Elf on Shelf Mask DIY (Dec 2020) Craft With Love!

Elf on Shelf Mask DIY 2020

Elf on Shelf Mask DIY (Dec) Craft With Love! -> if you are fond of making DIY craft, look at this mask that you cannot avoid making this Christmas.

We all know that the holiday season is about to come. Everyone is welcoming the winter in different ways. But make sure you do not break any rule of social distancing to keep yourself protected in the holiday season. You can plan many things to do in the holidays this year and make your own mask candy fun. You can look for Elf on Shelf Mask DIY and craft your own mask to wear on coming Christmas. 

In this post, we will share a way to make an elf on a shelf mask yourself. Most of the queries to make the mask can be seen from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom.

 Don’t miss this post as it can be fun to create your own d i y mask and wear it on Christmas. 

What is Elf on the Shelf? 

Most of people are not familiar with the elf on the shelf, but it has a great connection to the Christmas tradition. The elves come to your home from the north pole mainly to spy on the kids and see if they had been giving nicely or not. After looking at the kids the whole day, the elves go back to Santa to tell him the result of all day. 

As you are now familiar with the elf on a shelf, you will love to see Elf on Shelf Mask DIY this year. 

What are the rules you need to remember for Elf on Shelf Mask? 

The rules for making elf on the shelf mask are simple. The kids help keep on moving to a different spot during the night time by doing some pranks on kids. One night before the Christmas elf leave your home, and you can only see him the next year. All the people from countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom should make the mask this year. 

Supplies Required to make Elf on the shelf mask

  • 1 Sheet Shop Towel
  • 1 Sheet of Tissue Paper
  • String
  • Glue Gun
  • Stocks of Glue Gun

Make an Elf on Shelf Mask DiY

Making an elf on the shelf mask is easy if you have all the required supplies with you. Take the piece of shop towel and cut it into 5 inches a long and 1.5-inch complete piece. Then take the paper towel to cut 2 thin strips 3 inches long. 

Fold the shop towel and give it the shape of an accordion folding the end over and another end under. To make sure the end pieces hold on to their places, fix it with a drop of hot glue. 

The 2 thin strips must be fitted on the edges of the mask so that you can easily fold them over the front and back as well. Don’t forget to leave a little bit hanging on the edges. Then fold the hanging edges at the back of the mask with the help of glue. Once you have folded it, take the measurement; it will be around 0.75″ tall and approximately 1.5 inches wide.  

You need 2 string pieces that fits around the head of your elf. With the help of hot glue, you should paste the string at the back of your mask, both at the top and bottom. Tie the knot on both ends how to connect the strings, and give it a look of a mask that will be put on your elf’s ears.  

Final Words

With the help of Elf on Shelf Mask DIY you can make the best mask for your elf this Christmas. It’s a great way to welcome the elf and you can also maintain Christmas tradition without breaking social distancing and mask wearing rule.

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