Fnbo Credit Card Reviews (March 2021) Is It Safe To Use?

Fnbo Credit Card Reviews 2021

Fnbo Credit Card Reviews (March 2021) Is It Safe To Use? >> This article will provide details about leading private subsidiary banks that offer credit card service and customer reviews about the service.

Did you come here to know about Fnbo Credit Card Reviews? Then you are on the right content.

Fnbo, or First National Bank of Ohama, is the largest privately held bank in the United States, has recently come into gossips among Americans.

Along with commercial banking, home mortgage service, Fnbo has credit card services, and in today’s content, we are going to examine what are consumers’ responses about this service. Let’s get started-

First National Bank of Ohama:

Fnbo is the subsidiary of privately held bank First National of Nebraska, which is based in Nebraska. The parent company, First National of Nebraska, was founded on 10th December 1857; at that time, it was known as Kountze Brothers Bank. On 1st July 1865, it had been renamed First National of Nebraska. 

Following Fnbo Credit Card Reviews, Fnbo was come into operation around 26 years ago and has become one of the leading privately-held subsidiary banks in the United States.

Few Key Features of Fnbo:

  • Type: The type is subsidiary.
  • Foundation Date: Fnbo domain Id was established on 01-12-1994.
  • Product: Financial service.
  • Headquarter: Headquarter in Ohama.
  • Key People: Clark Lauritzen, President.
  • Number of Employees: More than 5000.
  • Parent Company: First National of Nebraska.

Fnbo credit card services:

Fnbo credit card service is one of the widely taken services among Americans. The bank offers two types of credit card service, Evergreen Reward Visa Card and Secured Visa card.

While checking Fnbo Credit Card Reviews, we noticed via Evergreen Rewards Visa Card people will get-

  • No annual charges facility.
  • No rewards expirations facility.
  • People will obtain unlimited 2% cashback on each purchase.
  • Obtain a 0% APR advantage for the first twelve billing cycles.

By obtaining Secured Visa Card, anyone will receive-

  • 0.00 $ annual fee facility.
  • Can rebuild the credit card by taking control.
  • Anyone can request the card limit by giving a deposit between 300 $ and 5000 $.

Also, people will receive Fraud Protection, Fico score, Chip cards, and Zero liability facility.

What are peoples’ Fnbo Credit Card Reviews about the services?

We have checked over the online sources and found that the credit card service has 3, 3.8, 3.5 stars on various portals. Several mixed reviews are present.

On the leading portal ‘Consumer Affairs’- we have found people are complaining about bank service. One person complained that his credit limit had been reduced without his concern. Another consumer also mentioned the same, as his credit limit had been reduced from 7500$ to 550$ without notifying him.

On another portal, namely ‘Better Business Bureau,’ several unsatisfied comments are present, where consumers especially pointed out the bank customer service.

The Final Verdict:

Fnbo is a 26 years old private subsidiary bank with 17 billion assets, but people are unsatisfied with their credit card service. Mixed Fnbo Credit Card Reviews have been seen on the different portals, but on the ‘Consumer Affairs’ site, the bank replied to each negative comment with a proper solution.

What is your experience with Fnbo? Let us know below.

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