Embcc Patient Services Scam {Jan} | Worth or Waste of Money!

Embcc Patient Services Scam 2020

Embcc Patient Services Scam {Jan} | Worth or Waste of Money! >> This post will help you find if you can pay healthcare bills online or not.

Are you looking for a patient billing portal for a better experience? Have you faced a problem while paying your hospital bills? If yes, this is the right place to reduce all the hassles you are going through. We will study about the Embcc Patient Services Scam in this post to find out the legitimacy of the website. 

Embcc Patient Services are for those who want to clear their hospital bills without many hassles. But it is essential to find out if this website is working on ethical norms or not. For this, we will check the legitimacy of this website thoroughly. 

This website is popular among users of the United States. Many people have used Embcc patient services, but some have a complaint about the wrong billing details. If you are also perplexed and want to find out more about the site, read this post till the end. 

Is Embcc Patient Services Scam? 

The official website is well maintained, and it has all the necessary information you need to know. But yes, the contact details such as address are missing on the website. Moreover, after doing some research on the website, it has found out that there are a lot of complaints regarding the website and its policies. 

Many people are in doubt and need to confirm that are there some errors committed by the healthcare department or is the Embcc Patient Services Scam?

However, Embcc Patient Services is an ancient company and is working according to federal civil rights laws. Also, the company doesn’t discriminate the stations based on their caste, religion, sex or colour. Such a big company can’t commit fraudulent activities. 

What is Embcc Patient Services? 

This website is offering services to the patients who want to pay the bill for their health care services. EMBCC Patient Services is mainly a billing company that helps you pay your bill for the healthcare service you have used. The bill is paid on behalf of the service provider who is offering the services independently and therefore; the bill is generated from Embcc. 

 This service is offered because it provides convenience to the patient. You can make an online payment by merely filling a form given on the official website’s payment page. 

Though the motive of a website seems to offer a commendable service, by seeing patient’s reviews online, it can be said that the website is involved in some fraudulent activities.

 There are a lot of complaints registered against the website in which patients have claimed that they have received a bill amounting more than the actual amount. 


  • Website type: Healthcare billing company
  • Website URL: https://www.embcc.com/
  • Contact details: (888) 703-3301
  • Email ID: pcc@embcc.com
  • Payment: All types of credit card

Pros of Embcc Patient Services

  • The website has been in Operation for the last 18 years. 
  • The company has the option of live chat on its website
  • The company is providing excellent patient services
  • Different payment options are available for making payments quickly. 

Cons you can find for Embcc Patient Services

  • There are a lot of complaints registered against the company claiming it to be a scam.
  • There are some negative reviews given by the employees of the company. 

What are customers saying about the company? 

There are mixed reviews about the company. Some people have said that the payment portal is excellent and making a payment is very easy through this payment mode. The employees working in the company from the United States have also praised it a lot. 

However, a lot of scam reports have been filed against the company and show its legitimacy at risk. But this website is providing service from the last 18 years, and the only handful of complaints is registered. Still, you are advised to use the services only after viewing everything properly. 

Final Words: 

In conclusion, we would like to say that this website is a suspicious one as there are many complaints registered against the website. 

The website has a well-maintained FAQ page in which you will find all the details regarding your payment and insurance option. The company was registered around two decades ago and is regularly updating all its norms and standards. All the issues faced by the patients regarding the bill can be some misunderstanding for which they can contact the company through email or the given contact number. 

We have provided you with both the positive as we all as negative aspects and reviews of this website. We hope you have found this information useful. You must share your valuable experience with us in the comment box. 

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  1. This company bills for providers that work out of network usually in hospitals and free standing emergency centers. The provider wants more money than your insurance is willing to pay for in network services. Its called balance billing. The federal government and many states are calling it surprise bills and legislation has been introduced and laws are being made to disallow for such billing practices. My point is this billing service only works for these out of network scamming doctors and facilities that have been charging you through a loophole in the law that is being fixed as I type my response here.

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