Famvibe com Reviews {Dec} Go On The Legit Site

Famvibe com Reviews 2020

Famvibe com Reviews {Dec} Go On The Legit Site -> This review will report on a website selling gifting items, for Christmas and other occasions.

Have you ever gifted Christmas gifts using any online Webshop? We found a website called famvibe.com that sells such products online. We will be giving you Famvibe com Reviews after a proper analysis here in this review report. The website is young and has been selling Christmas gift items and other products for the last six months. 

Due to the increase in the number of website scams and fraudulent money activities, we find it essential for our readers to know a webshop’s genuineness before making any purchase decisions. Thus, we have researched the website accurately and presented a report for you to judge it. The website is prevalent in the United States, although the office address is of Singapore. We recommend the online shoppers to read the review and analyze this webshop correctly. 

What does Famvibe com Offer you?

Famvibe com is a six month old webshop that sells gift items like Christmas Gifting purposes and other products. They provide personalized items like t-shirts, hoodies, cushions, and mugs, etc. The price range is relatively low, and shipping charges start from $4.99 only. They make the delivery within 5 to 7 days, and returns are applicable for 30 days, for which you need to contact them by email.

You can make payments by using PayPal, Apple Pay, and various credit cards. The warehouse address of the United States is available on the website, along with an email id. No telephone number is, however, given for the customers. Famvibe com Reviews will help us get a clear picture of this site. 

Specifications of Famvibe.com

  • Website type – Online shops for buying Personalised Gift items
  • Website Country – Panama
  • Shipping Charge – Starting $4.99
  • Returns – Within 30 days
  • Office Address – 68 Circular Road, #02-01, SINGAPORE 049422
  • Email – customer@famvibe.com
  • Telephone – Not available
  • Payment modes – Apple Pay, PayPal, many Credit Cards
  • Social media – Facebook

Useful Aspects of Famvibe.com

  • The website has a wide range of Gifting products available for the customers. 
  • There is a return option available for the buyers. 
  • Contact details are available to make any query. 

Useless Aspects of Famvibe.com

  • The website has Famvibe com Reviews available only on its website and nowhere else on the web. 
  • The address given on the website is a doubtful one, which can be easily suspected using Google Maps. The US warehouse address, present on the website, has some other stores available at the particular site. 

Is the website Famvibe.com Legitimate? 

Coming to the legitimacy point for the website Famvibe.com, we can only say that it looks doubtful due to nil customer reviews on the internet. any website which does not have much reviews on web, is not preferred by most of the people. The Famvibe com Reviews are available only on the website, and all are five-star rated. That cannot be accepted quickly, as the website has an internal review system that it uses. Scam sites usually use such methods. 

Apart from that, the website has nil reviews available anywhere else, even after being on the web for the last six months. All these aspects raise the alarm and point out that it may be a possible scam site. Thus, it is hard to trust such a Webshop, and you cannot rely on it for online shopping. 

What are Famvibe com Reviews given by the Customers?

On researching the customer feedback on the web, we could not find any reviews on the internet. The only reports available are on the website itself, which creates doubts due to the five-star rating for all the reviews. We cannot trust a website with nil reviews available on various review sites for online purchases. 

The other aspect is nil feedback on social media platforms like Facebook, a page created by its owners. There are no followers or Famvibe com Reviews available, making it more doubtful to shop for Gifting items. A webshop that is on the web for the last six months has no presence present on any other social media sites, raises a question on its genuineness.

The Verdict

We carefully analyzed the webshop that sells Gifting items, and we concluded that it is not a trustworthy source for shopping online. People hardly know about it, and there is no feedback available on popular websites and well-known portals. 

We suggest that the readers and online buyers be wary of this webshop and avoid making any purchases without any knowledge. As we have already given a detailed report of this webshop along with Famvibe com Reviews, so you can judge it correctly and make your decisions finally.

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  1. You failed my item was in JFK IN NEW YORK since December 12th . I live 2 1/2 hours away its christmas eve and no delivery 11 days to deliver a christmas ornament you guys suck. Want a refund.

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