Getpaidto App Reviews {Oct} Wish To Earn Some Extra!

Getpaidto App Reviews 2020

Getpaidto App Reviews {Oct} Wish To Earn Some Extra! >> Earn some extra income by doing some tasks, watching videos & playing games. Read news to know more.

Do you want to earn an additional income apart from your salary?  Do you love watching online videos and playing games? Do you also have plenty of amount of free time?

If yes, then in this article, we will share a fantastic opportunity via which you can earn money. You do not need to work for hours or perform under someone to make money. All you need to do is perform some tasks, and you can get the money.

The article is on Getpaidto App Reviews,’ a website that will give you some simple tasks that you need to perform, and the money is in your hand.

This application from the United States, but worldwide can access it and take advantage of the website. Read the detailed information below.

What is Getpaidto App?

Getpaidto App is an online website offering money to people to perform some simple tasks and benefits. The people of the United States and other countries can work with the website.

How to earn money on the website?

You need to first sign up on the website, and you will receive a referral link with a joining bonus of 50$. Once you receive the link, you can share the link with your friends and family. You get 10$ for every person you refer to and an additional 2$ when someone clicks on that link.

According to ‘Getpaidto App Reviews,’ you can earn money in five different ways:

  • Conduct surveys: You will be provided with a link to survey forms, and you need to fill it and ask others to fill it.
  • Download links: There are various links available to download and share.
  • Play games: You will get money per minute you play and extra once you finish the game. You get multiple options to play.
  • Watch videos: You do not get much money for this, but by watching numerous videos, you can earn extra money.
  • It would help if you did offers, and this is one of the highest paying tasks.

How do you receive your payment?

As per the Getpaidto App Reviews,’ you will receive your payment in your website wallet, and once you reach 5000 coins, that is 1$, you can cash it out. The various modes available are PayPal, Amazon, Skrill, and Cryptocurrencies.

You can expect the bank transfer to take place within 12 hours to 24 hours. The money transfer takes place only from Monday to Friday.

What do people say about the website?

There are numerous ‘Getpaidto App Reviews’ on the internet. You will find around 699 reviews on the legit platform that is a trustworthy source. Amongst the studies, 76% of the reviews find this website excellent. The other people who do not like the website is because they were in a trap of a scam website.  

Yes, the actual website is Getpaidto com and not the app. So, users make sure you are using the Getpaidto com and not the application; you might not get any money. 


The final line on the website is that it is a great source to earn some extra income. This is for sure that you won’t become rich at midnight, but you can make extra money by performing simple tasks. The website is present from long, and there are complaints but company claims there is no company application in the market. Thus, as per Getpaidto App Reviews,’ we can conclude that the application is a scam, and the website is legit. 

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