Online Websites Reviews Reviews (Sep 2020) Is The Website Legit? Reviews Reviews (Sep 2020) Is The Website Legit? >> This article will give you information about the legitimacy of a website named, displaying Halloween masks at attractive prices.

The arrival of problems due to Covid-19 had transformed the way of living. With its tough solution, this problem had made it necessary for everyone to sustain hygiene and strengthen immunity. 

For which wearing a mask has evolved to be a must. But to browse a mask that fits easily has comfort fabric, and is cost-effective is not that effortless. 

Do you wish to buy a manageable and affordable mask for you? Are you looking for the mask in the latest design? Are you a Halloween mask lover? If so, then yes, we are here for you. 

We will simplify your task of browsing to get the right mask for you. For which in our Reviews, we will inform you about a website claiming to deliver similar masks in the United States. 

To procure you with a reliable shopping experience, we will tell you whether this site is legit or a scam.

What is the website? 

The site is an online store displaying Halloween fabric designed face cover masks on it. This website shows its servers located in the United States

These masks are available at different rebates expressing ‘buy more save more’. Such as buy two get 6% off, buy 4 get 10% off, and buy 6 get 16% off.

Also, the designs for the masks are desirable and are available in various colors. 

Now to know about the legitimacy, let us read about Reviews to know more about this website’s specifications, positive remarks, negative remarks, and customer reviews. 

The Specifications of the website are:

  • To land the website page click on the link
  • Website type: It is an online shopping store exhibiting Halloween masks. 
  • The shipping time given on the site is 8 to 14 days.
  • The website page displays multiple payment options on it. 
  • This website has a 30-day return policy. 
  • To know your order status visit
  • Email Address for the site:
  • Contact Number:1-877-2534927

The positive remarks of the website is:

  • The website shows a valid https connection. 
  • The website shows its presence on Facebook.
  • The masks are in the latest designs and attractive colors. 
  • The website offers free shipping for orders costing over $80.
  • The masks displayed on the website are available at attractive discounts.  

The negative remarks of the website is: 

  • website exhibits poor customer reviews. 
  • This site shows a low trust index. 
  • The site shows false contact details and fake payment options. 
  • This site’s domain name is associated with one or more countries being operated by other fraud websites.
  • This website is not a well-known source. 
  • The website shows a poor content quality. 
  • The website displays limited products over it. 

Is website legit? Reviews asserts this website to be less popular.

 As this site doesn’t show much traffic, only a few customer reviews are available about it. 

This site’s presence on the social media platform isn’t much liked or followed by people. Further, this site shows irrelevant information, little details, and limited product images on it. 

Thus, it can be said that the site is not very appealing for standing to be a legit source. Accordingly, this site currently seems to be a suspicious one. 

What are people’s views on the website? Reviews confirms that people are doubtful towards the site as its email address and contact number provided on the site is not accessible. 

Also, people who visited and shopped on this site never received anything. Thus, this site shows terrible customer reviews and low trust ratings on the internet. 

Consequently, it can be said that people don’t count on this site for any purchase. Also, they don’t consider it worth their valuable time and money. 


Finishing off our Reviews, we would never advise you to proceed with any purchase on this site as this site exhibits many scam signs on it. 

Giving a final verdict for the website, we would declare it to be a scam source based on its poor customer reviews and bad content quality. 

Giving wise suggestions, we advise you to ensure a website or product’s legitimacy before spending your valuable and hard-earned money on it. 

Dear Readers, we hope this content was somewhat helpful for you. We request you to share your opinions, experiences, or queries regarding this site with us in the comment box. 

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