Ehome All Reviews {Dec 2020} Is It Another Scam Or Not?

Ehome All Reviews 2020

Ehome All Reviews {Dec 2020} Is It Another Scam Or Not? >> If you want to know about the legitimacy status before buying home essentials, read the review.

Home decor is an essential part of making your home worth living, where every item plays a significant role.

In the United States, people spend most of their time in offices; therefore, they need many ready-to-eat items and devices to help them with their housework and make it easy. 

In this article on ‘Ehome All Reviews,’ we will share information on a website selling home essentials, including cleaners, refrigerators, mixers, and much more. Read the entire article to know about the legitimacy status of the website.

What is the website?

The website is an e-Commerce site in the United States selling home essential items at reasonable rates. The website sells many products that include side by side refrigerators, headstand mixers, air cleaners, and much more.

The website has a different section for travelers and garden products. The items’ price is very reasonable and too fair to be accurate like the air purifiers are available at $8, which are too good to be valid prices. Also, find Is ehomeall Legit’ or not.

The website has different sections, including shop, corporate policies, terms of service, privacy policy, return and refund policy, shipping information, contact us, columns, and customer care services. 

Numerous links are available on the website that are not accessible, including the social media profile links, about us links, gift certificates, delivery information, stores information, and many more.

The website is not sharing enough detail, and it says that its stores are present in London, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, and Cockfosters BP. 

In the further article, you will read about the website’s legitimacy status and pros and cons along with the customer Ehome All Reviews’ if available.

Specifications of the website:

  • Website Type: Home décor
  • Website link:
  • Website Shipping: The shipping takes place within one day.
  • Shipping charge: The shipping is free above 159$ and costs 4.99$ below that.
  • Returns: You get a full refund if you ask for a return before 30 days.
  • Registration date: 27th November 2020 
  • Company contact number: +19168795120
  • Company address: 10th St, Sacramento –CA-1234

Pros of the website

  • The website is selling home decor items and home essentials that will make the work easy.
  • The prices of all the products are very reasonable.
  • The website has different sections for its shipping, return, and refund policies.
  • ‘The website is presentable and eye-catching.

Cons for the Ehome All Reviews

  • The website is selling very few products.
  • The prices are too reasonable to be accurate, making the website suspicious.
  • There is no information available on the company owner and establishment as the link is not accessible.
  • The social media links are not accessible on the website along with that; there are many country links and store’s links which are also not accessible.

Is the website legitimate?

The number of websites available on the web are fake and are fooling customers. It is essential to know about the legitimacy status of the website. Read Is ehomeall Legit’ or not. 

This website’s domain age is just two days old, which is suspicious, and we cannot trust it easily. Many other factors make the website suspicious, like the unavailability of essential information like email addresses, the company’s establishment, and the owner information. 

The traffic on the website is very less, and the trust index is also low. There are many links available on the website that are not accessible, and therefore we can conclude that the website is a scam and is illegal.

We ask all the readers to stay away from such fake websites, especially those whose domain age is less than six months. 

What do customers have as Ehome All Reviews?

The customer reviews will play an essential role to know if the site is legit. In the research performed on the website, we came to know that there are no customer reviews available on the website. The website is also not present on any social media platforms; therefore, we do not find any customer reviews and feedback.


The article’s final line says that the website sells essential home products that are very reasonable at a price. Moreover, the costs at too less making the website suspicious.

The other factors that make the website a scam are the unavailability of essential information and the inaccessible links available.

Therefore, in the ‘Ehome All Reviews,’ we ask all the readers to stay away from this site. Readers to share your experience in the comments below.

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