My Locker {April} Check The Epic Game! My Locker 2021 My Locker {April} Check The Epic Game!>> Check here to get the latest news about the sign-in option of the Fortnite game.

Across Worldwide, many fortnite game players are much into the royal battle game and have a keen interest in exploring the new game’s features and levels. For this, many online platforms have been launching now and then, providing all the game features to the player.

You might have heard about Fortnite. gg My Locker, if you are more into the searching of this Fortnite game and if not familiar with this website, don’t worry. We will let you know every bit about this portal. Just go on reading further for details.

What Is Fortnite. gg?

Fortnite. gg is a web page that doesn’t affiliate with the game’s epic. The website has currently offered the services in which Fortnite game account holders can sign in to the account to check their account gameplay Locker, which includes stats of numbers of v-bucks the account will be valued at.

So players do want to know about Fortnite. gg Locker portal what all they Provide and are they safe using it or not. When you visit this portal, you will see the website displays different outfits, emotes, backpacks, pickaxes, gliders, wraps, pets, sprays, emojis, toys, loadings, and music that can be added to your fortnite game.

Fortnite. gg Twitter News:

  • Recently, on the 9th of April 2021, the Fortnite. gg issued a notice on the official account on Twitter about the sign-in feature of Fortnite. gg
  • The notice states that the official of Fortnite is removing the sign-in option My Locker because it was creating lots of confusion among people.
  • The notice further states that they have compromised no Fortnite account and will work along with epic games to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • So, as for now, the sign-in option has been disabled from Fortnite. gg account.
  • No official has given the surety that they will enable this feature in the future or not, but you can check the website for new updates.
  • So, for now, you can use this portal to locate on maps the wildlife and items and see where you need to complete challenges.

How To Check Fortnite. gg My Locker Worth?

Fortnite. gg is basically about the interactive maps with the help of which Fortnite players can quickly locate wildlife, weapons, and chest.

Besides, the recent feature of this portable was letting the Fortnite players know their locker’s worth and see how much they have invested in the battle passes and shops. 

This was carried out by signing in to the account, but lately, the sign-in option has been disabled due to some issues.


The Fortnite. gg Portal let Fortnite players get various services like exploring and locating on maps the battles, wildlife, weapons, and challenges along with that it has the features of My Locker, which gives an idea to players that how much they have spent on the game.

The second feature that is the signing option has recently been disabled officially by the!

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