Funny Dressing com Reviews {Jan} Is It Legit Site Or No?


Funny Dressing com Reviews {Jan} Is It Legit Site Or No? >> 50% OFF on Christmas! Read this unbiased review to be alert to a possible scam website here.

As Halloween has passed, are you now excited about Christmas shopping? Isn’t it fun to shop from one place for the best deals? Here in Funny Dressing com Reviews, you are going to read about an e-store that’s loaded with a fun collection. 

As the name suggests, Funny Dressing is a space where funny products can be seen, such as a unicorn, musical nutcracker with drums, or lion headgear costume. 

People from the United States have the best opportunity to explore Christmas decorations and presents from Funny Dressing with their sale on-going. Reviews states it is a broad place where amusing products and items like hair straightener, cashmere leggings, and car oil fuel filters are available at the best prices.

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What is Funny Dressing?

Their classic variety of custom products and a vast collection make Funny Dressing an e-store for shopping lovers. They aim to supply what people are in dire need of, keeping in mind the upcoming festivals. 

With the support of highly professional suppliers and production houses, they ensure quality and punctuality. Delivering all over the United States and worldwide, it caters to every profession, passion, hobby, or sport needs. 

It is inevitable to go for shopping therapy to elicit funny emotions when they have different discounts and best-selling products on sale. Learn more on Reviews about the best deals. 


  • Website link – 
  • Email ID – 
  • Contact Number – Not mentioned.
  • Physical address – it is not mentioned. 
  • Payment Mode – the payment methods are VISA, Master Card, and PayPal. 
  • Social media: they are absent on any social media platform. 
  • Products: It is an e-store that delivers products like Christmas decorations, gifts, beauty products, etc.
  • Delivery & shipping- orders are shipped within 5-10 business days, and for overseas orders, they take additional 1-2 weeks. The shipping cost varies on the number of items and destination.  
  • Return & Refund policy- orders requested before 30 days are eligible for return or exchange. Sale items are non-refundable. 

Pros of Funny Dressing

  • If going with Funny Dressing com Reviews, the website offers different products at affordable prices. 
  • They offer a free worldwide return on products over $50. 
  • Buy 2 Free shipping applicable to certain products
  • The website safe with an HTTP secure connection. 
  • Christmas pre-sale offers decoration and gifts at the lowest prices. 

Cons of Funny Dressing 

  • The owner didn’t mention the physical address and contact number.
  • The email ID provided doesn’t match the domain name. 
  • The content on the About Us page is copied and plagiarised. 
  • The discounted prices are too much luring on all products as well as the sale.  
  • There is no social media presence of Funny Dressing anywhere.  
  • The Reviews are absent on trusted sources. 

Is Funny Dressing a Legit website or a Scam?

The website is registered on 20th October 2020, which means it is only 12 days old. The company’s owner has not cared to post much essential and relevant information like physical address, contact number, social media icons. 

Upon looking separately, we didn’t find Funny Dressing’s social media pages. The email ID provided doesn’t match their domain name, and the content is copied on their website. 

Products available at such lower and cheap rates seems like a trap. There are some reviews present before even the website’s creation. Zero Funny Dressing com Reviews on reliable sources says to check its legitimacy before any investment. 

Customers’ Reviews

There are few products on the website which received reviews, as mentioned by the owner. Customers are favourable responses, but some reviews are dated before the site’s creation, which seems doubtful. 

Other than that, it is not available on any social media platform so, null reviews from there. A company without reviews sounds like a shady place to shop.  

The website is only 12 days old and very much new in the market as it is already said above. Therefore, it is hard to find any single Reviews because people are yet to explore it. 


On behalf of the owner’s details and an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of Funny Dressing, the website can be a scam. Though it is a recently developed website, a fool would ignore the missing relevant information. 

Their Terms and Services column stated that the website is operated by ffiopler, which is an unknown identity. It becomes more suspicious not to find them on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.Hence, it is highly recommended that customers should go for research before losing all of their money. 

Share your Funny Dressing com Reviews with us in the comment section below. 

25 thoughts on “Funny Dressing com Reviews {Jan} Is It Legit Site Or No?

  1. I ordered the queen 3 piece fluffy blanket set and paid $65. I received a tiny throw blanket which the claim is the correct item. Never again. This site is a bait and switch site

    1. I ordered the same and the item I received for into a gallon ziploc bag . Contacted the company and they offered a $5 refund. I told them that wouldn’t work needed a full reund. They offered a full refund but I had to return the item to them in CHINA. Check on shipping and it was more than the item cost. Called PayPal and finally talked to a real person got a full refund immediately. Thank you PayPal

  2. We had the exact same thing happen! Paid $68 usd for a queen size fluffy blanket with pillow covers (3 pc set). Received a tiny throw blanket. Just contacted them about it so not sure how it’s going to go.

