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Fiestaflex com Reviews {April} Know it all before shopping

Fiestaflex com Reviews 2020

Fiestaflex com Reviews {April} Know it all before shopping -> In this article you will read if this online store is worthy or a waste of time.

Shopping the leggings online is a risk, isn’t it? But if you can get an exchange, return or refund; will it still be a risk? Let’s find out if it’s safe to shop with FiestaFlex.

The FiestaFlex Review showcases that this store delivers leggings and few of the other gym tools. Although the analysis conducted by other sites regarding explains that it has only 2% of reliability.

The site established its domain recently in March 2020. Therefore, it has not gained much customers and reviews. It works the best for United States. 

Nowadays, people stop by the online stores to cope up with their shopping needs. Most of these online shoppers are women. Women rely on online websites for shopping because it seems more convenient to them rather than going out and checking different offline stores. Hence, when it comes to buying clothes or any other items of their use, they prefer online stores which are reliable.

Purchasing leggings online with Fiesta Flex might stand a chance if it stands its reliability criteria.

In this FiestaFlex Review, you will come across the specifications of this site along with its benefits and detriments. This might make it clear for you if FiestFlex.Com is Legit or Scam.

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What is Fiestaflex?

The United States based ‘Online Gym Apparel and Accessory Store’ FiestaFlex was established in 2019. This website is centralized with the independent gym wear brands. Apparently, it is a hub for the trending clothing line and fitness trends which opened its door for shipping all over the world. 

FiestaFlex Com Reviews result that it is an online store that sells leggings and other gym related tools. The leggings available on this store are basically used for the fitness purpose. Resistance band, Pull up bars, Weight bench and Dips station are some of the other tools available for sale on this website.

As a further factor and consideration, it is important to know about the website’s benefits and detriments.

Benefits of using FiestaFlex

  • You get tools and leggings on reasonable price.
  • The items are latest and trending.
  • They have a support team for any queries.
  • The career options are also available in case someone wishes to work with FiestaFlex.

Detriments of using FiestaFlex

  • The website is yet not rated for trustworthiness.
  • There is low traffic volume on the website in terms of popularity.
  • Domain was created recently making it unreliable yet.
  • The prices mentioned for high-worth brands are unreasonable and hence unreliable.
  • The company’s website is not legit as it doesn’t open further after the home page.
  • The website does not have any security measures which make it risky for the customers to shop here.
  • The order payments once made, even if you cancel the order, refund is not made.
  • Customer service is weak and cannot be relied on.

Specifications of FiestaFlex

  • Unlike the other well-known sites, FiestaFlex has no reference of any social media handles making it unreliable in the first place. 
  • The person who is the owner of the organization must transparently be available to the world. But nothing as such is mentioned on the website of FiestFlex. 
  • The WHOIS has a record of all the unlawfully operated sites and thus require information. Such information is not yet recorded by the WHOIS about this website. Therefore it is recommendable to check the information of the owner before transacting with the company in money matters. You being the client have very single right to know every inch of detail of the company you are working with.
  • The personal and financial details of the people using the website are safeguarded by the developers as it is their responsibility to protect them from cyber-attacks. But there are no security lockdowns or any other security measures to do so on the FiestaFlex website. 

Customers’ Words

The customers are highly unsatisfied with the services of the website and the way it functions. 

One of the customers reviewed that he bought a product from the website and made the online payment. He did not get his order delivered and when he tried to address the complaint, no one answered/ replied. He lost his money.

Final Verdict

The site has recently established its domain name and has minimal number of buyers, although unhappy, all over the world.

As the website is new, it seems to be risky yet to shop with them. Although, the aforesaid information is enough for you to make a decision regarding shopping with FiestaFlex.

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  1. Same here, I bought a product from the website and made the online payment. I did not get my order delivered and when I tried to address the complaint, no one answered/ replied. I lost my money. They are a scam, fortunately only $14

  2. I’m facing the same issue right now. I ordered $43 worth of fitness equipment thinking the site was legitimate but I never received anything after the confirmation email. I tried to reach out to customer service thinking I would hear something back but unfortunately no one has contacted me. Buyer beware!!

  3. I’ve had the same experience, I purchased dumbbells that never arrived and I did not get a response from them.

  4. This site is a scam. I ordered resistance bands on 4/9 that never shipped and now the website is unavailable

  5. Same with me, made a purchase for a pull up bar never received it. Tried to call and look up my tracking info. Website is ( Error Page) people pay full price. I came to this site due shortage in reg stores I go to.

  6. This is a SCAM. Same with me, made a purchase of 18.99 on April 13, never received a further notification regarding shipping date.. and their site was mysteriously unavailable, I disputed the transaction with my bank and I should be getting credited back within a couple business days. Wish I saw this page first before buying.

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