an essential part in determining the goodwill of the company. The portals are created by themselves. So, the probability of posting fake reviews increases with a high risk.

While searching for reviews on the internet, hardly any customer has reviewed buying from them. Critics review found to claim the site suspiciously. But, the company has reviews on their sites. The suspicious thing is that all of them are fully satisfied with the services. The dates of reviews posted are even before the company page is created. 

All of them had rated the products with five stars. Also, some customers had the same reviews on a different product, increasing the chances of a fake review.

Final verdict 

In the Guyick com Reviews, the conclusion on the legitimacy are that the site seems highly suspicious. The reasons being too good to be genuine reviews, poor trust score, 100% copied content.

Even if you still want to shop from the site, the only advice is to be cautious about these points. Do you any experience buying from Guyick before? Share your views; comment below.

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