Getawaydealz Legit [May] Is It Scam or not?

Getawaydealz Legit 2020

Getawaydealz Legit [May] Is It Scam? -> In this article, we will learn about a vacation company offering accommodation in various places. 

You must have been buying things online, but have heard of buying vacations online? Yes, now you have Getawaydealz.

The company has been doing rounds for many years; therefore, a large number of Getawaydealz reviews are available all over the internet. We all have been shopping for various items online, such as clothes, footwear, jewelry, accessories, and much more, but never thought of shopping vacations online.

Several online marketplaces are coming every day and taking necessary action to increase the market presence. On the same lines, companies come up with ideas, including running promotional discounts, hassle-free returns, etc.

In the life span of 9 years, the United-State based company has earned the reputation of a one-stop-shop for all vacation deals. Most of the people traveled have great words to say about it.

In case you have a question, “Is Getawaydealz Legit?” Do read out the entire article, and if you are looking for amazing travel deals, then look no other place.  

What is Getawaydealz? is a vacation shopping website, which has fantastic travel deals to offer. It has highly discounted vacation deals for popular destinations in North America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Mexico. The company provides the service in exchange for guests attending a 2-hours session for the sales presentation. It has been enjoying success since its foundation in 2010.

They have built fabulous itineraries and packages as per the need of travelers. Moreover, customers can ask for customization if they are willing to a particular location only. But the question remains, “Is Getawaydealz a Legit Website?”

What gives you this doubt? We have several reasons to make you understand if they justify what it promises?

Specification of Getawaydealz:

  • Parent Organization Name: Discovery Resort Marketing
  • Website Link: Website Type: Travel commerce
  • Cancellation: 110 percent money-back guarantee
  • Postpone: Applicable but need to inform well in advance
  • Telephone Number: 888-541-5714
  • Write to them:
  • Company Office Address: 10524, Moss Park Road, Ste 204-729, Orlando, FL 32832
  • Security: HTTPS safety
  • Payment Modes: Online Payments Only

Is Getawaydealz genuine?

The company is not new in the market and has been doing rounds since 2010. It looks authentic as most of the scam websites use new domains. Moreover, it does have all the relevant information about the policy, contact details, and office address, making it look legitimate.

Furthermore, the site has SSL security, which guarantees all the vital information you put in. It is rightly said that companies are turning online due to the need, it is acceptable they selling deals online as well. Reportedly, most of the customers travelling at their resorts gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. This clearly makes it genuine and delivers what it vows.

Pros of Getawaydealz:

  • 10 years old company
  • 110 percent price guarantee
  • Secure using https
  • Flexible rescheduling policy
  • 7 days a week customer service

Cons of Getawaydealz:

  • Only Online Payments option available
  • Offers accommodation only not the complete travel package

What are customers saying about Getawaydealz?

The is not new and is available for almost 10 years; therefore, enough reviews are available across the channels. We further researched to find out what exactly people are talking about who have used its services.

As per the reports, most of the people have said kind words about the organization, but the session was quite dull. That’s kind of a right sitting for 90 minutes for the sales pitch becomes quite difficult for everybody. However, not everyone is happy using its services and found out the cost on a higher-side. This is a place to look for if you are looking for a weekend getaway with your family.

Final Words

There are enough reviews available to help you decide. It does use SSL security to keep data safe and secure, and the company is using its own hosting server email, which is a good sign. The owners have shared sufficient information to reach out to the customer service team, reverting within the given timeline.

Therefore, Getawaydealz is a legit website, and no information about fraud exists on any of the platforms. The site is easy to use, and the company delivers what it promises.

In case of any questions left, please feel free to review the website by yourself and more about vacations. Should you require further information on the company or want to share something, do write to us or comment below.

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