Fortivacreditcard com (Dec) Know The Updated Reviews 2020!

Fortivacreditcard com 2020

Fortivacreditcard com (Dec) Know The Updated Reviews 2020! -> The Fortiva card is helpful for those who want to create a credit card with poor credit. Read the shocking reviews 2020 that help you make the right decision.

Do you want to apply for a credit card online at Fortiva credit card? If yes, so first read the shocking Fortivacreditcard com reviews that will give you a clear idea of applying on the site. 

Each bank offers various credit card programs for the customers, but the eligibility criteria is high, and no one can meet it until your bank statement is not good. Thus, people who are not meeting the guidelines of credit cards move on to online credit card schemes.

At first glance, each site looks fantastic, but it is essential to check the authority of that site.

So, let’s get started!

What is Fortivacreditcard com?

Fortivacreditcard com is a trending site online these days, which is known to assist people and to try to rebuild their poor credit. While researching about the site, we found the site has used a single page site that includes a homepage. On the site, the user has to enter the valid email address and then click on the submit button to request your Fortiva master card.

While moving further, we found the site has added an about us page, terms and use, and others. To know the ownership of the page, we click on the about us page that redirects you to another page that is not working and showing a 504 error. Further, we do not find the legitimacy of the site.

There is no social media presence and mixed feedback from the client that gave us a big alarm of not to use this site.  


  • Annual fee: $49-$175
  • Sign-up bonus: Zero
  • Card Type: Master Card
  • Purchases: 21.49%
  • Cash Advances: 24.99%


  • No security deposit required
  • Get a payment history report
  • 3 Vantage score
  • No fraud
  • Available for low credit card scores


  • Mixed Fortivacreditcard com reviews
  • No information about ownership
  • Website pages are not working
  • Expensive credit card
  • No rewards
  • Strict with a credit limit
  • High interest

Should you apply for Fortiva credit card?

In our opinion, we would recommend you not to apply for Fortivacreditcard com. However, it is generally easy to use for everyone, especially for those who are trying to buy create credit card at low bank score. Further researching customer reviews, we found it offers a higher interest rate, no rewards, and limitations- that’s the things we do not want.

Additionally, the site has received negative feedbacks as compared to positive. Thus we do not recommend this site and should look for the alternatives, which are safe and offers best returns.

Final Verdict

Fortivacreditcard com looks like a great platform to create a credit card without any legal formalities. The offer sounds cool, but while searching about this hottest scheme, we found the real truth behind it. We found Fortiva master card offers the highest rate of interest than of market rates, includes various limitations, and negative feedback about the site.

Hence, it would help if you look for the alternatives instead of online frauds. If you find this post helpful, then please share your thoughts with us by comments.

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