Online Websites Reviews Reviews (Sept 2020) Is The Website Legit? Reviews Reviews (Sept 2020) Is The Website Legit? >> In the following article, you will read all the information about a website which deals with all the PPE products for covid-19 health workers.

Are you looking for a website which deals with all the PPE care products for Covid-19 care? If yes, then you have visited the entire page. In this article, you will read about Reviewswhich will give you all the details about this website. is an organization of Los Angeles, United StatesIt deals with all the PPE products, especially for covid-19 care for the people. The sales of these products have increased frequently because of covid-19, and much such organization came up in the last few months. 

But people are not sure of the safety of such websites because many websites are coming daily with such products. And if the product is not made up of good qualities, it can harm the health of the people. 

So, after reading Reviewsyou will be assured whether the site is safe or not.

What is is a new organization started in Los Angeles, United Stateswhich deals with all the PPE products for covid-19 care, especially for covid-19 health warriors. The site deals with namely face masks, PPE kits, face shields, and infrared thermometer.

The company of the site claims that “their mission is to provide all the PPE products to all the covid-19 health workers and all the individuals who need these types of products”. 

The refund and return policies of this organization is quite strange because this site accepts return and exchanges only when the product is damaged. And the company is not responsible for any return pickups, the customer itself has to return the product to the provided address by the site.

The organization does not guarantee an infection of viruses, which is not acceptable by its customers. The site provides free delivery of all the products in the United States.

Read below about Reviews to know more about the same.

Specifications of

  • Website type: E-commerce website.
  • Deals with: All PPE products for covid-19 workers.
  • Contact information: No contact number is given.
  • Email address:
  • Return policy: Only on damaged products.
  • Exchange policy: damaged product.
  • Refund policy: within 30 days of processing the return.
  • Shipping time: 2-4 days of placing the order.
  • Delivery time: 7-9 days of shipping time.
  • Delivery cost: FREE delivery all over the United States
  • Payment Methods: VISA, Master Card, Amex, Pay pal, Debit card.

Pros of

  • The site provides Free delivery on all orders.
  • the site accepts multiple payment methods.
  • Deals with all the PPE products.

Cons of

  • No contact details were found.
  • Reviews are not found on the page.
  • The customer itself should ship the returned product.

Is Legit?

Since the organization is now, not many details are found about these websites on the page. When we looked out for the products on this site, we found that it deals with only ten products, not enough for an e-commerce website.

When we looked out for the contact us information on the site, we found that the website authorities posted no contact information. This is the most common way when people detect a site scam because without any contact number, it’s difficult to contact the concerned team for any queries.

Talking about the legitimacy of the website, we can’t recommend such websites without any contact information; it’s hard to detect a site legit.

The organization does not have the right social media presence, which is the first step in the online market platform. No Instagram and Facebook pages were found, which shows a negative image of the same in front of its customers. Also, the site is not famous, and no advertisements for the brand were seen on the internet.

Reading the above facts, we can classify that this website is not safe, and the products can harm our health.

Customer reviews of

Searching for Reviewswe do not find any customer reviews of the site on its webpage. And with the absence of customer reviews of such sites, it becomes hard to recommend a website which deals with health products.

While some of the people posted their experience on browsers which against the same and the customers were not much satisfied with the products they provided. And they can’t even return the product as the site’s return policy does not support choice returns.

Final Verdict:

After looking at this article about Reviews, you can easily decide that buying PPE products from this website is not safe. If you want to buy these products, you can buy them from some reputed sites which are safe and legit.

Try to avoid using this website because chances are being this website scam.

Kindly share your views about the same in the comments below.

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