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Are you game for some stylish home products for creating your dream home? If your answer is yes, then is your online destination. is an online store located in the United State

It sells an assortment of kid’s essentials, home décor, furniture, entertainment accessories, DIY, cleaning, storage, heating, and stationery at affordable prices. The attractive prices and deals are icing on the cake. 

The store promises to sell premium quality products that are in tune with the latest designs. The only ambiguity is the bargain-based prices that raise suspicion about the legitimacy of the store.

Let’s go through the article to find out is legit, or if Reviews a scam?

Is legit?

Online shopping is a rage these days. It is a quick and easy way to get your favourite items delivered at your doorstep. However, along with the perks offered, there is a downside to it too.

One may get too impulsive and end up buying more than required. Also, most online stores like Reviews sell products at budget-friendly rates. This may be an eyewash to lure unsuspecting customers into a well-laid trap.

Whether or not is legit, let us know from this article.

What is is an online dream destination for someone passionate about adorning their home. There are unique furniture, decorative items, and beautiful lighting available to dazzle your home.

Also, for mothers looking to buy kids essentials, is a one-shop-all that answers their needs. Infants, toddlers, babies, kids- one can choose from umpteen products under the category “Kid’s Shop and Essentials”. The best part is that as a mother, you don’t have to browse through numerous websites to get the items. 

There are also stationery items to fulfil your school or office needs.

The affordable prices and attractive deals offered are a cherry on the cake. The trendy pieces available on the website make for unique gift items too.

Why is unique?

With so many products available on their website, one is overwhelmed with the fantastic variety offeredThe products look highly durable and appealing to the eyes. 

The detailed description of the products is very attractive to customers. The quality premium items are reasonably priced, thus making it the ultra-selling point for the website.

Specifications of

  • Products- DIY, furniture, home entertainment accessories, cleaning, storage, heating, garden furniture, and more.
  • Website- 
  • Email-
  • Address- 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Contact number- +12563695004
  • Dispatch time- 24 hours (1 working day)
  • Delivery time- 3 to 10 working days, depends upon location and weight of the items purchased
  • Shipping fee- Not clear, depends upon location and weight of the items purchased
  • Exchange/returns/refunds- Not very clear
  • Mode of payment- Only online payment through Credit card or Debit card

Pros of

  • The website uses a valid and secure “https” network
  • Provides an SSL certificate which means that your card details are safe to some extent
  • No blacklist engine has detected the site 
  • There is a vast array of products
  • The products look highly durable and trendy
  • The website is showcased very elegantly 
  • User-friendly interface
  • The prices are budget-friendly, the deals are too attractive

Cons of

  • The website is very new, and the domain name was created less than a month ago
  • No customer feedback is available
  • No user has rated the site so far
  • No website popularity data is available due to low traffic volume
  • No cash on delivery option available

Customer feedback on

Since the site is less than a month old, there are no customer reviews on the website. Also, no user has rated the site online so far.

Final Verdict:

The website is newly licensed. It is not recommended to buy anything from a website which is less than three months old.

Moreover, the site does not appear on any social media platform. According to research, it is always advised to buy from sites that have an all-round presence. This enables buyers to reach out to them at various platforms, in case of any discrepancy.

We are unconvinced about shopping at this store. We conclude by advising you not to indulge in shopping from this website until its credibility is verified by customers.

In case you have been duped by any fraudulent website, we advise you to contact your bank immediately. This is in the interest of the community so that such sites do not engage in fraudulent activities any further.

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  1. ABSOLUTE SCAM, my order is over two months old and according to the tracking number they sent it hasn’t shipped, and will not reimburse the money

    1. FRUITBIT is a scam iv been waiting since March for my product they sent two facemasks i ordered a basketball set after numerous attempts to contact them at first they responded now nothing they asked me to give them another chance I told them i want my money back I never received anything. Does anyone know if there is anything i can do about it

  2. IT IS A SCAM! I waited 2 months for a basketball court that I ordered and today face masks came in the mail. It gives you something completely different than what you ordered, do not buy from there!

  3. Months back I researched basketball hoops (Portable) Fruitbit had one for 52.39 so like a dumb a$$ i bought it. Come to find out the shipment came from china took over two months to get here I had since gotten my refund via pay pal. However when the item arrived it was freaking face masks (x4). Needless to say though I got my money back it was still a lesson none the less.

    1. I ordered a basketball set from FRUITBIT .. This company is a scam scam scam. They sent me some facemaks that i didnt order and said please give us a second chance. They stole my sons money during this time during this pandemic he still thinks its coming. Its only been 5 months

  4. I ordered from them over 3 months ago and have not received anything and the tracking site wont pull up anymore it is a complete scam did not order from these people

  5. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY or any of their other sites. I have had limited contact with them after receiving 3 masks instead of the Cameo I ordered, only through email. Fortunately, I paid with my VISA so I was able to dispute the purchase with my bank. This is one of several companies run by the group. Several of them list their operations center as an address of an unaffiliated marketing firm. The phone number provided on my bank statement is not a working number. Again, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY or you will get scammed. Other companies include but are not limited to: ANALYTICE, GLOCAUT, HERUGO, FRUITBIT, SHAPPED, ALLEARGY.

  6. SCAM SCAM SCAM ALERT. AND PAYPAL IS NO HELP AT ALL. Not sure what’s worse, the initial scam site, or the fact that PayPal can’t do anything to protect its users. Disgusting all the way around.

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