    1. I have had the exact same experience, ordered twin sized 3 pc sets and received small throw blankets in the colors I ordered…..keep getting the same response that I have received what I have ordered, even after I provide the original order that I saved. SCAM, DONT EVER ORDER FROM FUNNYDRESSING.COM

  3. THIS SITE IS A SCAM. I also ordered the 3-piece fluffy blanket & throw. When it arrived, directly from China, the package was vacuum packed smaller than the size of a loaf of bread. We could tell from looking & feeling through the clear package that the contents were shoddy and not worth the $70 we paid. After several emails with their “customer support” department, Susie H. refused to issue a return authorization.

    1. Mine was the same experience. It really pissed me off being they only sent me 3 messages 2 of which they were out of the office and the other was they needed my order number which I sent them and they said the order number was only 5-6 digits long which it was a lot more than that. I have still to hear back from them.

  4. We bought 2 queen size 3pc bed sets with pillow. We received a small throw blanket. I will be contacting the BBB about this scam.

  5. SCAM!!! Do not order from these cooks. I ordered a twin size blanket with 2 pillow cases. A 3 piece set. What I got would work nicely on a doll bed.

  6. Complete scam! I ordered twin size 3 piece set and only received a small throw blanket smaller than a baby blanket. Only 1 piece
    When contacted customer service providing profit of my order history and what I received they insisted that I received what I ordered.

  7. I ordered the same thing and its been 2 months and I still haven’t received it. But there is a tracking number finally given to me but it’s coming from CHINA.
    I asked for the refund but thats when they gave me the tracking number. With other customers comments I take it that i got scammed and not going to get my money back And probably receive a throw blanket.

  8. Same thing. I ordered the three piece set and only one came. It was supposed to be a comforter for a twin barely and it’s barely big enough to cover my legs. I contacted them and I am waiting for a response.

  9. I ordered the 3 piece TWIN set in purple/blue swirl 2 months ago for my daughter for Christmas. The order finally came after Christmas and was completely wrong. I received one BABY sized blanket in the wrong color. Wrong color, wrong size, wrong item all together. We are very upset to say the least. I’ve been emailing back and forth with this company for 3 days and they still haven’t taken care of the problem. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  10. Same issues as above, ordered 3 piece queen set and received wrong color twin looking blanket, only way they were giving a refund was to ship it back at $43! Pay pal was useless in mediating with them! The company insists they sent the right item, pictures showed the obvious that we were not sent the right item, at least they could send the pillow cases….

  11. Exact same thing here. Ordered Nov 4, arrived Dec 24. Only to discover it was. Throw blanket and not the 3 piece Comforter set I ordered.

  12. I also ordered the queen size blanket and pillow covers. I also received a throw that doesn’t even cover the top of my bed. Certainly not worth over $50. I have sent many emails and they always reply that I got what I ordered. SCAM and false advertising

  13. Same thing has happened to me. I ordered the 3 piece set. Only got a blanket. I am so mad and disappointed. No number to call…..

  14. This place is a rip off with lousy customer service. I too ordered the full/queen blanket with two pillow covers and ended up with a throw. All they did was keep sending me the same message back that I never ordered the pillow covers which I did. I’ve asked for a complete refund with no luck. Total scam

  15. SCAM SITE…PLEASE SAVE YOUR TIME, FRUSTRATION, and MONEY. It seems to be a real site because you eventually get a tracking number for purchased product(s). I received my package yesterday and it was something that looks like a throw rug. I purchased a twin fluffy blanket set for my daughter. Then, went back to site and ordered another twin set (for niece) and a king set for myself. The second twin set and king set is on the way, which I’m no longer excited about! This is the second site that has taken my money. This has to STOP! We must continue to warn others, and platforms such as Facebook should not let these sites advertise without verifying if they are legit. I seen advertisements of both sites on Facebook before Christmas. The other site is Selltide and now changed to Sofreah who are selling coats and other products. Between the two sites, I lost 400 dollars.

  16. 100% SCAM. Threatening report of the website since they refused to give me a full refund. I am beyond angry.

  17. Paid 77$ for an item I never received, paid thru PayPal hoping they would help if the item was not right, paypal denied me because this company sent a fake tracking number that my item was delivered! The tracking number completely different than the one they had given me. This place then changed the billing name. Absolutely DO NOT BUY from this company!!

  18. I paid $133.00 for 2 small throws. Supposed to be a blanket with 2 pillow cases! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! Crooks!!!

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