Frankarm Scam (March 2021) Read The Review Prior You Buy

Frankarm Scam 2021

Frankarm Scam (March 2021) Read The Review Prior You Buy >> This article is about an e-commerce portal that is selling various hats; read here to decide you shall buy or not.

Do you know how useful a hat can be? Well, stay connected with us for the Frankarm Scam review to understand what this website is offering.

We have seen that people in the United States are very fond of wearing a variety of hats.

There are many websites where people can buy various hats, but here we will be describing one website, selling only hats.

Let’s check out it is safe to buy from this website or it is a blunder.

What is the Frankarm website?

The website is a platform which is into selling a variety of hats for buyers.

The website has a colourful homepage showing all hats, answering is Frankarm Scam or not.

How does a hat can be helpful?

There are many reasons that people in the United States wear hats-

  • It shades the face and the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • It brings a trend in fashion to get a different look.
  • The study shows that only 5 to 10% of the body heat gets lost from the head, so wearing hats keep you cool.

How is Frankarm useful? 

  • The website has a feature to subscribe to the newsletter for the latest updates.
  • On the home page, the website has a feature to show the products in various numbers beginning from 12, 24, 48, and All showing is Frankarm Scam or not.
  • The website also provides a dropdown menu where one can select the best sellers’, new products, lowest price, highest price, and highest viewed options.

Specifications of the website: 

  • The URL to visit the website is
  • The email address of the website is
  • The Contact number is 551-273-1659,
  • The website’s physical address is 185 Prospect Ave, Apt 17K, New Jersey-07601, US.
  • The payment method is only PayPal.
  • The return policy is open for 30 days post receiving the product, with conditions.
  • The shipping policy of the website says that it takes 5 to 15 days to deliver.

Pros of the Website:

  • The website is providing free shipping, and hence answering is Frankarm Scam or not.
  • The website offers a tracking system to track orders.
  • The website provides a search option in which you can search for any product by typing the keyword.

Cons of the website 

  • You have to create an account on the website for checkout, without which you cannot place the order.
  • The website has social media icons of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but they are broken.
  • The website shows minimal products of the same variety. Buyers cannot get anything else except hats.

Is the Frankarm Scam or legit?

Online scams are prevalent, and the purpose of such fraud is to take out your personal or financial information.

  • We are here with the comprehensive report on –
  • The age of the website is 9th December 2020, which means it is a new website.
  • The website’s popularity score is 879790, which is very poor.
  • The website’s trust score is 1% on Scamdoc and 4.4/100 on scam detector.
  • The website has one product with limited variation.
  • The About Us page is not detailing anything about the business and owner.
  • The blunder mistake is -category is boy’s hat, and all caps are listed as women hats.
  • One cannot checkout without creating the account, which needs credit card information and proves Frankarm Scam.
  • Social media links are broken.
  • The physical address of the website is misleading as it leads to some apartments.
  • No reviews- neither on any legit platform nor on the official website
  • The most surprising is all products shown five stars, but there is no review on the official website.

Summing up the above points, we will say that the website is not profitable, and it is a suspicious website.

Customer reviews 

Genuine customer reviews can provide strength to any website. We have searched to answer Frankarm Scam or not, but it was like searching the needle in the hay.

The website has no opinion from any of the buyers on any social media handle or platform.

All hats have five stars, but there are no reviews associated with them on the official website.

Final verdict 

All the facts that we have stated above states that it has no reviews, missing owner information, misleading address and low popularity.

These broken social media handles – make us believe that the website is too suspicious.

We advise our readers not to go ahead with such a sketchy website and invest their hard-earned money in Frankarm Scam.

Are you fond of wearing hats? Have you ever tried this website?

Please do share with us your opinion.

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