Reviews (Nov 2020) Let Us Talk About It! Reviews Reviews (Nov 2020) Let Us Talk About It! >> This article helps in reviewing a website that claims to provide free skins in the game Fortnite. Reviews: Are you thinking of purchasing some skins in your Fortnite game? Fortnite is very popular in countries like the United State. Items like skins that are bought in the game tend to be slightly expensive. These items, such as skins, make your player look more appealing. It’s natural for people who play games like Fortnite to want to purchase these skins. 

But, sometimes, a few users who are unable to afford them start looking for shortcuts. They start searching for methods by which they can get these skins for free. Several websites claim to do that, one of them is Some of the reviews tell us that they claim to offer skins without any cost. 

How can you get free skins from Fortgag?

As we mentioned earlier, Fortgag is a website that claims to offer free skins to all the players of the Fortnite game without any cost. These skins usually have to be purchased in the game by paying authentic money. 

They have all the latest skins of the game, including the Cyclo, Deadpool, Aquaman, Valkyrie, Magnus, Renegade Shadow, Vertex, Astronomical Bundle, Slurp Legends, and the John Wick skins which are all famous comic book fictional characters. 

Follow these steps to get free skins:

  • Visit their official website from the given link.
  • Select the skin you want and click on it.
  • Enter information like game username and other details if asked.
  • After that, you’re redirected to a different page where you’re asked to perform some tasks.
  • These tasks include installing apps from some sources, participating in surveys, etc. 
  • Perform these tasks according to the instructions as given.
  • Upon the completion of these tasks, your skin will be transferred to your game account.
  • The skin will be sent to the account of the username you previously entered.
  • That’s all. You’ve now successfully completed the task and purchased the skin for free.

In the United State, Fortnite is a reasonably popular game. It enjoys a massive number of users and high user traffic regularly. The skins are applied to your game character. Within the game, each of the skin costs a significant amount of money. 

Fortgag, despite being a relatively new website, is offering these skins at zero cost. Also, it’s against the rules and policies of the Fortnite game to avail skins through these methods. If found, your account can be suspended, and you may not be able to play the game.

Let us proceed further to understand more on Reviews.

Fortgag Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Services: Free Fortnite skins
  • Pricing: none.
  • Delivery: instantaneous, as claimed by the site.
  • Offered skins: Aquaman, John Wick, Deadpool, etc.

Benefits of Fortgag:

  • They’re offering skins in the Fortnite game for free, which otherwise cost money.
  • They deliver these skins immediately upon the completion of the task, as claimed by the website.
  • You can collect as many skins as you like, which may otherwise cost a lot of money if purchased in the game.
  • All the latest skins of the Fortnite game are available on this website and can be purchased at no cost.

Fortgag: Customer and User Reviews

The skins that this website offers aren’t free, and to be able to use them in the game, you have to purchase them in the game, which requires authentic money. But Fortgag claims to provide them at no additional cost, which is very unusual. 

Fortnite is one of the most popular games currently. So, a website that claimed to offer some in-game accessories at no cost received a fair amount of attention from the users. We were able to find several Reviews with ease. 

Most of the reviews claimed that they performed all the tasks they were asked to, but still didn’t receive any skin. Users called this website suspicious that was after the sensitive information of users. 

Final Verdict

They’re offering a commodity that’s usually available at a fixed price for free, which isn’t possible. If you visit the website and try to get your free skin, you’re redirected to some untrustworthy websites. We believe that these websites likely extract your personal information and then sell it.

The Reviews by the users who tried using it also tell us that they don’t work and are fake. So, we have reason to think that they’re an unauthentic website.  It’s also immoral and against the rules of the game to use sites like these. So, in our opinion, you shouldn’t use this website as no amount of in-game accessories are worth your personal information.

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