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Latest News Fulton County Detention Officer Video

The Fulton County Detention Officer Video created a trending news on the social platform. Grab the complete information on the incident here.

Fulton official? It is a woman Fulton District official who was found in the video. She had been in the information for a long while. Do you have any idea about why? The revealed Fulton District official has a place with the US.

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The video including Fulton Area official

Fulton Area official Kawana Jenkins was captured on Monday, twentieth Walk 2023. It was for recuperating a foul video. This video showed herself sitting on the lap of the blamed, Jamal Ward. She was seen kissing and licking the substance of the denounced.

The Jamal Ward voice in the Kawana Jenkins Fulton Region Video expressed ‘give’em to me’ while she hand-over the Cartier glasses. This video was recuperated on one of the held onto eleven cells by the sheriff’s strike group. Kawana Jenkins is by all accounts playing out this cozy action more than once.

Who is Kawana Jenkins?

Kawana Jenkins is a confinement official in Fulton District. She is 36 years of age. She has worked in a sheriff’s office since December 2019. She is having to deal with various penalties against her for improper movement with an under-authority denounced.

Fulton Region Prison Mugshots are becoming a web sensation after the spread of the news. Tell us about her ongoing status.

Where could Kawana Jenkins currently be?

Kawana Jenkins was captured and kept in a similar prison where she worked. Following are the charges that Kawana is confronting.

  • Improper contact by a specialist or worker: 2 counts
  • Infringement of commitment by a public official: 5 counts
  • Untrustworthy way of behaving during obligation: 2 counts
  • Harshness to detainees: 2 counts
  • secure/acquire/give detainee prohibited thing lacking approval: 1 count

Fulton Region Detainment Official Video on the social stage had a broad mix. She quickly landed terminated from her position and was captured with fitting charges.

About Fulton Area Sheriff’s Office

Fulton District Sheriff’s office is a province prison for medium security. It is arranged in Atlanta, Georgia, Fulton Area. This prison is known for lodging a male denounced north of 18 years of age. They are the ones who have gone through infringement of Georgia State regulation.

Fulton County Detention Officer Video Prison is under the keeping of the Georgia Branch of correction. The following are a few fundamental focuses for more nitty gritty information on Fulton Province Prison.

  • Prison Name: Fulton District Prison
  • Fulton District Prison Telephone Number: 404-613-2000
  • Address: 901-Rice Road Northwest, Georgia, Atlanta, 30318
  • Site name: www.fultonsheriff.org

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The viral Fulton Area video is moving. Individuals are stressed over their security. The elaborate official is under care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does Kawana pay?

Yes, she really wants to concede a measure of $135,000.

2.Is the Fulton Area official video accessible in the media?


3.Where was the Fulton official video delivered?

The wellspring of the delivered video on the social stage is unidentified.

4.Is this recuperated video the most recent one?

No, supposedly a video in the middle between December 2022 to Walk 2023.

5.Who announced the Kawana case to people in general?

Fulton Sheriff Pat Labat.

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