elainebest.net Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It Another Scam Site?

elainebest.net Reviews 2020

elainebest.net Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It Another Scam Site? >> If you are looking to purchase garden accessories at the most affordable prices, read the review.

In this pandemic, when everyone has to stay at home for 24 hours that too, for months, then most of us were missing the fresh air, good vibes, and the greenery around us.

What if something like this happens again, and we have to be at our homes in lockdown? So, let’s be prepared for that situation. In the United States, the houses are tiny, and people do not have access to greenery apart from the gardens on the roads and not at home.

The article onelainebest.net Reviews is a solution to this problem as we will tell you about a website that will help you make your garden at your home. This website is providing all the accessories needed to build a home garden.

 Along with that, there are many other unique products available on this website. Please read the entire article to know more about the website in detail, and it’s pros, cons, and legitimacy status.

What is elainebest.net?

The website is similar to other e-commerce sites but has a vast collection of different categories. According to Elaine Best Reviews, the various categories include home and kitchen appliances, gardens, and the tools required in gardening, sports and outdoor camping products, electronic products, beauty, fashion products, and kids’ products and toys.

The website from the United States is providing free shipping worldwide and has special discounts for first-time users. The website wants the customers to give the company feedback and suggestions to improve their services and give customers a better experience.    

The company wants to give its buyers a flawless experience and fantastic after-sales services. According to the elainebest.net Reviews,’ you will not find information about the company and owners rather than the standard content available on almost every site. 

To know more about the website in detail and its specifications and customer reviews, read the entire article.

Specifications of the website:

  • Website Type: Multi-purpose store
  • Website link: https://www.elainebest.net/
  • Registration date: 23rd July 2020 
  • Shipping: The company shipping is there within 5-7 days.
  • Returns: The company is accepting returns within 30 days.
  • Company address: Texas, US, Houston
  • E-mail address: support@24servicehelp.com
  • Mode of Payment: You can pay via PayPal or Credit cards.
  • Social Media Presence: There are no Elaine Best Reviews available on social media or the web.

Pros of the website:

  • The website has 50% off sale on all the products.
  • The first time users get a 10% discount on their purchase.
  • Every customer gets fast shipping all over the world. 
  • On the website, the company claims that it has more than 3,50,000 happy customers.
  • The website is well organized, and all the sections and category display is different and systematic.
  • The website has a proper https connection and data encryption for the safety of customers.

Cons of the website:

  • elainebest.net Reviews’ says the website is a few months old.
  • In each category available on the website, you will find hardly one or two products available, which is suspicious.
  • A massive sale is running on the website on all the products, which is too good to be true.
  • You do not find any information about the company and the owner in the about us section.
  • You only find the city and country’s name in the company address, and no exact address is there.
  • The content of the website is available on many fake websites as well.

Is the website legit?

There are many factors to decide whether the website is legal or a scam, like the registration date of the website, feedback available and the website’s information.

As per ‘elainebest.net Reviews,’ the website’s registration date is only three months old, which is a bad sign. The second most crucial factor is reviews and feedback of the customers, not available for the website. Lastly, the information available on the website is not valid.

Depending on all these factors and other cons, we can conclude that this website is not legitimate and a scam.

What does the customer want to say?

It is a fact that any new customer will see the reviews and ratings of a product before buying it. There is no review section on the website, and we do not find the website presence on any of the other platforms of social media. Thus, we can say that there are no customers ‘Elaine Best Reviews available. 


The final line says that the website is not legit depending on various factors like the website’s registration date, unavailability of the customer reviews, a few products available on the website, fake and incorrect information, and too good to be accurate prices.

Readers, please share your experience with the website in the comments below.

0 thoughts on “elainebest.net Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It Another Scam Site?

  1. I ordered leggings that were supposed and pictured as lined . They too almost 6 weeks for delivery and were just awful. Cheap thin fabric with no stretch. They wouldnt fit a five year old. After NUMEROUS EMAILS. THEY OFFERED ME $3.00. I paid 35 dollars. What an insult. Not done with them yet. I have pictures of the ad and my order. Sickening. Ive been robbed. ROBBED!

    1. I have the same experience. They offer me also 3.00$. And admit on the @ mail that they send product not corresponding to the advertise.

  2. Offered to receive the leggings I ordered. Not the cheap crap that was sent. They offered 5.00 dollars stating shipping was very expensive. Five dollar item thirty dollar free shipment …..makes no sense. Pure scam. They took my money and I got screwed. Often I see in comments shipments coming from China defending their policies . Thats why people are leery of buying From China sellers

  3. This place SUCKS and is a scam. I ordered adult leggings that were so small I thoughts they were kids size. Not only that they were suppose to have a cashmere lining, guess what they did not, I was told I had to check the “lining Box” upon ordering. When I went to their site to check the product was longer available so I could not confirm this. Customer support would not allow me to return them because it stated “I received what I ordered” Total SCAM. STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY!!!

  4. I sent the crap I received back to the return address on the package. Humble Texas. I sent them the tracking. Package was received. Sent all ofvthat to this site. The response was that wasn’t their address. So they mail their crap from somewhere else . WHAT? Still tweeking them. Not going to let them off until I have ruined their bogus scam. Sickening. Hopefully my rant will prevent anyone else from being scammed. Thieves. They hurt anyone from buying from companies abroad. . .

  5. we ordered the fleece lined, high waisted, leggings, size small – 2 months later we received a pair of generic tights, no fleece, no high waist, size M. all efforts to resolve with “customer service” have been returned with a note saying “the warehouse sent the correct item”. THIS SITE IS A SCAM – do not shop from them.

  6. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!! We ordered the “cashmere lined leggings” for our daughter and after 38 days we finally received the cheap shoddy leggings and got the same response as the other reviews here on this site. After sending emails and not even a return address to send this crap back to elainbest won’t work with me to honor this purchase so I will leave a bad review on them everywhere I can. NO MORE CHEAP CHINA CRAP FOR THIS AMERICAN!!!!

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