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Folaya com Reviews {June} Is It Offering Scam Deals?

Folaya com Reviews 2020

Folaya com Reviews {June} Is It Offering Scam Deals? >> In this article, you will get to know about the website Folaya and its products.

The period is changing and moving on its phrases. We can never deny the fact that the previous time was extra time taking where people use to love every moment and never felt that the time isn’t running late for them. Maybe that duration never has the privilege to enjoy the electronically comforting world.

Buy, we are lucky to born in the time where we can quickly get the things we desire at our doorstep. The desire to choose an online method is increasing with its expansion amongst the people. This article will show you one such right phase of a site Folaya com Reviews.

The rise in the requisite of e-commerce sites is making the shops to get its business to alter from stores to websites. The shift is a threat for consumers as we never know which new we store is valid and genuine in the sale.

In this online industry, a lot of trickeries and duplicity is occurring due to sites focusing more on sales rather than the quality of the products. Also, we can never be sure whether our payment method is secure with the online shop or not.

For all these rising questions, we are reviewing this particular site operating from the United States. The article will explain to you about its assurance in the electronic market.

Let’s understand about the webpage in more depth in this Review.

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What is Folaya com?

It is an online store selling goods like furnishings, clothing, kid’s assets, home commodities, and other user equipment. But, to buy anything from a new website is risky tasks to pursue. And here, we are going to explain everything about the store through our in-depth analysis of its facts.

While reading about this webpage, we disclose that the domain name of this store is newly coming into existence. The audience traffic on the website is meager in terms of sales. Being a new store with a shorter time of entering the online world makes us doubt about its legitimacy.

Still, we keep on searching and collecting all the necessary facts about the webpage so that you can use it better in your ways. The company is using https but, it is a new website and is still offering reasonable rates to the customers.

We went int more portions of its website and uncover that the site has negative views in terms of consumer experience, and quality is also different, as shown on the website. So, we are exploring more about the Review togive you better judgment about the specific store.

Specifications of Folaya com:

  • Website:
  • Contact number: 800-224-8317
  • Mail id:
  • Location: 2411, Blane Street – Saint Louis in Missouri 63123 in the United States
  • Shipping Policy: The website takes two to three working days to ship an order.
  • Delivery Time: The customer will receive the item within seven to fourteen business days from the date of placing the order.
  • Refund Duration: You will receive your refund within one to three days, reviewing the refund process.

Advantages of choosing Folaya com

  • The website is selling merchandise at comfortable prices to its consumers.
  • The company is trading in all minds of essential items for the people.

Disadvantages of choosing Folaya com

  • It is a new webpage that’s domain name came into life in recent days.
  • The online store has no good sales to show t its visiting consumers.

Buyers Feedback

After collective exploration about the website, we locate that the comments and ratings of the consumers are on the negative side of the store. They say that the items shown in the e-commerce site are different from them, which they are receiving at their doorstep.

It makes the webpage look untrustworthy in terms of validation. The customer’s experience is essential and plays a keen role in judging the legitimacy of a website. After knowing all of this we can say that it is both a safe site to buy products at any condition.

Final Verdict

So, after analyzing all the information about Folaya com Reviews we concluded that it is not a legit site and you shall not buy anything from this store. If you purchase anything from this online shop that will surely be the subjective obstacle you may experience further.

We have given you all the beneficial advice that will aid you in keeping yourself safe from all the online harm. But, the final choice is all yours.

We will be pleased if you will share your experience with us.

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  1. is a fraudulent website. I made a purchase on this website thru PAYPAL. When I received an email from Paypal regarding my payment it stated the payment was sent to someone in China. I felt something was just not right as the website said they were located at 2411 Blane Street, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63123, United States.; 800-224-8317. I googled the address and it doesn’t exist, the contact phone number belongs to Direct TV. I called it and that is who answered. No email responses from the email address. I should have checked their information before placing an order but that is my mistake. This fraudulent website needs to be shut down. Please investigate this website and don’t allow more people to be ripped off by someone who has given false information to create a website to steal money. If you need any more information, feel free to contact me. Thank you!

    1. I have the same probem as well as the 2 previous viewers. It was a fake busineess. we should report this business to the authorities to shut down their business . How I ger back my money ?

  2. The exact same thing happened to me, but i paid with a debit card. I sent 2 e-mails and called the phone number it was a bogus phone number.

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