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Fiwellstore com Review [July] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam

Fiwellstore com Reviews

Fiwellstore com Review [July] Prove It Is Legit Or Scam -> This article gives a detailed review of a newly launched webstore that sells outdoor bicycles and home products.

Are you planning to buy products for your home or outdoor work? If yes, then there are several websites selling such items. You might come across that sells the same. It has a range of products related to home and outdoor purposes, like mountain bikes, kids’ bicycles, and home and living items. Before buying from this website, know the Fiwellstore com Review by going through this post.

The website is a new one that got launched only a few days ago and is not much popular. It is crucial to get them from a trusted source to buy home products or bicycles for yourself. Hence, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of this new e-store from the United States.

To know all the pros and cons of the website, keep reading this post for correctly judging this new site.

What is

It is a newly launched website that started selling its products around 42 days ago. It sells outdoor bicycles like mountain bikes, adult road bikes, bicycles for ladies and kids, and home & living products. The price range is quite economical, and the shipping is free. The delivery for the United States takes around 3 to 5 days, whereas international shipments can take around twenty-five days.

The payment methods include PayPal only. Order cancellations can be made within 12 hours, and replacements after contacting the customer support. There is a contact address available on the website, but it is not the returning address.

Specifications of

  • Website Type – Seller of home and outdoor products online
  • Country – United States
  • Shipping cost – Free
  • Returns & Cancellation – Within 12 hours only
  • Contact address – 877, S Azusa Ave City of Industry CA 91748
  • Email ID –
  • Contact Number – Not available
  • Payment Methods – PayPal
  • Social Media – No presence detected

Positive about

  • A wide variety of products is available.
  • The shipping of items is free.

Negative about

  • The website is exceptionally young (only forty-two days old)
  • No returns are accepted after 12 hours.
  • No reviews are available on reviewing sites like WOT
  • Negative reviews on Trust Pilot.
  • The contact address available on the website looks like a fake one.
  • No social media association is detected.

Is Fiwellstore com Legit?

The website got itself launched around forty-two days ago. The site’s domain has a short span of only 365 days, whereas popular websites usually stay on the web for long. To know Is Fiwellstore com Legit or not, we researched more about the site and found some crucial information.

The website is supported technically by some high-risk countries. Such countries that are in the list of countries known for fraud and scam are high-risk ones. The company also has an internal review system that is often used to manipulate reviews and feedback given by their customers. Such websites cannot be trusted and can be considered illegitimate. 

We analyzed the website more to know Fiwellstore com Review and found only negative reviews everywhere on the internet. There is a lot of negative feedback on the famous reviewing site Trust Pilot, which shows how unreliable the new website is, for buying online.

What are People Talking about

To know the real story behind a newly launched webstore, it becomes essential for the new buyers to read old buyer reviews. Thus, we analyzed the webstore in detail and found some Fiwellstore com Review, that can help you judge it correctly. People around the web are talking only negatively about the new e-store and warning others to shop on the site.

The feedback from maximum users shows how untrustworthy the website is and how disappointed the people are after buying products from them. There is no positive review available for the site anywhere.

The Final Verdict

After careful analysis and research, we conclude that is not a legit site and is considered a potential threat. The feedback is terrible for the products and their services, and hence cannot be regarded as a reliable webstore. There is no social media presence available for the e-store as well and shows how unpopular it is.

The return policy in itself a big loophole for the website and throws a negative image on the customer’s mind. The amount of hidden information is also a negative aspect of the site. We suggest the buyers be careful and try to avoid using this website for any purchase.

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  1. This company is a sham! Do NOT Buy from them!!!

    I wish this posting was up before I purchased the bicycle that’s not delivered or the money refunded. I really thank Smooth Creations Online for posting this review as this well curtail any future fraudulent activity by this company.

    I purchased a bike from website on July 11, 2020. It only accepts CC payment through Paypal which apparently looked legit until I got the payment receipt from Paypal which alerted this could be a fraud. Paypal receipt showed my CC statement will show CHELLYSUN as the transaction while a company called Zjzm co ltd has received the payment.
    I got the order confirmation from saying “we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.”
    On Monday the 13th, I looked for their Chat portal which they said they have on their website, but couldn’t find it. So I sent an email to inquire if the bike can be delivered by Thursday or maybe I can pick it up before Thursday since City of Industry where they are supposed to operate from and San Diego where I live is less than two-hour drive. I got no response that day, so I send another email requesting cancel of order and a full refund.
    Late at night though I got an email from a person named Mila ( apologizing for a delay and asking for a second chance that it’ll ship ASAP. I responded the following morning asking if the bike can be delivered or picked up before Thursday, and if not, cancel the order for a refund. I get a response around 11 PM PST apologizing for the delay and informing the shipment went out, but the post office is really busy. There was no tracking number either. On the 15th morning I demand for the refund. I get another apology email from Mila saying they’ll immediately provide tracking number when they expedite to ship it out. I continued to email her asking for refund and Mila continues to apologize with an empty promise to ship it out soon. This exchange of emails went on until Friday the 17th.

    Fast forward to today Aug 20th, I have not received a bike, and I didn’t get the refund either. Yes, I’ve been scammed. WTF!!!

    Their 877, S Azusa Ave City of Industry CA 91748 address points to an empty parking lot.

    I am investigating and putting efforts to stop this company from operating in US and working through Paypal to get my money back.

    I really thank Smooth Creation Online for providing such info.

  2. I could not agree with you more at I was scammed in the same manner as you described above. My transaction began on July 17 and extended to Aug 28th whereby I had over 21 exchanges with a person named “Wendy.” She always apologized stating the shipment was on its way however no tracking number or expected date of arrival. PayPal never had a record of the transaction and I finally resolved with credit card company because I surely did not want them to get paid. As per above, “Chellysun” was name associated on my Credit Card statement. If you purchased any items, get your credit card canceled and reissued because I deem this website a total SCAM!!!

  3. I purchased my bike on the 21 of July and my buddie kept asking if it was going to arrive and then he showed me this website man was I disappointed waited a whole month and some lady named Wendy just kept telling me that the order is shipped and that it must be some delays on the carriers end. Don’t buy from it’s a scam and worst of all I really had my hopes up for a bike .

  4. Hello,

    I have the same problem. Never received bike and didn’t get refund.
    Website is a scam!!!!!

    Mrs. Young did you get your money back through PayPal ?

  5. This information was very helpful. I placed an order July 20, 2020 and still have not received my order as if today, September 12, 2020. I’ve sent emails and have gotten the same sort of replays as yourself from Wendy. I’ve been scammed too and a well learned lesson.

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